xml – How to consume SRI ecuador web services with php?

I have the following code:

$url = 'https://celcer.sri.gob.ec/comprobantes-electronicos-ws/RecepcionComprobantesOffline?wsdl';
$client = new SoapClient($url);
$directorio = "C:/Users/Documents/FIRMADOS"; 
$fichero = "0505202001170756230000110010010000000091234567819.xml";
$xml = base64_encode(file_get_contents($directorio."/".$fichero)); 
$parametros = new stdClass();
$parametros->xml = $xml;
$result = $client->validarComprobante($parametros);

but it throws me this error: ec.gob.sri.comprobantes.electronicos.api.excepcion.ConversionArchivoXMLException: Error converting xml file (type)

The XML encoded in "base64_encode" should be sent to the web services, but I don't know what I'm missing as it keeps giving an error. I would appreciate any help in this regard

Driving: tip expected for the driver of the rented car in Sri Lanka

I traveled around Sri Lanka in a rented car with a driver.
The contract has this note:

Above price does not include
Driver Advice: We encourage our customers, whenever they wish, to offer tips for drivers to obtain satisfactory services. Tipping drivers is an accepted practice, and is especially beneficial on long rides when drivers can be away from home for long periods

  • About the driver, the contract only explicitly quotes "Driver Meals and accommodation"as included.
  • I'm not particularly picky, but I'm perfectly satisfied with the service.
  • Coming from a country without tips, I have no remote idea of ​​what the driver is used to receiving.

Is there a general rule for this type of advice?
For example, a percentage of the amount paid to the driver's employer? (USD 250 for 5 days)

Gold necklace in Hyderabad- Sri Bhavani Jewels

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The largest mangrove wetlands in Sri Lanka

The largest mangrove wetlands in Sri Lanka

The oldest caves in Sri Lanka!

The oldest caves in Sri Lanka!

Transit visa for the Sri Lankan passport

I have a British passport and my lady has a Sri Lankan passport with permanent residence in the United Kingdom. We go to Srilanka through Bangkok. The stop is 7 hours in Bangkok, we are thinking of leaving for a few hours. Does my lady need a transit visa? If you need it, can I get it? Please let me know
Thank you

transit – Travel to Sri Lanka with the travel document for refugees

I am a refugee and obtained a passport for refugees from Italy. I am planning to go to Sri Lanka for tourism and I obtained ETA from Sri Lanka. I am originally from Pakistan but I do not have a passport or identity document from my country. To travel, I only have this Travel Document for refugees and the Italian Residence Permit along with the ETA approval email from Sri Lanka.

Can I go to Sri Lanka through Abu Dhabi or Zurich without any problem with the airline / immigration since there is no direct flight from Italy to Sri Lanka?

Help me regarding this question, your answer will be greatly appreciated.

Car rental in Sri Lanka [on hold]

I am planning to travel to Sri Lanka. What is the best car rental at cheap prices?

Kalutara waterfalls, Sri Lanka in 4K

Kalutara waterfalls, Sri Lanka in 4K

We need people from Sri Lanka, Thailand and Malaysia

As the title says, I need people from Sri Lanka, Thailand and Malaysia for website update work.
mainly content loading (no content creation necessary)
Send me a private message with your country and mention your native language too.
Thank you!