adb – How to start “developer mode” from a shell?

I have a root shell, on an Android device’s UART.

There is no screen, only a serial console.

How can I start “developer mode”, so that I can use adb?

(Neither of the answers on: work for me.)

sharepoint rest api – How can I triggerSharePoint Page scheduling when setting status and start date doesnt work?

I have written an Approval flow that uses Logic Apps with SharePoint REST to set approved items to “Scheduled” with a pending _PublishStartDate based on a specific date (or published right away if no such date exists). The calls to schedule items are shown below.

Note: I do this in two calls because you cannot set moderation status and date at the same time.

Call 1:

uri: _api/web/lists/getbytitle('Site Pages')/items(19)/validateUpdateListItem


  "formValues": (
      "FieldName": "HistoricApproverComment",
      "FieldValue": "Some comment I made"
      "FieldName": "HistoricChangeCategory",
      "FieldValue": "Small changes"
      "FieldName": "Editor",
      "FieldValue": "({ "Key": "i:0#.f|membership|" })"
      "FieldName": "_PublishStartDate",
      "FieldValue": "10/28/2020 11:30 AM"

Call 2:

uri: _api/web/lists/getbytitle('Site Pages')/items(19)/validateUpdateListItem


  "formValues": (
      "FieldName": "_ModerationStatus",
      "FieldValue": "4"
  ), "bNewDocumentUpdate": true

These calls succeed without any error messages and everything looks just peachy on my site page with the “Scheduled for (day) (date) (time)” label displaying nicely on the page. However, the scheduled publish time passes without the page actually being published (it is still in the “Scheduled” state, with a publish start date in the past).

It doesn’t seem to be a time zone issue, and manually scheduling the item in the UI works as expected.

Any tips on what could be causing the site page to not be picked up by whatever background job is running in SPO? Currently our workaround is to force the approval state (0) if the scheduled time has passed, using another Logic App.

Any Sites Can Help Me Start Video Website Theme/PHP

Is there a website in particular where I can get a php script and google read my website videos with urls such as /watch_video.php?v=6WLNB5AXW9 or /watch_video.php?v=6WOSBNB5AXW9…I tried Fiverr and had no type of help any suggestions?

virtualization – Unable to start virtual domain in Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

I am unable to start a virtual machine on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

libvirtd version 4.0.0
qemu/kvm version 2.11.1

I am trying to start a VM on two numa nodes, I have allocated 1G hugepages and I have edited the libvirtxml indicating multiple numa nodes.

I have a total of 320 GB of Memory and have allocated 160 GB to each numa node (0 and 1).

When I tried to start the VM , usign virsh start I get the following error:

$ virsh start vpre
error: Failed to start domain vpre
error: internal error: process exited while connecting to monitor: qemu_madvise: Invalid argument
madvise doesn’t support MADV_DONTDUMP, but dump_guest_core=off specified
2020-10-27T05:21:19.537730Z qemu-system-x86_64: -object memory-backend-file,id=ram-node0,prealloc=yes,mem-path=/dev/hugepages/libvirt/qemu/3-vpre,size=163840000000,host-nodes=0,policy=bind: cannot bind memory to host NUMA nodes: Invalid argument

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8 – How to create a link to start a visit with the “Tour” module?

I created a module to make a visit to my site.

I want an ananyme or authenticated user to be able to start the visit by simply clicking on a link.

How to create a link to start a visit with the “Tour” module ?

Here is my file :

