windows 10 – How do I paste the Kleopatra signature into Notepad and then email so I can send it for clearsigning by a trusted time stamp service (e.g. Stamper)?

I downloaded a zip file from with all my articles in it and signed it using a passphrase protected keypair generated by Kleopatra of Gpg4win.

When I signed the zip file called “medium-export(1)” (Type: “Compressed (zipped) Folder”; Size 284 KB) while it was still in the downloads folder of Windows 10 a new file called medium-export(1).zip (Type: “OpenPGP Signature”; Size: 1 KB) appeared in the downloads folder. The latter would seem to be a detached signature.

I want to send the signature to which is a free trusted time stamp service to have it timestamped (I was thinking of pasting it as text into an email in clearsign mode).

Stamper seems to work when I send it messages for clearsigning so I thought I’d send it the signature generated by Kleopatra. But I can’t seem to find the signature anywhere as text. When I click the signature file I get a statement saying signature verified. I don’t think I can send a file to Stamper; it has to text AFAIK.

I tried opening the signature file with Notepad but was only able to get unfamiliar symbols.
My question is: how do I paste the Kleopatra signature into an email so I can send it for clearsigning by a trusted time stamp service (e.g. Stamper)?

Views in Drupal 9.1.x authored on filter compares offset value with 1/1/1970 Unix time stamp

Create a view, add filter “Content: authored on” and choose "An offset from the current time such as "+1 day" or "-2 hours -30 minutes" with value -24 hours and option being greater than, or indeed most of the combinations of “operator” and “offset” value. You will see an SQL query like so:

... AND ((node_field_data.created > 1622412237-86400))) and 1622412237 is some day in Jan 1970 whilst should be some day in May 2021.

What am I doing wrong and is it a bug?

Does Germany stamp my passport upon exit?

On the first day, your flight from Spain should land in the Schengen area of the terminal and you should simply walk out of the airport without any passport check. That ought to be true in any Schengen airport, in Germany and elsewhere. If for some reason (unusual airport layout or operational issues) you do end up in a non-Schengen terminal, you might have to cross a check point but still shouldn’t get a stamp (it has happened to me a couple of times on departure).

You would then go through passport control when leaving the Schengen area. Leaving the airport or how long you spend in Frankfurt shouldn’t play a role at all and you should be treated the same whether you come straight from a Schengen flight or from outside the airport.

Whether that means you will get a stamp depends on the type of residence permit you have and how thorough border guards are. Most third country nationals residing in the EU should get stamps but some don’t (e.g. family members of EU citizens). If you know for a fact that you wouldn’t get a stamp if you did not leave the airport then it should be the same when coming from your hotel.

visas – Will the lack of an entry stamp for return to Nepal from India be a problem for me at US CBP?

I am a Nepalese citizen, currently in Nepal from 10th March. I have not been in India for the past 14 days, the only time I was in India was from 2nd March to 10th March and I will be departing from Nepal to USA, on May 17th, but my visa was issued in Mumbai consulate, India. So here is my present scenario.

While flying from Kathmandu to Delhi, my passport was stamped as “Departed from Nepal” (at TIA airport) and “Arrived in Delhi” (at Delhi airport). But while coming back, at the Siliguri-Kakarvitta border, no one asked and I could enter Nepal without stamping my passport, as we have open border and we don’t need visa to enter the both countries. I took the road route from Siliguri (India) to Kakarvitta (Nepal), on 10th March: first I flew from Mumbai to Delhi to Bagdora, Siliguri)

I do have the flight boarding pass and ticket confirmation for my flight from Mumbai to Delhi to Bagdora and then a domestic flight from Bhadrapur airport, Nepal on 10th March. I also obtained No Objection Certificate in person on March 24th from the Ministry of Nepal to continue my study after I arrived back from land border to Nepal. I also have stamped the currency exchanged by me on April 8th from a bank in Nepal in my passport which also proves my presence here in Nepal. I have been and I am currently in Nepal from March 10th.

But since my visa has been issued in Mumbai consulate and my course start date is on June 20th, will I have any problem with CBP at the US border due to the lack of entry stamp to Nepal? Or due to the current presidential proclamation?

Can I reenter the USA with 1 month on stamp [duplicate]

I have a H1b visa stamp valid till Aug 2021 and an i-797 valid till Dec 2022. Can I travel outside the country and re-enter in July 2021 without getting a new stamp?

is there a way to write SCRIPTS that CONDITION OVER THE CURRENT TIME stamp?

I am very new to bitcoin scripts, and need to design some high level bitcoin protocols without enough time to really dive into the details of the language itself.

Is there a way to write a script that conditions on the current time?
something like this. where currentTime stands for the current time stamp.


if currentTime<GivenTimeLimit: 
 redeeming requires knowing x s.t h(x)=x (input is x)
 redeeming requires knowing x s.t. h(x)=x AND z s.t. h(z)=z (inputs are x and z)

I am trying to create a situation where until time (or date) GivenTimeLimit, only one party p1 can redeem a certain amount, but after GivenTimeLimit, only the other party, p2, can redeem this amount. Is that possible?

Thank you very much!

legal – Are there any countries that will not allow entry with a Japanese visa stamp in my passport?

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Land border crossing from US to Canada and no stamp

When I cross the US/Canada border, neither side stamps my passport. Does this mean that there is no record of border crossing in their system? Just curious.

customs and immigration – Mexico stamp date not legible

I traveled to Cancun on July 3 , 2017 from Miami, but the date on the stamp is not legible . I have tried taking pictures of it and magnify it but it doesn’t work I’m in a legal situation in which I need to prove that I was traveling that date.

visas – Cancelled stamp on passport

I have a friend, from Zimbabwe, that stated, some time back she wanted to visit SA and got the stamp in her passport, she then, however, decided not to travel anymore. They cancelled the stamp. Can that cause any problems when applying for a visa to go to the UK?