encryption – spy telephone apps listed

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dnd 5e – Is a Pact of the Chain Warlock’s quasit familiar really this effective as a spy?

There are two separate, unrelated ways to get a familiar in D&D 5e, and you’re trying to combine them.

The first method is by use of the Find Familiar spell, which allows you to summon a celestial, fey, or fiendish spirit that takes the form of any of a list of creatures. This list is expanded by the warlock pact of the chain. This familiar is perfectly obedient, can be resummoned when it dies, can be hid in a pocket dimension, deliver touch spells that you cast, and everything else specified in the spell description. This method gives you a familiar with the basic stats of the chosen creature, not the “variant: familiar” traits of the chosen creature (unless your DM chooses to have that creature type appear).

The second method is by finding a quasit, imp, or pseudodragon that has the “variant: familiar” trait (which is 100% up to the DM), and enlisting it as a familiar by interacting with it. This familiar has only the traits listed in the stat block for that creature, including the variant traits, but none of the traits of familiars given by the Find Familiar spell. No pocket dimension, no touch spells, no limitations on what actions it can perform, and if it dies, it’s just dead. This type of familiar is an NPC controlled by the DM (much like a hireling or other follower), and is only as obedient to the PC as the DM says it is, using the MM entry as a guide.

Now that we’ve established how things actually work, we can address your real concern. Your warlock can’t yet communicate at a great distance, but he can soon. There is a warlock invocation available to him called Voice of the Chain Master that does the same thing, but with unlimited range on the same plane. As you’ve realized, this ability has some incredible potential, especially for scouting.

Let’s compare it to some other invocations. There’s one that lets a warlock cast Disguise Self as at will. This would let him see a guard, and appear exactly like that guard and just walk around the enemy camp unimpeded. Or maybe impersonate the leader of the camp and just take it over without even a struggle. There’s another invocation that lets the warlock cast arcane eye at will, which gives you a way better scout than an easily killed creature. A familiar, even an invisible one, still has to succeed on a Dexterity (stealth) check to avoid being heard and then easily killed. An arcane eye does not.

So, in order to fully utilize this scouting ability, your warlock has to pick the chain pact and spend one of his few, precious invocations, both of which are huge opportunity costs. He deserves something in return. This something is you not limiting it. It already has a flaw in still being able to be killed by anything that hears it, or smells it. That’s right, just about any pet wolf is going to be enough to catch this familiar. It doesn’t need any more limitations.

scalability – Does spy mining negate the harm caused by big blocks on decentralization?

In the question Do larger blocks make it harder for smaller miners to compete? Why? there are some reasons given for why larger blocks hurt smaller pools. Is this still the case with spy mining?

Spy mining is when a mining pool connects a dummy miner to another pool to subscribe to the latest block hash, without waiting for new blocks to propagate.

Another description of spy-mining is here.

Is the only impact of larger blocks is an increased frequency of empty blocks or am I wrong?

How to spy on EMAILS that are being broadcasted by any business?

If you have been struggling to create Funnels, Ads and Emails that get traffic and drive NEW customers to your business… this solution is going to blow your socks off!
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there’s a software called Spyvio that can do this.
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What are the most effective spy tools for Facebook ads? – SEO Help (General Chat)

There are a few Facebook ads spy tools in the market one of them is adspresso

and this one actually has a free version where you can see a limited amount of live ads.

The second one is adsector this one is very accurate and i believe has more data stored on FB ads but its a bit more expensive.

Last but not least you have onlineadspider which also has some free viewing options of FB ads that are currently running.

privacy – Does google predict our future search or spy on us?

When I am using youtube(Google service), Most of the time like(60 to 70 percentage) I see something that I have talked to my friends in real life, but I didn’t search on social media about that. I wonder Is it guessing by the google AI team or they use our webcam/mobile camera to spy on us?

How to Spy on Your Competition

To properly determine how well your key phrases can be achieved, you really need to research the competition. To reach # 1 on Google, you’ll need to know what to do to beat the current # 1 owner. This can be determined by many factors and it can be difficult to determine exactly what needs to be done to overcome it. So where do you start? What should I look for and how do I find the information I need? Below I will try to answer some of these questions that will help you get on the right track for this first number on Google.


Backlinks can be a good indicator of a website’s strength, although the quality of the links is important, not the quantity. In addition to that, it will also depend on the number of backlinks it contains the anchor text for a specific keyword.

The best way to find out the number of backlinks to a website is to visit the Yahoo site. Just type in the search bar competitiondomain.com Google isn’t a good choice here because Google will only show you a percentage of the website links. This will now return the number of links that Yahoo found and pointing to that website.

This is by no means accurate, however, it will give you a good indication of the number of backlinks to a website. You will also notice that this will return the clean pages of the site so this should be taken into consideration. If you want to see the results without their own pages, enter them in the link field in the address bar: example.com -domain: example.com.

In anchor

Now to determine how many backlinks they have with your keyword phrase in the anchor text. This means the clickable portion of the link on the website that points to your competitors’ domain. This is important in determining their strength for a particular keyword phrase.

To find this, you now need to visit Google and do this query: allinanchor: keyphrase here. This will display a list of sites with the most text links containing your keyword. However, it will not tell us how many links they have but can give you an idea. However, there is a way to better analyze this data, but it requires a separate article to explain it.

These things mentioned above are by no means accurate and there are many other factors that can influence your ads, but they will give you a good idea and get you started.

Indexed Page

There is some controversy over whether a larger website is better than smaller ones. The thing to remember here is the quality of the relevant content and not the number of pages. To check the size of a competitor’s website, go to Google and enter this search query in the search bar: Domain competition. This will display a list of all the pages that Google has indexed for that website. However, not all pages that only Google indexed will be disclosed. However, it will give you a good idea of what you are up against in terms of how big your website should be.es

I disagree

I want to stress that I am sure many of the things I have mentioned in this article can spark a healthy debate. I want to emphasize that even if your website has more links, more keyword specific links, and more pages, this does not mean that your website will rank well for a particular phrase. This is because there are many other factors that search engines take into account as well, including how to organize your website in case there is duplicate content and who you are connecting to, as well as many other factors that Google will not tell you.

Automate the Process

It may sound like a lot of work, and fortunately, there are ways to speed up the search. Help is right at your fingertips as there are few software applications and websites that can speed up this process for you. However, Google does not like this kind of tactic. why? Given the bandwidth usage on Google’s servers, that’s a good point. Google used to give you an API key to let you do that, but unfortunately, that’s not the case anymore. Also, if you have an API key, that key will still work.


I have my GF laptop, how to spy?

so i have my gf laptop and i will return it tomorrow, in her PC her WhatsApp, LINE, etc is logged in, is there a way to make her WhatsApp, Line logged to my computer? like maybe copy her Appdata roaming works?

A spy who uses networks to control and access my iphone

How can I remove my iPhone from a router on which it has been networked? I think someone is also transferring calls through my cell line. It has been going on for 3 years and I can't seem to stop it. I think it has been done to connect and route calls to hide your activity.

Are services like free email forwarding safe? Can you spy and see my emails?

basically they can services like https://github.com/forwardemail/free-email-forwarding snoop in my emails,

despite being open source, that does not mean that the source code and the server and the end client match,

So can these services read my emails?

Are there more resources I can read to feel more comfortable using these services?