bitcoin core – Transaction status: 0 / not confirmed, not in mempool

The software Bitcoin Core is using?

Then you need to have your software forget about your unconfirmed transaction that is not in the mempool, so you can do it again at a higher fee.

When starting your Bitcoin Core, run it with -zapwallettxes. This will make your wallet forget about the unconfirmed transactions relevant to your wallet. You can learn how to add that on Andrew Chow's blog.

Then the balance in your wallet must be converted to the balance before making the payment.

I learned this from here, but the other two methods are not applicable as you need to change your transaction to increase the fee.

sybase sql anywhere: status message DOWNLOAD TO

I am running a query with a UNLOAD statement to save the results to a CSV file,

TO 'C:\TEMP\MyFile.csv'
    QUOTE '"';

I receive status updates like

55% (1182880573 of estimated 2147483647 rows) complete after 01:10:00; estimated 00:57:04 remaining

and so on for 58%, 62%, etc. Does the update refer to the amount of time to write MyFile.csv, the amount of time to execute the query, Or both? That will help me determine if the bottleneck is creating the file instead of running the query.

I am using Sybase SQL Anywhere 12.

web development: why does Chrome show 304 in the Response Headers section but 200 in the status code?

Why does Chrome show 304 on Response headings section but 200 in Status code? Why doesn't it show 304 in the status code (by the way, that's NOT 200 memory cache)?

If it shows 200, I can't know it's actually 304 without looking at the request details.

Compared to Firefox (same request), 304 in status code.

Approval workflow returns the same approval status as the approved peer list item rejected by the approver

I create an approval workflow as follows

which always returns the approved result even if it is rejected, suggest the correct way to return the rejected value if Approvar rejected the list item

enter the image description here

8 – Why does my site status keep indicating mismatched field definitions after upgrade?

When I visit / admin / reports / status, they tell me that some entities have fields that need to be updated or reinstalled. I created an update link:

 * Remove the result field from the analysis entity and reinstall
function mymodule_update_8101(&$sandbox) {

  $entity_name = 'analysis';
  $old_field_name = 'result';
  $new_field_name = 'result';

  $field_definition = BaseFieldDefinition::create('decimal')
        'precision' => 12,
        'scale' => 4,
      ->setDisplayOptions('view', array(
        'label' => 'above',
        'type' => 'number_decimal',
        'weight' => -4,
      ->setDisplayOptions('form', array(
        'type'     => 'number',
        'weight'   => 5,
      ->setDisplayConfigurable('form', TRUE)
      ->setDisplayConfigurable('view', TRUE)
  mymodule_replace_field($entity_name, $old_field_name, $new_field_name, $field_definition);

 * Replace a field in an entity.
function mymodule_replace_field($entity_name, $old_field_name, $new_field_name, $field_definition) {
  $definition_manager = Drupal::entityDefinitionUpdateManager();
  $old_field_storage_definition = $definition_manager->getFieldStorageDefinition($old_field_name, $entity_name);
  $connection = Drupal::database();

  if ($new_field_name !== $old_field_name) {
    $definition_manager->installFieldStorageDefinition($new_field_name, $entity_name, $entity_name, $field_definition);
      ->expression($new_field_name, $old_field_name)
  else {
    $definition_manager->installFieldStorageDefinition('temp_column', $entity_name, $entity_name, $field_definition);
      ->expression('temp_column', $old_field_name)
    $definition_manager->installFieldStorageDefinition($new_field_name, $entity_name, $entity_name, $field_definition);
      ->expression($new_field_name, 'temp_column')
    $temp_field_storage_definition = $definition_manager->getFieldStorageDefinition('temp_column', $entity_name);

After running this link the error goes away until cron is run, then it comes back. I was able to determine that the "needs to be updated" is triggered by SqlContentEntityStorageSchema::loadFieldSchemaData() return an empty array after cron is run. If I run the update link, the function returns an array with mostly correct information. After cron is run, it is empty. I am running D8 with SQL Server.

My notification and status bar keeps popping up when I rotate my screen in apps

As I said, the notification and status bar keeps popping up when you rotate the screen. This was not a problem when I had Android 9, but now I have upgraded my phone to Android 10 and it has started. My phone is Xiaomi Poco F1. To give an example:
When using full screen on YouTube, I want to rotate my screen. When I rotate it, the status and notification bar appears and overlaps the video screen.

View post on

This is the screenshot of what I am talking about. Please tell me how to disable this function.

How to customize 3xx status pages in Apache?

How can I customize Apache 3xx status pages? I can customize the 4xx and 5xx error pages using the ErrorDocument directive. I have tried the same for 3xx status pages, but it is not good. I can't find any documentation on this from Apache. Let me know if the 3xx status code pages are customizable. And if so, let me know how to do it. Thanks in advance.

Why am I doing this?
I need to do this for testing purposes. This may not be good.

Applications – How to limit access to data in the phone status permission

An Android app is asking READ_PHONE_STATE to verify that the mobile number entered for registration actually exists on the same phone.

I have no problem with this, however I am using a dual SIM phone and do not want to give any information including the number of the other SIM.

Is there a way not to restrict this access while allowing READ_PHONE_STATE Excuse me? If not directly, then is there any workaround, for example, turn off the other SIM while granting permission, and then revoke permission after registration.

The device runs Android 10

status – REST API: is it a violation of the naming convention if a GET method changes the key expiration to redis?

I have proposed a REST API called & # 39; getSessionState & # 39; which is basically a back-end API that retrieves status information from a redis server and returns it to clients.

Because the state data is saved on a Redis server, every time a user calls the function, I will extend the expiration of the redis data structure a bit to avoid key failures.

The question arises that, strictly speaking, you are making a change in the state. So it shouldn't be called & # 39; getSessionState & # 39; because & # 39; get & # 39; does not imply any change in the backup data.

Is that a fair comment?

If so, what will be a good alternative name for getSessionState?

My team generally uses the Google API design documentation as a design guide, but I'm not sure if it covers the TTL aspect.

customize touch bar to toggle caps lock and status?

I would like to move my Caps Lock functionality to the touch bar if possible. An on / off button, and a small status indicator that appears when CL is enabled … would also be awesome.

I doubt it's possible, but I thought about asking.

Thanks ~~