Formal methods – Specification language Z

I need to use formal methods to verify if a software behaves as it should. I could use the Z language for the specification, but I would prefer to use a more recent language. Does anyone know if there is a more recent specification language that is currently being used for the software specification? The language pack Z in MikTeX has been updated in 2005.

Web application – UX design specification format

We have a legacy product (based on desktop, developed since the 90's) that is quite successful despite having some defects of UX and UI. We have recently decided to redesign that as SPA.

In the process, we would like to start by trying to improve the UX (if it is not right) by having it designed by an UX professional outside the company so that it has a new and impartial point of view and sees the product. This will be our first experience with an adequate UX design.

I think we know the domain, we know what users want / appreciate, what operations are the most common and require quick access, etc.

As it is now, we have the specification (more or less) listed in the form of "essay" or "letter" that describes the functional, non-functional requirements, operations, etc. in free language.

We have deliberately decided not to make any wiring or detailed suggestions on how the system should look or behave so as not to influence the designer through our integrated minds. In addition to the suggestion that you should have a Material design, a small contradiction here;) We have also decided not to include the current product aspect.

We see that it should look like a modern application, with a design similar to GMail or Google Docs:

  • standard toolbar on top
  • Master views / details
  • some notifications arriving
  • some markers

… simply nothing extraordinary these days, but I would still like it to be designed correctly.

We hope that the designer comes back with more questions and we will be happy to provide you with answers. But our goal really is to let him / her do the work with the most open mind possible.

Is this approach naive / laughable?

Will the designer appreciate the freedom given? Or would you prefer to get a very detailed description with suggestions on what our vision is in terms of UX / UI and correct it?

Should we adopt a more structured and standard approach to the specification document? If so, any clues about the structure?

Second, if this does not close as too broad or depressed, what would be the price range, if someone can estimate on the basis of the above facts? (Ducks)

Thanks in advance.

Protobuf: compile the specification once, use code generated everywhere?

Once written, a protobuf specification can be compiled using protocols to a variety of implementations in different languages ​​(for example, python, c ++, go). That's great. But to compile that generated code, you need a protobuf development library and, if I'm not wrong, a runtime is also required.

Is there a way to generate the implementation code in a pure and self-contained manner? So, for example, I would compile my implementation in C ++ and Python, distribute it and people could use it using the standard library.

If not, are there frames (similar to protobuf in principle) that, given a specification, produce a serialization code that is independent and does not require other non-standard libraries for a given language?

This question arises from the fact that I recently had to use protobuf in different systems and each had a different development library available. Should the specification be compiled in each system separately? What if the compilers have different versions?

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