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Transactions – Generate P2SH-P2WSH – Bitcoin Stack Exchange

I want to generate P2SH-P2WSH with the P2PKH script.

My public key is    03a8f285b5c972016ec2dde66b4501e2e94584f4aee8526f2ec661a3e6cc5f74f9

SHA256 and RIPEMD160 public key

 ---------- Witness Script --------- 

 ---------- scripthash --------- 
#SHA 256 of Witness script    

  ---------- Redeeem script ---------     
#add OP_0 (0x0020{32-byte scripthash})

  ---------- SCRIPTPUBKEY --------- 
#RIPEMD160(redeem script)
#OP_HASH160 hash160(redeemScript) OP_EQUAL

#C4A914f23bde7eee22aabca28164cb4b8a977834e5441b87 base58 cecksum

Now I want to try to move from this direction.

bitcoin-cli signrawtransactionwithkey $TX_DATA '("'$PK'")' '({"txid":"'$TXID'","vout":'$VOUT',"redeemScript":"'$REDEEMSCRIPT'","scriptPubKey":"'$SCRIPTPUBKEY'","witnessScript":"'$WITNESSCRIPT'","amount":"'$TOTAL_UTXO_AMOUNT'"})'

I receive this error

redeemScript does not correspond to witnessScript

Beginner Python needs review – Code Review Stack Exchange

Good morning / afternoon / afternoon / night to all,

I don't intend to ask for an answer, but I want to know if my answer is good for a two week Python beginner. Thanks in advance.

Question:(Automate boring things with Python / page 102)

Comma code

Let's say you have a list value like this:

spam = ('apples', 'bananas', 'tofu', 'cats') 

Write a function that takes a list value as an argument and returns a string with all elements separated by a comma and a space, with and inserted before the last element. For example, passing the spam list above to the function would return:

apples, bananas, tofu and cats

But your function should be able to work with any list values ​​passed to it.

My answer:

spam = ('apples', 'bananas', 'tofu', 'cats')
def sentence(i):
    for n in range(0, len(spam) - 1):
        print(spam(n), end=', ')
    print('and ' + spam(-1))

python – Clean Sockets – Stack Overflow in Spanish

I have a problem. Make a client in python, but I don't know if it is problem receiving, printing and closing the socket. My doubt comes to that I do not know if it is the socket or the buffer, but it prints things from another socket.

def cliente_TCP(host,puerto):
    cliente = socket(AF_INET, SOCK_STREAM)
    cliente.connect((host, puerto))
    msg = metodo_recibir_msg(cliente)
    msg = msg1.split()
    msg = cliente.recv(1024)

def cliente_TCP2(host,puerto):
    cliente = socket(AF_INET, SOCK_STREAM)
    cliente.connect((host, puerto))
    msg = metodo_recibir_msg(cliente)
    msg = cliente.recv(1024)

Maybe it's the fault of using the same variable, but being local, there should be no problem with that, I also tried to put a different name to the variables, but the same thing happens to me. How can I clean the socket once I have closed it? or the buffer.

And I have another question, if I do .decode (), what I get is a string? Why did I try to perform a .lstr () to remove and it gave me this error.

a bytes-like object is required, not 'str'

Can I pass bytes to string?

Automatic image resizing – WordPress development stack swap

I can't understand why my image resizes on its own when I upload it as a section background by adding a "300×195" behind my data-bg-url.

data-bg-url = "×195.jpg"

My site is:

I am using Fusion Builder as my editor. This only happened with the newly replaced image for the "VIP Game Room" (New) vs. "Corner Console" (Old) sections.

Please advise me. 🙁

enter the image description here

dnd 5e: Do the temporary hit points I get each turn from the AU order of the Psionic Resistance of the Immortal Mystic stack up?

You can set your temporary hit points to 5 at the beginning of your turn

The rules on temporary hit points state (emphasis mine):

Healing cannot restore temporary hit points, and they cannot be added together. If you have temporary hit points and receive more of them, you decide if you keep the ones you have or if you win the new ones. For example, if a spell grants you 12 temporary hit points when you already have 10, you may have 12 or 10, not 22.

So, at the beginning of your turn, you can give yourself 5 temporary hit points. This would replace what was left over from the previous shift (if any), although you have the option (strictly speaking) to keep the previous amount if you so choose.

You could never exceed 5 temporary hit points using your skill. But if someone gave you some temporary hit points (eg 10), you can choose to ignore your ability by giving yourself more temperature hit points at the start of each turn until the new party drops below 5. I hope it makes sense …

Further improving my astrophotography – Photo Stack Exchange

So, I've built a barn door tracker:

enter the image description here

and I was surprised that the photos got better:

enter the image description here

They are Alcor and Mizar, and in the upper right, the blur is the Pinwheel Galaxy (M101). It is a single exposure (30s, +1.5 EV -> ISO 6400), taken with my Sony Alpha 6000 and a 135mm f = 2.8 Varexon lens.

Although I can now reduce motion blur, the images still look … interesting. However, I did the photos in a parking lot, with some streetlights about 150 feet away.

And here are three stacked exposures (same 30s, same ISO 6400), with very interesting motion blur.

enter the image description here

Are there any suggestions for my next steps? Is there a way to further improve the sharpness of the images? (I think I have to weigh the tripod a bit more, even when I'm careful not to shake the contraption.)

My other lenses are:

  • Speedmaster 35mm f = 0.95 (really cool, but gets fuzzy around the edges in wide apertures)
  • Minolta 50 mm f = 1.7
  • Osawa MC 28mm f = 2.8
  • a mirror lens 500, f = 8 (talks about dark images …)

Rotation of the fourth order tensor – Mathematica Stack Exchange

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Integrate Laravel and Mercadopago – Stack Overflow in Spanish

I'm trying to integrate mercadopago with laravel, but I don't know how to call Mercadopago functions from Laravel, add

use MercadoPagoItem;
use MercadoPagoMerchantOrder;
use MercadoPagoPayer;
use MercadoPagoPayment;
use MercadoPagoPreference;
use MercadoPagoSDK;

and then in the code


but Mercadopago SDK doesn't recognize me, I already installed doing composer require "mercadopago / dx-php"

Any idea what I have to do?

Sincov Functional Equation – Math Stack Swap

I read Aczel's book "Lectures of Functional Equations and Their Applications".

On page 223. (Sincov's equation) is the equation:

$$ F (x, y) + F (y, z) = F (x, z) $$
and general solution of this

$$ F (x, y) = g (x) -g (y) $$, but how do I show that this function fulfills conditions

$$ F (x, y) = F (0, y-x) $$