Multiple URLs in Google Analytics Goals Funnel Step

Have a home page with 3 packages: 1 of the product, 3 of the product, 6 of the product, each option has its own payment URL, but everyone will have / thanks in the URL once purchased.

Then, they all start in the same LP but there are 3 possible paths to the goal.

If I select Regular Expression, what exactly would I put in the Destination? Just thanks ?

And if you select regular expression, from what I understand, you are supposed to also use regular expressions in the funnel steps.

Would it be possible to use the symbol or: | separate the 3 possible steps from the second step of the funnel step number 2?

Something like: / (redoxol-h2 | redoxol-h2-3-bottle-bundle | redoxol-h2-6-bottle-bundle)

I tried to add the 3 routes in 3 different steps but the data was all wrong. If I separate it into 3 different objectives, the data will not be accurate either.

Any ideas?

python – Next step for efficiency and learning

This is my second Python program. Use Pytesseract OCR to scan a template document for the customer account number and the invoice / credit number, and then change the name of the file with the corresponding customer name and the invoice / credit number.

How could this program be more efficient?
What other beginner level concepts could be used to do the same job?
Would defining a class allow me to consolidate some of the lines?

from PIL import Image
import calendar
import sys
import cv2
import pytesseract
import os

if __name__ == '__main__':

  # Tesseract config, opening file, and actual tesseracting
  config = ('-l eng --oem 1 --psm 3')
  # Sets first argument of called function as the path to the image
  imPath = sys.argv(1)
  img =

  # Dictionary that contains special numbers, cropping areas and number prefixes
  numDict = {
    'Account' : ( '0' , (20, 625, 250, 750) , "05"),
    'Invoice' : ( '0' , (1300,625,1500,750) , "53"),
    'Credit' : ( '0' , (1300,625,1500,750) , "58")

  #Crop and save important areas of file
  for num in numDict:
    area = numDict(num)(1)
    cropper = img.crop(area)
    croppedSavePath = imPath + '.' + numDict(num)(2) + '.tif'

    # Process cropped image through Tesseract
    im = cv2.imread(croppedSavePath, cv2.IMREAD_COLOR)
    text = pytesseract.image_to_string(im, config=config)
    lookup = text.find(numDict(num)(2))
    specNumber = text(lookup:lookup+8)
    numDict(num)(0)= specNumber

  # Remove odd characters at the end of invoice and credit numbers
  numDict('Invoice')(0) = numDict('Invoice')(0)(:-1)
  numDict('Credit')(0) = numDict('Credit')(0)(:-1)

  # Save the file with the credit number if credit, or invoice number if invoice
  if numDict('Credit')(0) != 0:'Account')(0) + '-' + numDict('Credit')(0) + '.pdf')
  else : # numDict('Invoice')(0) != 0:'Account')(0) + "-" + numDict('Invoice')(0) + '.pdf')

  # Implement when testing complete
#  os.remove(imPath)

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Sending SQL Server logs for server migration: what is the final step?

Work with a server running SQL Server that was the goal of sending records to two other servers as part of the server consolidation / migration. In other words, server B was sending records to server A and server C was sending records to server A and we failed both A and B and C.

Server A is happily moving forward. All work related to sending previous records was stopped and deleted a long time ago.

Enter a new database monitoring tool that we are testing (Spotlight Cloud) that throws warnings about our server as secondary with a high restore latency (2 years! Lol). Now, I know this isn't really a problem (afaik), but it makes me wonder: what step did I skip in those failovers?

I still have entries in dbo.log_shipping_secondary. Should? I have reviewed SQL Docs online and I really do not see anything that covers this scenario in terms of the final steps.

Database design: BCNF decomposition step without functional dependencies

I am performing the decomposition of BCNF for the relationship R = (A, B, C, D, E), which has the set of functional dependencies AB -> C, CD -> A, C -> EY C -> B.

