magento2.3 checkout specific payment method showing custom message

i want to like if customer choose specific shipping method like flatrate and if customer choose Check / Money order then i want to below payment method showing custom message

enter image description here

Any help would be appreciated.


Forward domain to a specific port and IP while using the forwarded domain in the URL

I have 2 domains. One is hosted with google domains and the other with Namecheap. I don’t really care which one I use as the primary or if I even end up using 2 for my purposes.

I would like to be able to do sub.domain.example and have it hit a IP using a certain port. Google domains will let me do this from 1 domain to another but it shows the hand off. So I go to sub.domain.example and it shows my redirect in the address bar as domain2.example:1234.

I want it to just stay in the address bar as sub.domain.example but hit my IP using the specific port and do a different port for a different sub.

I have an SSL cert rolling on 1 domain and google will make one on the other one easily.

I think I need a SRV record but I cant seem to get it to work.

categories – How to show given products only using product id array from specific category page in woocommerce

I would like to show only the list of product ids in the tax query using filter woocommerce_product_query

So I need to add an additional filter along with a tax query to filter to show only products with given ids.

$tax_query() = array(‘add filter to show only specified products’)
$q->set( ‘tax_query’, $tax_query );


display – Are there specific VGA cables that support 60Hz vs. 75Hz for 1080p?

Has anyone successfully used a VGA cable with a monitor to display 1920×1080 resolution @ 75Hz?

I have an old laptop with a VGA port which supports 1920×1080 @ 75Hz (vendor’s manual states so). I have a monitor that supports the same settings. However I’m only getting 60Hz at that resolution. Are there specific VGA cables that support 60Hz vs. 75Hz for 1080p?

procedural generation – How do I generate platforms in a specific position in godot?

I am making a rougelike game in Godot. Currently, I am stuck with the world generation. I know how to add children, but I am wondering if there is a way to add those children in a specific position. I also need to know how to add nodes to an array, and then choose one from the array to spawn.

jquery – Hide specific element from frontend when a filed is checked with ACF

I added a checkbox to my ACF. the ACF shows on the admin post pages.
I have embed tag(video) on the content of some posts. I want to display embed off in frontend whenever I check the check box.

I set it with ACF and jQuery as the following codes but I am curious Are it possible with ACF plugin without jQuery?

if( get_field(‘checkbox’) ) {
// .wp-video{display==none}
//or better if all embed tag not wok on post content

I put it on single.php

if( get_field('checkbox') ) {
echo '<div id="msg"></div>';

after that help jQuery:

if ($('#msg').length > 0) {
$('div.content-body > div.wp-video').hide();

Is it possible to target a specific website with outbrain?

I saw a website where I would like to announce. He uses Outbrain.

Is there a way to target a specific website in the Advertisers’ dashboard? So far, I just saw the option to target by location and by Interests.


javascript – Google Places Autocomplete API to exclude specific countries

I’m using google places autocomplete api. My main problem is i try to exclude spesific countries but there is no option inside google places api docs. So i try to give all other countries like:

//More then 5 countries
const allowedCountries=('en','be','ai','ad','ag' ...)
types: ('(regions)'),
componentRestrictions: {country: allowedCountries}

But it’s only allows to first 5 country. Other’s not working. How to i resolve this?

php – Hide specific shipping methode depending on day and time of day

I would like to further expand the code given here: Hide specific shipping method depending on day time in Woocommerce

This snippet will, depending on the time of day, hide a specific shipping method, and it works. But I would also like to include the current day.

For example: get the current day and time, and if you are ordering on saturday (= today) after 11pm, you can no longer select the saturday delivery option. If ordering on saturday (= today) before 11pm, you can still select it.

add_filter( 'woocommerce_package_rates', 'hide_shipping_method_based_on_time', 10, 2 );
function hide_shipping_method_based_on_time( $rates, $package )
    // Set your default time zone (
    // Here set your shipping rate Id
    $shipping_rate_id = 'local_pickup:13';

    // When this shipping method is available and after 11 AM
    if ( array_key_exists( $shipping_rate_id, $rates ) && date('H') > 11 ) {
        unset($rates($shipping_rate_id)); // remove it
    return $rates;

apache http server – Throttled speed to specific IP address from within home WiFi only

I am experiencing a weird problem where:

  • Accessing my own dedicated server at a hosting provider in France is slow between the hours of 6pm and 10pm.
  • Just accessing this particular IP is slow, not everything else
  • Accessing the IP from my phone for example is fine

I called my ISP and they say they don’t block or throttle anything. I also reset my router completely but the problem persists.

I can download TO my server with no problem and also contacted my server provider. They ran some tests and they get full speed.

What can I do? How can I find out what is causing this issue?