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Play and spin your music on radio station 3 for 1 month for $ 25

Play and spin your music on radio station 3 for 1 month

Are you looking to convert your music into radio rotation and are in the hands of millions of listeners around the world? So, how about a big boost that will help your songs go out into the world? 3 radio stations that have a higher average than 400,000 listeners per month. we have listeners of 194 different countries We play several genres of music from Reggae, Soca, Rap, RNB, Soul, Rock, Gospel, Pop, Latin music and much more.

What will you get for this service?

by BASIC PACKAGE ($ 25) Your music playing on radio 2 gets 5 spins per day and gets a total of 1 45 spins for a month.

by STANDARD PACKAGE ($ 35) When playing music on 2 radio stations, you get 7 spins per day for a month and two weeks, and your biography will be published on one of our sites.

by PREMIUM PACK ($ 55) When you listen to your song on 3 radio stations, you get 9 spins per day for a month. Your biography will be published on one of our radio station sites, so this will help more people read your biography.

To listen you can Google Unity FM 90.5 Saint Lucia or listen through the iTunes iTunes radio or download our application in the Play Store.

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AOC is right. The internment camps at the border are concentration camps. How will Trump supporters try to spin this desperately?

You make fun of the Jews by saying that. They and others were reluctantly placed in those concentration camps and gassed.

These people come to America and are violating our laws.

You accept human trafficking, the rape of women, the democrats are using children.


Theory of the index: Can we define the spin structures and the invariants of Arf in terms of local quantities, such as the Chern classes and the Chern numbers?

I am interested if it is possible to represent a spin structure and the invariant Arf associated with it in terms of some kind of local fields.

For example, the first Chern class of a group of complex lines in a variety is an element of $ H ^ 2 (X, mathbb {Z}) $, that in a variety 2d equivalent to the specification of a whole number, the number of Chern $ c_1 in mathbb {Z} $.

All these concepts have local interpretations after putting a $ U (1) $ connection in the package, in terms of the 1-way connection $ A_ dx ^ mu $ and the curvature field of 2 shapes in the collector, $ F = ( partial_ mu A_ nu) dx ^ mu wedge dx ^ nu $. In this case, Chern's class can be considered as $ frac {1} {2 pi} F in H ^ 2 (X, mathbb {Z}) subset H ^ 2_ text {(from Rham)} (X, mathbb {R}) $. And Chern's number is given as the integral of this local amount, $ c_1 = frac {1} {2 pi} int_X F $.

I was curious to know whether or not there was an analogous interpretation of a spin structure and the invariant Arf.

From my point of view (pedestrian, physical) (as explained in this document), a turn structure is an element $ rho in H_1 (X, mathbb {Z} _2) $ that specifies periodic or antiperiodic boundary conditions in each non-trivial cycle, and the invariant Arf is $ (- 1) ^ {ind (D_ rho)} $, where $ D_ rho $ is the Dirac operator associated with the spin structure and $ ind (D_ rho) $ It is the index of the operator.

My question could also be formulated as if the index of a Dirac operator is an integral part of some local quantity that is "canonically" associated with the spin structure.

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c # – How do I add random objects to a random terrain using lightning bolts, and spin them with the terrain?

I have a game that requires, random generation of trees and rocks for a world that is generated as you move. I have a rough installation system where I install the rigid bodies in a random location with a height of approximately 50, and they fall and create instances of trees and rocks, where they land, it is crude, but it worked for a bit. Takes a lot of space. I want to replace the rigid wit object that is transmitted down and creates an instance of a tree or a rock, with the rotation of the ground beneath it.

enter the description of the image here

Make spin files or file_links work for authority links


I'm trying to get GSA to automatically insert some authority links in my post. The thing is that I have a file of authority links, for the reason that makes it easier to verify if they are dead, or 404, etc. (I have dozens of projects that are extracted from this same file and replace the URL in All projects take forever. Extracting them from an external file does it 1000 times faster because I simply replace the URLs of that file and all the projects are updated .

When I try to use spinfile or file_links in the "custom authority link" section, with more than 1 authority link, the same URL is repeated again and again. Is it possible to extract multiple authority links from an external file? If not, could you consider adding this skill?

Thank you

unity – How can I implement spin in pool game?

I'm not sure you played pool or snooker. If you played, you should know about spins.
But anyway, if you do not know, you can see it in this video.

I want to implement spin like this game


For example, the difference between Top spin and Back spin is:

Top Spin


Lap back


Turn behavior

If you aim behind the ball you can shoot the ball in all directions.


If you aim closer to the right, you can only aim to the right.


If you aim closer to the left, you can only point to the left.


I found the same problem Torque used in stackoverflow but I do not know why it did not work.

Top Spin

GetComponent() .AddTorque (Vector3.back * cueStrength);
GetComponent() .AddForceAtPosition (cueStick.forward * cueStrength, transform.position, ForceMode.Acceleration);


Lap back

GetComponent() .AddTorque (Vector3.forward * cueStrength);
GetComponent() .AddForceAtPosition (cueStick.forward * cueStrength, transform.position, ForceMode.Acceleration);


Does my character's controller spin without control?

I have a character controller and, after trying to implement the movement independently of the camera, it starts spinning out of control. I have no idea why. Here is the code:

Character controller:


Design patterns: timer settings, when to use a combo box or spin box?

I think you will find that the decision to use one or the other input control will be based on the type of information that is required to be entered frequently.

As you can see, the turn control is ideal for smaller increments or frequent changes in input (ie, making adjustments) due to the way it is designed to allow positive or negative increments in an existing (default) value.

On the other hand, the combobox works well for smaller increments, one reason is the amount of space it occupies to show all possible values ​​and another the way in which values ​​should be selected.

Therefore, under Option 1 of your model you would probably expect to see minute increments (for example, 10, 11, 12, etc.) and for Option 2 you would probably expect to see 5 or 10 minute increments within a narrower range of values ​​(for example, 10-30min).