categories – What type of page should i use? static page or category page? and what’s the difference?

I’m a new WordPress user and i’m very confused about my how the structure of my website should be.

I’m creating a language learning website and i started with the static pages (Home, about, etc.)

Then i wanted to create the pages related to the specific languages (Englsh, Spanish for example) and for that, i created more static pages which would have a organized list of the lessons that of course have an specific order, lesson 1, 2, 3, and so on.
the URLS would be something like:

I wanted to make sure i was doing things right so i searched my website on Google and i saw pages called ‘French lessons archives’ with these URL: that seem to be the category pages.

My questios are:
– What should i do? should i use the static pages i created? or the category page?
– Should i delete or nonindex the category page?

As a reminder, my content has an specific order, they are lessons so i don’t want the order to be updated everytime i create a lesson.

  • I read something online saying category pages are important for SEO but i don’t know what to do and i have not found an asnwer in this forums yet, i hope you can help me with this.

Is it possible to SSH to a virtual machine without static IP, inside an ESXI 6.7 with static IP?

I’m noob. I newly got an Gen8 HP server. Suppose I have 3 virtual machines (Debian 10) on ESXi 6.7 which are locally connected with some internal IPs like and 102 and 103. Suppose I have one static IP to connect to my ESXi from browser having no problem and I have another static IP which is assigned to VM-1 and can be connected through SSH from any where.

The problem is : I want to connect through SSH to my VM-2 by something like putty/Winscp/dbForgeStudionMysql/ and etc!! Is it possible to get access to VM-2 and VM-3 without having a static IP?

How can I do that? Any hint is appreciable.

django static files not found-404

Could someone help me have a look at errors below:

enter image description here







urlpatterns += static(settings.STATIC_URL, document_root=settings.STATIC_ROOT)

my project structure :

(enter image description here)(2)

enter image description here

I load static files this way:

{% load static %}

I have run ‘python collectstatic’ in cmd.

Have tried many answers but still failed Could you help give some advice.

Many thanks

continuous integration – Big static web site build system design

We are running a relatively large size static website, which serves over 200K static web pages. We use Next.js to generate these static pages and we host the generated HTML and asset files in AWS S3.

Currently, we are using a dedicated EC2 instance as our build machine for two reasons: 1. the build needs some powerful computation power to populate 200K pages; 2. once the HTML files are generated, the network transfer speed between EC2 to S3 is fast.

I’m looking for some advice about how to automate this build process, so that it can automatically do the following:

  1. Turn on the build instance on-demand when I need to build the project.
  2. Run custom build command with pre-defined configurations.
  3. Automatically upload the generated HTML files and assets to S3 after the build is completed.
  4. Automatically switch to serve the new directory of HTML files in S3 after it’s uploaded.

Ideally, this workflow can be started by a simple trigger or push of a button.


centos – Make static route with different ip adresses

I have the problem that server
cant accessed by

The stars are the same numbers.

My hoster said i need to make a static route.

I tried the following:
i added in route-eth0 this:

***.**.136.60/24 via ***.**.137.1 dev eth0

But it isnt working.
What i’m doing wrong?

Thanks in advance.

networking – How to set the computer hostname (not MAC address) to a static IP on a router?

I want to set my computer to have a static IP address but I don’t want to use my MAC address for that but instead use the hostname as this image show:

The problem is it’s not working. I think I am using the wrong hostname SAMSUNG-TV-8, which is my laptop Windows 10 name.

Where do I get the hostname from?

enter image description here

networking – Static Routing Server Rack

I am currently installing a server rack for a customer, and they’ve asked a qauestion.

They want/need to optimise U space as to avoid paying overheads for U’s that aren’t needed.

The question they’ve asked, is whether or not they can use Static Routing with a L3 Switch.

This in their eyes would remove the need for 1 U, and would combine Switch/Router into 1 U.

It’s a valid question, however I am not sure how to answer it as ARP came to mind.

So, can we replace the Router/Switch with a good L3 Switch?

And if so, can we statically route to each Server in the Rack without generating massive ARP cache?

tls – No SSL between Cloudflare and S3 static site. A big security issue?

So I have a S3 static website. Domain, DNS and proxy is managed via Cloudflare. Cloudflare is set to communicate with browsers using SSL and it in fact enforces SSL for non-SSL requests. However, traffic between CF and S3 is http only, as S3 buckets don’t support SSL on their own and i assume I’d have to remedy that using Cloudfront. Now, having Cloudflare AND Cloudfront both invloved is kinda dumb.

So, how bad is it, to have Cloudflare talk to S3 sites directly, without SSL?

.net core – MVC Localization route url language code static and couldnt change Language

I tried to use Localization my mvc core project inside razor pages. But language code always gives me static url like this :

(my www website dot com)(slash)(MyModuleName)(slash)(languageCode)(shash)(controllerName)(slash)(actionNAme)

such as:


like this url I changed language viş buttons from Layout but this “/tr/” part always static and couldnt change.

My startup.cs MVC routing code this:

 app.UseMvc(routes =>
                    name: "areaRoute",
                    template: "area/{area:exists}/{controller=Home}/{action=Index}/{id?}");
                    name: "LocalizedDefault",
                    template: "{lang:lang=tr}/{controller=Home}/{action=Index}/{id?}"
                    name: "default",
                    template: "{*catchall}",
                    defaults: new { controller = "Home", action = "RedirectToDefaultLanguage" });
                  name: "areas",
                             template: "{area:exists}/{controller=Home}/{action=Index}/{id?}"


how can I change or remove /tr/ part from my website url link or fix its function?

How can I replace the Paypal button with a static button image?

Since Paypal button is loading dynamically and sometimes it doesn’t show up, I’d like to replace it with a static image.

I’ve 2 stores: in one I’m using Magento 2.4.2 and PayPal Express Checkout, in the other I’m using Magento 2.4.2 and Paypal through Braintree.

How can I achieve this?