After checking that the first dependency AB -> C violates the BCNF (when calculating the closing of AB), I divided the original relationship into two: R1 = (A, B, C) Y R2 = (A, B, D, E).

At this point, the functional dependencies associated with R1 They are AB -> C Y C -> Bso i can see that R1 It is in the BCNF. When it comes to R2, I cannot use any of the functional dependencies to verify if there are violations to the BCNF, since they all have C attribute. How can I proceed if I have no functional dependency to verify?

A step by step response to a problem versus a test

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dnd 5e: can I teleport unconscious allies with Thunder Step?

No, because an unconscious person is not an object or willing

Unfortunately, the RAW answer ("rules as written") to your question is "no." As you said, the rules about the Thunderstep state (bold added to emphasize):

You can bring objects as long as your weight does not exceed what you can carry. You can also teleport a willing creature of its size or smaller that carries equipment to its carrying capacity.

Then the ally must be "objects" or "a willing creature" for teleports.

Your unconscious ally is not an "object"

Although an unconscious creature behaves like an "object" (since it does not move), the Dungeon Master's Guide defines an object on page 246 as (bold added):

a discreet inanimate Article.

And "inanimate" means more than "not moving": it means "not alive" or "lifeless." So your unconscious ally is not an object (not a collection of objects).

Your unconscious ally I can not he says he is "willing"

I am sure that the player who controls your ally He is totally "willing" to teleport his character: he can save the character's life and it's amazing to boot. But the character itself is unconscious. And it has been said elsewhere that an unconscious person cannot be "willing." Even if this is something they would consent to if they were aware and capable, at this moment they cannot consent to anything since then (PHB, p. 292, bold added)

An unconscious creature … is not aware of its surroundings.

Therefore, an unconscious ally, who would normally agree with your teleportation, does not know that you are trying to do it or why, and therefore cannot have any opinion on whether you should do it or not. Even if they previously gave you general permission to teleport in this precise scenario, they are currently not in the mood to be "willing" for you to perform such an action. So, in this (and in all other) contexts, You cannot say that an unconscious creature is "willing."

A DM could let your ally become briefly arranged

A DM can bend these rules if they wish! The ability to teleport an ally to security is really great, and the DM could easily decide that this is allowed (perhaps stating that the ally flies to consciousness only for a second and becomes willing). But if we strictly follow the rules as written, Thunderstep cannot teleport an unconscious person, such as An unconscious person is neither willing nor an object.

javascript: SharePoint step value of the text box when clicking to update the list column

I have a text box on an SP page. When clicking the Submit button, I need the numerical value / entry to be sent to a column in a list. I have some coding gathered from fragments that I found online, but it doesn't work.


Where CurrentTimeFrame is the name of the list, domesticshipping is the name of the row title, and days is the column in the list that I need to update a preset. Domestic shipping is the first item on the list. All this is encoded in the same snippet (I'm not sure if that matters) and use SharePoint 2013.

dnd 5e – Can I get an ally out of the battle with Thunder Step?

If this will work

The Grappled condition says:

(…) The condition also ends if an effect removes the grabbed creature from the fighter's reach or grip effect, like when a storm spell casts a creature.

There are already quite a few questions about the different methods to escape a problem including (but not limited to):

All of these function as ways to get a creature out of a claw because they remove the grabbed creature from the reach of the claw. The last one in particular mentions foggy step as a means to escape from a claw that shows that teleportation is a valid means of escape. Now looking at the thunder step spell, we see that it says:

(…) You can also teleport a volunteer creature of your size or smaller that is carrying equipment to its carrying capacity. The creature must be less than 5 feet from you when you cast this spell, and there must be an unoccupied space less than 5 feet from your target space for the creature to appear; otherwise, the creature is left behind.

No part of this says that the creature should not be attacked or provide any restrictions that prevent a creature from being teleported. Therefore, a creature with claws is a valid target. Also, nothing in the grip condition prevents the creature from being moved by something like thunder step, similar to how foggy step It would work, so this will work too.