langcode: fr
status: true
id: front
label: 'Visite générale'
module: user_tour
  - route_name: view.front.page_front
    id: le-menu-de-navigation
    plugin: text
    label: 'Le menu de navigation'
    weight: 1
    body: "Le menu de navigation, permet de naviguer sur le site.rn<div class="icon-tour position-relative">rn  <i class="fas fa-exclamation-circle fa-lg position-absolute"></i>rn  <i class="fas fa-th-list"></i>rn</div>rnUn badge rouge apparaît sur l’icône, lorsque vous pouvez administrer la page actuelle."
    location: right
    id: les-notifications
    plugin: text
    label: 'Les notifications'
    weight: 2
      data-class: navbar-toggler-left
    body: "Le logo notification, permet d'accéder aux notifications liées à l'activité de votre compte (statut des commandes, message privé, ...), ainsi qu'à celle du site (suivi des groupes, suivi des boutiques, ...).</p>rn<div class="icon-tour position-relative">rn  <i class="fas fa-exclamation-circle fa-lg position-absolute"></i>rn  <i class="fas fa-comment-dots"></i>rn</div>rnUn badge rouge apparaît sur l’icône, lorsque vous avez un nouveau message."
    location: right
    id: le-logo
    plugin: text
    label: 'Le logo'
    weight: 3
      data-class: logo
    body: "Cliquer sur le logo S1BIOSE pour revenir à la page d'accueil. Vous y trouverez toutes l'activité du site classé par ordres chronologiques.rn<div class="icon-tour position-relative">rn  <i class="fas fa-exclamation-circle fa-lg position-absolute"></i>rn  <i class="fas fa-check-circle fa-lg position-absolute"></i>rn  <div class="logo navbar-btn pull-left rounded-circle overflow-hidden timeline-notification m-0">rn    <img src="/themes/custom/bootstrap_subtheme_front_office_old/images/icon-96.png" alt="Accueil">rn  </div>rn</div>rnUn badge <i class="fas fa-exclamation-circle"></i> apparaît sur le logo, lorsque de nouvelles notifications arrivent dans votre fil d'actualité privé. Un badge <i class="fas fa-check-circle"></i> apparaît sur le logo, lorsque vous avez de nouvelles tâches importantes."
    location: bottom
    id: les-paniers
    plugin: text
    label: 'Les paniers'
    weight: 4
      data-class: navbar-toggler-right
    body: "Le logo panier, permet d'accéder à vos paniers d'achats.</p>rn<div class="icon-tour position-relative">rn  <i class="fas fa-exclamation-circle fa-lg position-absolute"></i>rn  <i class="fas fa-shopping-basket"></i>rn</div>rnUn badge rouge apparaît sur l’icône, lorsque vous ajoutez des produits ou des services."
    location: left
    id: le-menu-de-recherche
    plugin: text
    label: 'Le menu de recherche'
    weight: 5
      data-class: navbar-toggler-second
    body: "Le menu de recherche, permet de filtrer et trier le contenu d'une page.</p>rn<div class="icon-tour position-relative">rn  <i class="fas fa-exclamation-circle fa-lg position-absolute"></i>rn  <i class="fas fa-filter"></i>rn</div>rnUn badge rouge apparaît sur l’icône, lorsque vous pouvez filtrer ou trier le contenu de la page actuelle."
    location: left
    id: le-bouton-plus
    plugin: text
    label: 'Le bouton plus'
    weight: 6
      data-class: 'block--boutonplus .fa-circle'
    body: 'Ce bouton vous permet de créer votre compte, mais aussi des groupes, du contenu, des boutiques et des produits.'
    location: right
    id: trouver-de-l-aide
    plugin: text
    label: 'Trouver de l''aide'
    weight: 7
      data-class: panel-help
    body: 'Nous mettons à votre disposition des guides, des tutoriels, une foire aux question, ... où vous trouverez facilement de l''aide.'
    location: top
    id: les-modes-de-contact
    plugin: text
    label: 'Les modes de contact'
    weight: 8
      data-class: panel-contact
    body: 'Vous pouvez nous contacter par téléphone, courrier postal et par e-mail.'
    location: top
    id: les-informations
    plugin: text
    label: 'Les informations'
    weight: 9
      data-class: panel-information
    body: 'Ici vous trouverez toutes les informations juridiques concernant notre site.'
    location: top
    id: le-bouton-retour-en-haut
    plugin: text
    label: 'Le bouton retour en haut'
    weight: 10
      data-id: back-to-top
    body: 'Ce bouton vous permet de remonter en haut de la page.'
    location: left

java – “illegal start of expression” em PessoaDAO

Estou com esse erro no meu PessoaDAO:

package com.example.pim8;

import android.content.ContentValues;
import android.content.Context;
import android.database.sqlite.SQLiteDatabase;

public class PessoaDAO {

    private conexao Conexao;
    private SQLiteDatabase banco;

    public PessoaDAO(Context context) {
        Conexao = new conexao(context);
        banco = Conexao.getWritableDatabase();

        public long inserir (Pessoa **pessoa**){

            ContentValues values = new ContentValues();
            values.put ("nome", **pessoa**.IdNome());
            values.put("cpf", **pessoa**.IdCpf());
            values.put("encereco", **pessoa**.IdEndereco());
            values.put("DDD", **pessoa**.IdDdd());
            values.put("telefone", **pessoa**.IdTelefone());

            return banco.insert("pessoa", null, ContentValues);



Aparentemente ele não reconhece pessoa

Alguém pode me ajudar?

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Best server setup to start and scale SaaS?

Hello folks – hope you’re well…

What kind of server arrangement would you recommend for someone who wants to start and gradually scale … | Read the rest of