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Use standard HTML elements to provide adequate signage for screen readers.

In your case, you can try to use Y Tags

These elements represent abbreviations and definitions within the web page. If you are using possibly unknown terms, the use of these elements gives screen readers the best possible opportunity to help the user.

Also, keep in mind when using them together to achieve the desired result.

Notification Center UX – User Experience Stack Exchange

I am working with a client in your notification center for your web application.

They have a commercial need to send mobile push notifications and also notifications / alert messages in the application for the same purpose but with slightly different text (shorter text for the mobile push) and send them on different dates. However, when the user goes to the notification center, he can:

See the list of notifications with the two messages related to the same action with different dates (one sent as a mobile shipment and the other within the application). This seems strange and redundant.

See that the most recently sent message replaces the previous one (so that the mobile shipment was sent first, then the notification in the application was sent secondly, so once the message is received in the application, the user already do not see the mobile notification).

Separate messages into two tabs in the notification center, one for alerts in the application and the other for mobile push notifications. Something like the following:

enter the description of the image here

I have not found much in this use case, so any idea would be greatly appreciated.

Effect – VFX Spritesheet / flipbook – Game Development Stack Exchange

I have a question. Can anyone suggest me a good market where I can buy good spritesheet / flipbook VFX?

I am trying to avoid the Unreal or Unity market.

Thanks in advance!

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hash – Lack of billing – Bitcoin stack exchange

First, a newcomer to this space, and I have no knowledge of its operation. I have been communicating with people regarding the recovery of scammed funds that are currently stored as BTC. I have been told that I have to pay 0.19258 BTC to activate the transaction since the account has been suspended due to lack of rotation. I have the details of the hash, which lists 18 different transactions for a total of 4.35 BTC. Can I send this to my account? I hope the answer is "yes" and, if so, how do I do it? AUNT

php – Composer Update – Software Engineering Stack Exchange

I have a private PHP library that works well for the most part. Call it "private library." I can go to the "private library" and edit, git add, git commit and git push, all as expected. The changes I make update the "private library" on as expected.

I have a second library of composers that contains code from the "private library" and code from Symfony, AWS, Google and the like. This library of composers is included in other scripts that run on our server. Let's call this the "inclusion library." One of the directories is vendor / raystedman / library / src that contains our "private library".

Here is the scenario I am trying to solve.

  1. make a change to the "private library", git add, git commit and
    git push
  2. run the composer's update in the "library included"

I can see the composer making updates to the "inclusion library" from github as expected, checking our code.

Here is the problem. I move to the "include library" provider / raystedman / library / src directory. Then I issue the status of git. I was told that this library is 1 commit forward and I should perform a git push. This is not really the case, since the code in the "inclusion library" is the same as github and the "private library".

I have a solution to the problem. I delete (rm -rf) vendor / raystedman in the "inclusion library" before the composer update. Now the composer performs a cloning operation and everything is fine.

What am I doing wrong here? I think the key could be the difference between "Verifying" our code in the original scenario and "Cloning" our code in the alternative solution.

unity – Multithreading bug – Game development stack exchange

I am following Sebastian Lague's tutorial videos on how to create a procedure-generated world. I have completely followed his tutorial, except for the fact that I created a double precision algorithm for perlin noise. My only problem is the fact that I don't think it is thread safe and is returning strange values, any ideas?


 using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;
using System;

public static class Noise {
    static int() p = new int(Convert.ToInt32(Math.Pow(2,12)));

    public static double(,) GenerateNoiseMap(int mapWidth, int mapHeight, int seed, float scale, int octaves, float persistance, float lacunarity, Vector2 offset) {
        double(,) noiseMap = new double(mapWidth, mapHeight);

        if (scale <= 0) { scale = 1; }

        System.Random prng = new System.Random(seed);
        Vector2() octaveOffsets = new Vector2(octaves);
        for (int i = 0; i < octaves; i++) {
            float offsetX = prng.Next(-100000, 100000) + offset.x;
            float offsetY = prng.Next(-100000, 100000) + offset.y;
            octaveOffsets(i) = new Vector2(offsetX, offsetY);

        if (scale <= 0) {
            scale = 0.0001f;

        float maxNoiseHeight = float.MinValue;
        float minNoiseHeight = float.MaxValue;

        float halfWidth = mapWidth / 2f;
        float halfHeight = mapHeight / 2f;

