Excess stay problem

I was a student in Canada for 3 years. But I stayed for more than 3 months (it was not intensive). But when I realize that I am out of my permit, I left the country on my own (I did not get deportation). I now have admission to the University of Warwick, UK. Would this problem of excessive stay in Canada be a problem for the UK student visa? Is it possible to obtain the rejection of the visa due to this excessive stay?

Thank you

Privatelayer.com review is not a safe host, you should stay away from it

Hi there,

I opened this thread as I have to inform people about those private layers.

I will make it as short as possible

those people … | Read the rest of https://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t=1802615&goto=newpost

Why are people not taking the Stay at Home order seriously?

I decided to take a walk in my neighborhood. I live in Keller, TX, which is in Tarrant County and currently have an order to stay home.

As I was going for a walk, I noticed a house that had party balloons on the front with lots of cars parked outside. It looked like they were celebrating a child's birthday. I was able to see a bounce house in their backyard and heard the children playing. As I continued my walk, I noticed a group of children riding their bikes together. It looked like a group of friends playing outside.

I am very surprised to see that there are groups of people hanging out together. They shouldn't be doing that. When I got home, I told my wife what I saw and was surprised. Just the other day, one of my son's friends rang the bell asking to play with my 6-year-old son.

Why are people not taking the Stay at Home order seriously?

privatelayer.com unsecured host – you should stay away from it | Proxies123.com

Hi there,

I opened this thread as I have to inform people about those private hunter stuff.

I will make it as short as possible

those people have the worst support team. Very slow response. We paid them for a server (it was our tenth server with them) after we paid, they kept saying tomorrow and tomorrow (they always do that, but this time it took too long) after 12 days waiting for them and they simply responded saying that tomorrow they stopped answering my tickets for days. Then I told them that I didn't want the server and that they should be more respectful and responsive at least. Then they responded by saying a lot of bad things and you should wait blah blah. Then I told them I was leaving and I will spread my bad experience with this host.

Then they start threatening to expose my data to the copyright company (they are stupid to believe that I will register with my real data anyway).


and here his last answer:


And on the other side. They claim to be a free DMCA hosting. ok this is another lie from them. My account was terminated due to dmca reports from the copyright company:

As you can see from the dates, there were 3 servers that only had 2 days to cancel.

So they are not professionals at all. just a few liars with this liar James who threatens customers to expose their information to copyright companies. And if we agree to work with those jerks, they can't even keep their word and ignore dmca reports. They will close the account and the server sooner or later.

Thank you

18.04 – Bluetooth headphones stop audio output after a while, but stay connected to laptop

I have tried 2 different headphones which I paired with my Dell XPS 13 running on Ubuntu 18.04. Every time I play some media in my Chrome browser, the audio output stops working after a while. When I check connectivity, the headphones are shown connected to my computer.

I searched many publications on this topic. I tried Blueman, although it makes no difference to this behavior.

HiVelocity: stay away like you have a fever

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cancellations – Booking.com does not refund my stay at Disneyland Paris

In January, I booked to stay at the Disneyland Santa Fe Hotel in March (in Paris). Due to the effect Covid-19 has had on daily life and travel, Disneyland Paris had to close, including hotels for guests who were not there at the time of the closure decision. I contacted Booking.com 5 days before my stay at the hotel and explained the situation to them and they said they would respond within 24 hours.

In the meantime, I contacted the hotel and they told me that I should only deal with Booking.com, since it is their reservation that must be managed. Hotels in Disneyland Paris also announced that affected visitors would offer a full refund or reschedule for a later date, keeping the same charge for rooms as in their original reservation.

Now Booking.com says that since the reservation was not canceled in advance and cannot be canceled after the arrival date, they can only offer me half of the refund. I should note that on my initial phone call with them they did not tell me to cancel the reservation or to do something about it, as they would have to investigate the best way to resolve this.

The reservation was made with my credit card, but since it was made in January, I am now out of the period in which I can ask them to intervene and withdraw the money and return it to my account.

Is there anything I can do right now to make sure I get my money back for a trip I was not allowed to do considering that the hotel was not accepting guests and that the French government canceled my Eurostar trains at the same time (Eurostar, BTW, it has issued a full refund since my trains were canceled.) Alternatively, is there an official route to report this behavior or complain?

I live in the UK if that is relevant at all.

Extend the tourist visa stay in the USA. USA Due to the Corona virus and exempt the I-539 fee

My mother has come to the United States on a tourist visa and her I-94 expires the first week of May.

Due to the Corona Virus, travel restrictions have been imposed in our country of origin (India). We also want to avoid the risk of traveling on flights at this time.

Is there an easy way to extend your stay in the United States by one or two months?

I am aware that we must fill out I-539 to extend our stay. But submitting the application online requires a $ 370 fee.

  1. Is filing I-539 the easiest way to extend your stay right now?

  2. If so, is it possible to waive the fee due to the Corona virus?

  3. After filing I-539 if she waits for approval to continue her
    stay? Or is the receipt good enough?

Can you help me with this? Thank you!

The best way to stay home: buy a PS4 Pro and Uncharted 4!


Make an enemy stay ahead of the player no matter how he moves (Unit)

I am working on enemy ai encoding for a fox-esqe star shooter and need the enemy to get closer to the player, keep a certain distance and stay in front of them until it is destroyed. I can make the enemy get closer to the player and I can make the enemy stay at a certain distance from the player, but I'm not sure how to make the enemy really stay in front of the player. To get some additional information, the player makes a series of sharp turns and the like throughout the level. Also, for support, I just tried to make the enemy look like the player within a certain radius, but that causes clipping issues with buildings and ground.

public class EnemyScript : MonoBehaviour
    public float safeDistance = 20f; // How close the enemy can get to the player
    public float thrust = 1000f;
    private Rigidbody rb;
    public GameObject player;

    private bool enteredEnemyZone = false;

    // Start is called before the first frame update
    void Start()
        rb = GetComponent();

    // Update is called once per frame
    void Update()

        Vector3 targertLocation = player.transform.position - transform.position;
        float distance = targertLocation.magnitude;

        // Decrease our speed as we get closer
        rb.AddRelativeForce(Vector3.forward * Mathf.Clamp((distance - 30) / 50, 0f, 1f) * thrust);

    private void OnTriggerEnter(Collider other)
        if (other.tag == player.tag)
            enteredEnemyZone = true;

    void OnTriggerExit(Collider other)
        // Player exited enemy zone
        if (other.tag == player.tag)
            enteredEnemyZone = false;