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404 Quick Start Guide Error is impossible to achieve.

I cannot understand how to create events and forms to register for a new event. Is there a tutorial available?

Thank you

Can not start Windows 10 after installing Ubuntu

So I was having the idea that I will install Ubuntu 21.04 along with my already won 10.

Note that I have two older disks (MBR) and legacy BIOS: 1 TB main disk. On my main disk, I made some free space, reduced size by making 50 GB of free space for the installation of Ubuntu. I installed Ubuntu from usb and then asked for it to reboot, so I did that. And that's where the first problems appeared.

First, I could not restart Ubuntu. After some tweaks, I discovered on the Internet that I should use EasyBCD as the boot manager. He did that, I added ubuntu, corresponding partition and I got it. Restart, the boot loader loads well, Win10 works as before. But when I tried Ubuntu, I got stuck on the black screen with the cursor blinking.
I was not happy with that. I went to reinstall as someone suggested that something could be installed wrong. So I deleted the 50 GB partition (I went back to free space) and reinstalled Ubuntu again.

This time really something was working differently. The first Ubuntu boot loader welcomed me with all the different options. (Ubuntu, recovery mode, win10 on the previous disk and win10 on the main disk).
I tried ubuntu, everything was working perfectly. But when I tried to restart Win10 on my main disk, the boot manager appeared with my message that I had to repair my PC. And the next NST nst_linux.mbr is missing or has an error.
From this point I can not really move further. Ubuntu continues to work well. I can run Win10 on an older disk, but when I try to boot using the main disk, this message ends.

I will be very grateful if someone gives me an idea of ​​how to solve my problem without scraping the main storage.

I had an idea if there is any interference with the boot manager of ubuntu and EasyBCD that is probably still working in storage. I also went through the directories through ubuntu bash and at this point I did not lose anything from the main storage.

Slow start in the new installation of Ubuntu 18.04

I have a dual boot system of Ubuntu 21.04 with Windows 10, but I have a slow start in Ubuntu @ 46.678s
└─ @ 46.676s
└─kerneloops.service @ 42.828s + 8ms
    └─ @ 42.827s
└─NetworkManager-wait-online.service @ 34.412s + 8.414s
        └─NetworkManager.service @ 31.018s + 3.392s
          └─dbus.service @ 30.460s
└─ @ 30.247s
└─ @ 30.247s
└─snapd.socket @ 30.189s + 58ms
                  └─ @ 30.188s
└─systemd-timesyncd.service @ 29.988s + 199ms
                      └─systemd-tmpfiles-setup.service @ 29.489s + 477ms
                        └─systemd-journal-flush.service @ 4.057s + 25.431s
                          └─systemd-journald.service @ 3.330s + 725ms
                            └─system-diary-dev-log.socket @ 3.329s
└─system.slice @ 3.323s
└─-.slice @ 3.302s

edition 1: system fault analysis

                25.431s systemd-journal-flush.service
18.934s dev-sda7.device
13.422s systemd-udevd.service
12.897s snap-gnome  x2d3  x2d26  x2d1604-74.mount
12.810s snap-gnome  x2dcharacters-139.mount
12.798s snap-gnome  x2dlogs-45.mount
12.253s plymouth-quit-wait.service
11.904s snap-vlc-1049.mount
9.220s snap-core-6350.mount
8.414s NetworkManager-wait-online.service
5.102s bolt.service
3.703s mnt-01D306309612D5D0.mount
3.436s accounts-daemon.service
3.404s udisks2.service
3.392s NetworkManager.service
3.231s ModemManager.service
3.105s mnt-3AB82379B82332B5.mount
2.964s snapd.service
2.427s systemd-fsck @ dev-disk-by  x2duuid-d71546ea  x2d38ec  x2d431c  x2d80
2.425s networkd-dispatcher.service
2,243s networking.service
2.192s polkit.service
2.131s systemd-fsck @ dev-disk-by  x2duuid-DE40  x2d72B8.service
1-23 lines

Starting with AR on android. Doubt of how to start

I'm starting to look at augmented reality documentation on android (with android studio). I would like to make an example that given a set of coordinates, (a polygon) pointing to the camera I draw the outline with a line like google maps, or with a virtual "wall" in this case.
How could I do something like that? I'm looking at the ARcore api but before I go on I would like to know if it would be possible or with what other API should I do it? Do you know if there are any examples?

Thank you.

How to force the start / stop of the service in sharepoint 2016?

I want to start a service "Microsoft SharePoint Foundation sandbox code service" using the following power

$ ServiceName = "Microsoft SharePoint Foundation isolated space code service"
Get-SPServiceInstance -server $ env: COMPUTERNAME | where-object {$ _. TypeName -eq $ ServiceName} | Start-SPServiceInstance -confirm: $ false> $ null

The state gets stuck in Start for an hour that does not seem to work. I tried iisrest, restart window.

Is there any way to force it to stop it?

linux – How to handle the error "Unable to start the MVM server: License error: Error verifying the license" when trying to call the matlab function through python?

When I run a python code that calls some matlab function on the linux server, the error message returns the following:

Tracking (recent calls latest):
File "", line 20, in 
    motor = matlab.engine.start_matlab ()
File "/home/task3/dylan/anaconda3/lib/python3.7/site-packages/matlab/engine/", line 117, in start_matlab
eng = future.result ()
File "/home/task3/dylan/anaconda3/lib/python3.7/site-packages/matlab/engine/", line 67, in the result
return auto .__ future.result (timeout)
File "/home/task3/dylan/anaconda3/lib/python3.7/site-packages/matlab/engine/", line 87, in the result
handle = pythonengine.getMATLAB (self._future)
matlab.engine.EngineError: Unable to start MVM server: License error: Error removing license

So, how can I solve this error to make my code work?

Why do not the Republicans move and start their own country?

Conservatives tried it in 1861. If they had listened to Sherman in 1860, then they would not have needed to burn their cities on land when they led their troops on their famous march to the sea in 1864.

"You, people of the south, do not know what you are doing, this country will be soaked with blood, and only God knows how it will end … Everything is madness, madness, a crime against civilization! You speak so softly of war, You do not know what you're talking about, the war is a terrible thing, you also confuse the people of the North, they are peaceful people but serious people, and they will fight too, will not you let this country be destroyed without a great effort to save it? … Besides, where are your men and war equipment to fight against them? The North can make a steam engine, a locomotive or a railroad car, just a cloth yard, or you can wear a pair of shoes. You are launching into war with one of the most powerful, ingeniously mechanical and determined people on Earth, right at your doorstep.You are bound to fail.Only with your spirit and determination you are prepared for war.In everything else, you are not prepa with a bad cause to begin with. At first, you will advance, but as your limited resources begin to fail, excluding yourself from the markets of Europe, your cause will begin to diminish. If their people stop and think, they should see at the end that they will surely fail. "


webapp rec – Where to start building a website?

I am looking to create a web page to read / display data from a table from a local SQLite file. the user can confirm that the data is correct and go to the next row, or correct them by selecting another option (there will be radio buttons that make a change and that they should rewrite in the SQLite)

I'm not sure where to start, I want to do it with js, Node.js, but I do not want to deal too much with HTML and PHP for now.

I was thinking of downloading a bootstrap temple from the network and editing it, do you think it's feasible?

I have no experience in front end.

In Slack, we start a paragraph quoted with & # 39; >>> & # 39 ;. How do we end a paragraph quoted?

In Slack, we start a paragraph quoted with >>>.

Is there any way to finish the paragraph quoted and continue writing more unquoted text in the same message?