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The old site barely has access but needs to stay alive, WWYD

Seeking advice on the php5.2.9 site of a client who cannot update because the code is a super personalized library of 50 GB of multimedia files.

The site has zero traffic and a page that goes to its square space, but they want to keep these 50 gb of multimedia files with this php5.2.9 container that only they can access built in 2011.

My VPS provider is forcing a cpanel rebate to directodmin to keep costs so they can't run these old versions of php. The site is dead in the water by the way. My only option is to migrate to another VPS provider that offers alternative free panels to maintain compatibility with php5.2.9. In summary, this client does not use the hosting beyond needing it once a year to access the file library that has accumulated with a php5.2.9 framework.

Wondering what you would do to keep things running smoothly. Thank you.

airports – MAR> LAX> BNE (Australia): Do I stay in the LAX boarding area?

US airports UU. They are not separated like most Australian airports. International and national departures often leave the same terminals, since the United States does not have physical controls as strict as those in Australia. The departures of the airlines are made as the airlines have supposed, through the APIS system.

So your conclusions are correct. You will land at LAX Terminal 3, get on a shuttle bus to take it to TBIT and then stay for your departure.

This is confirmed by the LAX page on transfers in the Inter-bus security section of the inter-terminal terminal.

A bus provides connections between Terminals 2, 3 and Tom Bradley passing the Security Control Control Points.

Click here to see the interactive map

Canada – Canadian ETA for 1 night stay (from the USA)

ETA is required, assuming you qualify for ETA under your passport, and assuming you have no other document such as a Canadian visa or a residence permit, when you fly to Canada. It doesn't matter if you stay for an hour, a night or a month. Similarly, as you observe, it is not mandatory when you cross the land border, regardless of how long you intend to stay.

THIS is a program of the United States. Your ESTA has no effect on the ETA requirement.

More information is available on the Canadian government website at

How to deal with a noisy refrigerator when you stay in a studio / hotel?

I'm currently staying in a studio, so the fridge is near the bed. Unfortunately, the refrigerator is quite noisy, which is a bit annoying during the day but can make it hard to sleep at night. Of course, I could turn off the refrigerator completely, but I have food inside that I would like to keep refrigerated.

How can I deal with this noisy refrigerator while keeping some food inside?

8 – Stay connected while changing domain

I have two domains ( and for a drupal installation. Sometimes I change between the two. When a connected user does this, he is no longer connected.

Searching on the Internet I find some answers talking about a cookie domain. But this is always connected to Drupal 7 and not Drupal 8. Is there a similar option that I can use in my settings.php file to solve this problem?

entry without a visa: is it possible to stay in the air for a few hours to be able to pass immigration with a passenger who lands on a subsequent flight?

My partner travels to meet me and my family (all adults) on a two-week vacation in Barbados. Your flight with Caribbean Airlines Havana >> Trinidad >> Barbados is scheduled to land approximately 5 hours after mine (the same day).

He is a Cuban citizen, eligible to enter without a visa. I am sponsoring all the costs of your vacation, and he will have documentation to prove this (copy of my passport and flight details, invitation letter and confirmation of accommodation, travel and medical insurance, letter to Immigration from Bajan explaining the background of the invitation and arrangements for your support and maintenance during the holidays). He doesn't speak much English and I would like to be with him when I cleared immigration instead of just waiting for him on the ground.

Is it feasible to wait for him in the air? Should I ask permission to do it on arrival? Would I be breaking any rules by having my family pick up my luggage?

Stay away from OVH: OVH support is terrible, it doesn't exist

so renew my VPS

5 of them were not renewed due to a failure in their system (payments were made, money was taken from Paypal)

Your order system shows 5 orders "in progress" despite being marked as paid. as a consequence, package 5 has no updated expiration time and will be suspended shortly, I guess


OVH support no longer responds for 2 days, tickets do not respond, do not fix orders with errors

I have to explore new VPS providers because OVH is terrible and unreliable. While discussing how terrible OVH is, I can also appreciate some recommendations from VPS providers

2 days of this:

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Orders are paid, even recognized by their garbage panel (by the way, that OVH panel is the most terrible web host interface with errors I've seen)

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I can't wait to suspend my VPS due to incompetence and non-existent support

P.S. Is this forum complicated or what? It's already 2020 and I can't publish images on it? Jesus Christ

php – I am using a public device vs Stay connected

I know this might be an obvious question, but it escapes me. When logging into websites, I have seen check boxes for things like "I am using a public device" and "Stay Connected."

I know that staying connected would be the traditional login function that should keep the user always connected. But I'm stuck in the "I'm using a public device" function, what does it really do? Does it limit the duration of the login period?

I do not use the logins, I use a cookie with tokens with a 24-hour expiration that corresponds to a database table for the user and, subsequently, his shopping cart.

Multiple sponsorship of United Kingdom visitor Visa: requirements for invitations from sponsors to stay, and British citizen sponsor but not resident of the United Kingdom

I (British) and my partner (Ethiopian) live in Ethiopia and apply for a visitor visa to visit my family in the United Kingdom.

I assumed that I would be the sponsor and that I would receive letters of invitation from my mother and father in the United Kingdom.

However, the SU07 / 12 Sponsorship Commitment form states that "The sponsor making this commitment must be a resident in the United Kingdom" (although it provides separate boxes for the applicant's accommodation address and the sponsor's address).

All my bills go to my mother's house in the United Kingdom, I am registered for the postal vote and my citizenship is the United Kingdom, but I am a tax resident in Ethiopia, since I live and work in Ethiopia and only visit the United Kingdom occasionally . (The only qualification document that could have confirmed my UK base in mom is a letter about my voting record abroad).

Do I have to get my mother to be the sponsor, since I normally reside in the United Kingdom?

Therefore, does it not make sense to present my bank statements, since my mother assumes legal responsibility? Or should I be an additional sponsor (but not complete SU07 because I normally reside in Ethiopia)? We both have ample savings to cover the trip, although obviously I would pay them. Part of our request is that I covered our vacation expenses in Asia and Africa during the last 3 years of our relationship.

My mother and father divorced a long time ago and we hope to stay with each of them during periods during our visit. Should the dates in your letters coincide with the itinerary of the trip and not overlap? Or can they both send invitation letters that cover the entire trip?

We hope to travel in 6 weeks, with Christmas holidays in between. Should the invitation letters be extended beyond the end date of the trip, in case the visa application is delayed and we have to travel later?

Should my mother and father sign SU07 and present proof of mortgage? If so, my father is traveling, so I can't get an original signature (I can get an invoice from his home in the UK, but I don't have anyone to bring me a signed form in Vietnam). Would it be simpler to stay at my mother's house? (They live a couple of hours apart so that this does not prevent us from spending time with my father).

Huge thanks. Sorry if I missed the orientation or a relevant question here.