tickets – Which train stations near the oyster boundary have contactless validators on (train) platforms?

On lines that have a London terminus, which stations have contactless validators easily accessible?

Because of how comparatively cheap contactless fares are, it can be advantageous when travelling into or out of London to use a combination of contactless and paper tickets… however that means needing to touch in and touch out.

For example, Riddlesdown has an on-platform validator easily accessible, meaning if you are close to the correct carriage it would be feasible to jump out, validate and jump back in… At Amersham, there are no validators on the platforms, but the ticket gates are very close to the middle of the London-bound platform, which would make it feasible to validate as well.

Is there a list of stations close to the contactless boundary that have validators easily accessible from the train platforms?

News terminals digital television installation in filling stations

Do you recommend News terminals digital television installed in filling stations?

Moving and wonder if I need to stop at weigh stations?

I am renting a 10’u-Haul to move from my home in Washington State to my second home in Wyoming. I will be traveling from the Pacific coast in Washington to Laramie, mostly on I-90, and will be going across Washington, through Idaho, Montana, and finally into Wyoming. I will have a friend following me in their car.

  1. Will I need to stop at weigh-stations along the way,
  2. Can my friend follow me into the weigh stations in their car, and
  3. Are there any restrictions because of Covid-19 on what I can and cannot move?

Filling stations and petrol stations in Nigeria, is there any difference?

No, this is the same thing.

Apparently, according to Wikipedia, the most common name in the world is a filling station:

A filling station that sells only electric energy is also known as a charging station, while a typical filling station can also be known as a fueling or gas station (United States and Canada), gasbar (Canada), gasoline stand or SS(Note 1) (Japan), petrol pump or petrol bunk (India, Pakistan and Bangladesh), garage, petrol station (Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, United Kingdom and Ireland), service station (Australia, France, Italy, Japan, New Zealand and United Kingdom and Ireland), servo (Australia), or fuel station (Northern Europe and Israel).

This is probably a naming preference/incosistency on the map.

uk – Any railway stations more than 1 change from London?

I think the stations between Kirkby and Wigan Wallgate don’t have one-change services to London.

ie Rainford, Upholland, Orrell and Pemberton.

Their services run between Kirkby and Blackburn, via Wigan Wallgate and Manchester Victoria. There’s no direct service from any of those stations to London, you can change at Wigan Wallgate for Wigan North Western or at Manchester Victoria for Manchester Piccadilly.

Stations from Wigan Wallgate to Manchester along that line also have a service to Manchester Airport via Manchester Piccadilly (which originates at Southport) and you can change at Piccadilly for London.

I can’t find any other line through Manchester Victoria that doesn’t also have trains to Piccadilly, or have access to another station like Wigan North Western, Leeds, Brighouse, Bradford Interchange or Preston.

Plot: Correlation Coefficient vs. Distance Plot for Weather Stations

I have searched everywhere but found no answer, I hope someone can help me here.

I need to make a correlation coefficient diagram VS distance (in km) between 9 weather stations. It would look like the following figure:

enter the image description here

To do this, I have a daily minimum temperature time series at 9 weather stations between the period 1980-2016. The .csv file with the data looks like this:

enter the image description here

And the location of all weather stations is in another .csv file that looks like this:

enter the image description here

Is there a way to do it easily?

Thank you!

wireless networks: monitoring EV charging stations for voltage

First time on this site. I have an electrical service that has CT in the electrical circuits. There is an MPU (computer controller that needs to monitor the peak and off-peak voltage on the EV chargers. I need to provide a Wifi system from the head controller to the EV charging stations. There is no conduit infrastructure for wiring.
What kind of Wifi devices are needed to make the above wifi system to monitor EV voltage?

[ Politics ] Open question: For all those Coronavirus deniers, why don't the railings at the airport, the nearest bus and train stations go and lick if it's a hoax?

[Politics] Open question: For all those Coronavirus deniers, why don't the handrails go and lick at the nearest airport, bus station and train if it's a hoax?

Book from different start stations to get confirmation tickets

I was booking the Viramgam Junction ticket to Madgaon, since confirmation tickets are available, however, I will board from Khed, which is more than 500 km from Viramgam, will there be any problem even if I mentioned the Khed boarding station when booking ?

networks – ftp denied stations denied by ACL

This is my configuration.
ubuntuhost1 – firewall – ubuntuhost2

On both hosts:

The firewall is inactive.
i don't have any ip table
I don't have any firewall rules.

When I include a firewall in the middle, ftp crashes saying it is rejected by ACL.

In firewall :: connect from to, denied by ACLS, logging out

TCPdump reflects the following:
15: 33: 27.905510 IP> Flags [.], Ack 1, win 29200, options [nop, nop, TS val 5486074 ecr 36439], length 0
15: 33: 32.914501 ARP, Request who is say, length 46
15: 33: 32.914521 ARP, answer is-at 00: 0c: 29: e8: 72: 8b, length 28
15: 33: 38.236111 IP> Flags [P.], seq 1:29, ack 1, win 28960, options [nop, nop, TS val 38975 ecr 5486074], length 28
15: 33: 38.236133 IP> Flags [R.], seq 29, ack 1, win 28960, options [nop, nop, TS val 38986 ecr 5486074], length 0
15: 33: 38.236189 IP> Flags [.], Ack 29, win 29200, options [nop, nop, TS val 5488657 ecr 38975], length 0
15: 33: 38.236594 IP> Flags [R], seq 1611893496, victory 0, length 0

I can see that the rest package was sent at the end.

Can someone help me please.