        Noise2d _noise = new Noise2d();

        for (int y = 0; y < mapHeight; y++) {
            for (int x = 0; x < mapWidth; x++) {

                float amplitude = 1;
                float frequency = 1;
                double noiseHeight = 0;

                for (int i = 0; i < octaves; i++) {
                    double sampleX = (double)(x - halfWidth) / scale * frequency + octaveOffsets(i).x + 0.001;
                    double sampleY = (double)(y - halfHeight) / scale * frequency + octaveOffsets(i).y + 0.001;

                    double perlinValue = _noise.Noise(sampleX, sampleY);
                    noiseHeight += perlinValue * amplitude;

                    amplitude *= persistance;
                    frequency *= lacunarity;

                if (noiseHeight > maxNoiseHeight) {
                    maxNoiseHeight = (float)noiseHeight;
                else if (noiseHeight < minNoiseHeight) {
                    minNoiseHeight = (float)noiseHeight;
                noiseMap(x, y) = noiseHeight;

        for (int y = 0; y < noiseMap.GetLength(1); y++) {
            for (int x = 0; x < noiseMap.GetLength(0); x++) {
                noiseMap(x, y) = (double)Mathf.InverseLerp(minNoiseHeight, maxNoiseHeight, (float)noiseMap(x, y));

        return noiseMap;

    public static void init(int seed) {
        createGradients(p, seed);

    public static int() createGradients(int() p, int seed) {
        System.Random prng = new System.Random(seed);
        for (int i = 0; i < p.GetLength(0) / 2; i++) {
            p(i) = prng.Next(0, 256);
            p(i + ((int)p.GetLength(0) / 2)) = p(i);

        return p;

    static vector2dDouble generateGradient(int val) {
        int hash = val & 7;
        switch (hash) {
            case 0:
                return new vector2dDouble(1.0, 1.0);
            case 1:
                return new vector2dDouble(-1.0, 1.0);
            case 2:
                return new vector2dDouble(-1.0, -1.0);
            case 3:
                return new vector2dDouble(1.0, -1.0);
            case 4:
                return new vector2dDouble(0, 1.41);
            case 5:
                return new vector2dDouble(0, -1.41);
            case 6:
                return new vector2dDouble(-1.41, 0);
            case 7:
                return new vector2dDouble(1.0, 0);
            default: return new vector2dDouble(0, 0);

    public class Noise2d {

        public double Noise(double x, double y) {

            int ix = Convert.ToInt32(Math.Floor(x)) & (p.GetLength(0) / 2 - 1);
            int iy = Convert.ToInt32(Math.Floor(y)) & (p.GetLength(0) / 2 - 1);

            x -= Math.Floor(x);
            y -= Math.Floor(y);

            vector2dDouble v1 = new vector2dDouble(x - 1, y - 1),
                           v2 = new vector2dDouble(x, y - 1),
                           v3 = new vector2dDouble(x - 1, y),
                           v4 = new vector2dDouble(x, y);

            int g1 = p(p(ix + 1) + iy + 1),
                g2 = p(p(ix) + iy + 1),
                g3 = p(p(ix + 1) + iy),
                g4 = p(p(ix) + iy);

            double u = fade(x);
            double v = fade(y);

            double f1 =,
                   f2 =,
                   f3 =,
                   f4 =;

            return lerp(u, lerp(v, f4, f2), lerp(v, f3, f1));
        double lerp(double t, double argc, double argv) { return argc + t * (argv - argc); }

        double fade(double t) { return t * t * t * (t * (t * 6 - 15) + 10); }

public struct vector2dDouble {
    public double x, y;

    public vector2dDouble(double argx, double argy) {
        x = argx;
        y = argy;

    public double dot(vector2dDouble argc) {
        argc.x *= x;
        argc.y *= y;

        return argc.x + argc.y;

    public void print() {
        Debug.Log(x + "," + y);

enter the description of the image here

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vps: can I use Docker to quickly deploy the configured Virtualmin managed stack?

I am running VPS with Debian 9 and the Virtualmin GPL managed stack (Database, mail server, PHP, NodeJS, Apache2, etc.).

Today we had a great interruption of the service in our VPS and I wonder if I can make a quick system to take the last backup and easily implement it in a new new VPS without it taking me hours to configure everything again.

I'm thinking of using docker container, but I just did docker container once and it was a Minecraft server: D

So, I'm asking if I can make a Docker container with Virtualmin and implement it on any machine. Or is there a better way to do this?

SUM several CASE results – Exchange of database administrators stack

You did not specify your RDBMS (SQL Server, Oracle, etc.), but if you support common table expressions, you could encapsulate your main selection logic in a CTE and select / sum of it. Here is a solution using SQL Server.

Declare @T table (A int, B int, C int)
insert into @T(A,B,C) values(null,2,null)

;WITH _cte
AS (
            WHEN A IS NULL
                THEN 1
            ELSE 0
            END AS (A)
            WHEN B IS NULL
                THEN 1
            ELSE 0
            END AS (B)
            WHEN C IS NULL
                THEN 1
            ELSE 0
            END AS (C)
    FROM @T
SELECT A + B + C as Results
FROM _cte


As one comment pointed out, no need A common table expression. A derived table will also serve the purpose

Declare @T table (A int, B int, C int)
insert into @T(A,B,C) values(null,2,null)
SELECT A + B + C AS Results
            WHEN A IS NULL
                THEN 1
            ELSE 0
            END AS (A)
            WHEN B IS NULL
                THEN 1
            ELSE 0
            END AS (B)
            WHEN C IS NULL
                THEN 1
            ELSE 0
            END AS (C)
    FROM @T
    ) a