Do you think Steve Bannon is right?

What do John think and the race?

Steve Bannon is a very sensible individual who is very competent when there are problems.

It's probably a Russian double.

With surgery it could be of any kind, even Japanese. Most of us are too stupid to fool people, but not Steve Bannon!


[ Politics ] Open question: Steve Miller is in charge of immigration, Herman Cain and Steve Moore are in charge of the Federal Reserve, Mick Mulvaney, the Chief of …?

The staff, and the decision-making process of the administration is in ruins. For Republicans who have so far rationalized support for Trump: Are you okay with four more years? .

Military scam! Dillon Kyle Rutledge, Steve J Rutledge FALSE PROFILES

This thread has been created to discover the true identity of man in profile. This identity has been used in the following facebook accounts:
… and more on Instagram and Twitter.

We are interested in resolving this matter and informing Facebook for violating the use of the platform. There have been a couple of scam reports that this man has been involved with. We encourage these victims to share their unfortunate experiences in this community. Our goal is to resolve this case very soon.

Thanks for your support!