[ Mythology & Folklore ] Open question: Evolutionists and atheists, can you even give an example of a species that gives birth to a different species in natural circumstances?

[Mythology and folklore] Open question: Evolutionists and atheists, can you even give an example of a species that gives birth to a different species in natural circumstances? .

Information to know about husky races.

Husky dogs are beautiful, intelligent and highly independent dogs. These adorable dogs will conquer you at first sight. If you also intend to raise a Husky baby, see the information that tintucthucung.com shares later.

Husky dogs have long existed in northeastern Sibir in Russia. Here all year covered with white snow, all covered by cold air. They were then taken to a cold area of ​​Alaska to get slippery trucks. They quickly replicate to become increasingly popular in Canada and the United States.
In 1930, the American breed dog club recognized the Husky breed and registered in Canada in 1939 as Husky North Pole. Until 1991, they began to be called Husky Sibir with the meaning of origin of Siberia – Russia.

Today, most of these dogs are bred and trained as pets in homes because the trailer is no longer popular. They are always among the most popular ornamental dogs in the world, including Vietnam.
What is special about husky dogs?
Despite being a medium-sized dog, Husky still seems to be a powerful hunting dog. With a robust body due to active activity, its four legs are strong and able to flee, pulling heavy objects over long distances. The size of a purebred male Husky dog ​​has an average height of 53 cm to 58 cm, weighs 20 kg to 27 kg. The females measure between 51 cm and 56 cm in height and weigh from 16 kg to 23 kg.
Husky originated in the cold country, so the hair is quite long and thick. They have different colors such as black, white, brown, red, white, white or white. This characteristic white color always appears in the mouth, in the lower part of the tail and in the legs.
Husky has sharp eyes with a wide field of vision thanks to a position that is just above the head. His impressive point is the eyes. The color of the eyes is as diverse as the color of the coat, the main color being green.

In particular, there are Husky uncles who have two eye colors that include: a blue side and a brown side. This guy is very rare, most often loved and hunted by those who love this breed.
Husky has a long, thick tail. It was like a shawl to wrap people when it was cold. Husky moves his tail to get up and lean on his back. When they slept, they passed their tails through their snouts to keep their noses warm. When they are excited, curious, surprised or want to express a certain emotion, they all have different queue styles to express.
Husky's behavior and role.
Compared to Alaska, Husky has more behavioral and personality characteristics than the ancestors of wolf species. Typically, Husky likes to live freely as lonely people. They often tend to hide, jump over large obstacles, wander, etc. In general, they are always ready for a defection.
Husky dogs are very special in communication. They prefer to raise wild howls instead of barking. Husky likes to live in a pack, so he tends to follow other animals of the same species. Especially, they are afraid of being abandoned.

Although inherently a dynamic dog, with an excess of energy, Husky can still accept his master's training because they are very intelligent animals. When you are raised a baby and practice good family habits, Husky will become a responsible tutor. They will have fun, dynamically, play with relatives.
What should husky dogs eat?
Nutrition for Husky
Regardless of the pet, including the boy, the Husky girl needs the attention and care of the owner. Eating husky is extremely important, directly affecting your health and spirit. The foods Husky must provide include the following foods:

Meat: meat contains a large amount of protein: this is an essential nutrient for Husky to develop physically. If possible, you can feed Husky beef because of high protein and less fat beef. In addition, chicken is also a bad choice. If you feed them with pork, you should choose lean. Animal organs also contain a large amount of protein, but they are low in fat, can be fed but are moderate.
Vegetables: in vegetables, tubers, fruits, carrots are better because they contain many vitamins and minerals that are extremely good for the digestive system of Husky dogs. In addition, you can also complement them with other vegetables such as green sprouts, spinach, lettuce, etc. All these vegetables are good for the digestive system, since they reduce hair loss and strengthening. Resistance for husky.


Add words from Latin species to Google Voice Recognition?

I have some colleagues who are biologists and work in the field doing surveys. They are becoming more modern and are using their phones to take notes instead of old paper and pens. We are trying to help you add a list of Latin species to your Google voice keyboard recognition so they can talk on their phones without having to write a long word not recognized by the dictionary. Is there an easy way to add a personalized word list and teach them to Google voice recognition?

dnd 5e – 2nd attempt: Is this homebrew breed based on the Draco volans species balanced?

In my original question, the consensus was that my racial proposal based on these incredible little creatures:

Draco volans - Saved by Haakon Olav Andreassen in Pintrest

I was weighing a bit on the weak side, being a weaker version of a career found in the Guildmaster & # 39; s Guide to Ravnica.

So looking to increase racial traits a bit, I went back to nature for more inspiration, and I can not believe I missed this little one!

Camouflaged Draco dussumieri from Bandipur National Park, India. Source: Wikipedia
Or maybe it's not so amazing

That's Draco Dussumieri, a cousin of the common Draco Volans. So with a nod to the secrecy of the Draco Family, let's add something to increase your ability to hide.

Based on Akixkisu's assessment of the initial construction at ~ 21 points, and based on the "Detect Balance" appraiser and the recommended guideline score for the new homebrew careers is 24 to 27 ", I added the mastery of skills Stealth (+2 points) and What I hope is "A sometimes useful characteristic" (+2 pts) How do you see?

  • Increase skill score: +2 DEX, +1 WIS
  • Size: Medium
  • Years: Yes
  • Languages: Draconic and common
  • Speed: 25 feet walking; 25 feet of climbing.
  • Climbing claws: It grants speed of ascent equal to the speed of walking;
    Natural weapon for (1d4 + mod skill) slash damage, with the
    finesse property
  • Glide: You can slide for short periods of time. You have a fly
    Speed ​​of 60 feet, but can not gain altitude with this feature.
    While sliding, descend at a minimum speed of 5 feet vertically
    For every 15 feet traveled horizontally. You can descend safely to
    100 feet during your movement, and the vertical distance traveled while
    Sliding does not count against your total distance of movement.
    If you are still in the air at the end of this movement, you fall
    The point where your movement ended, taking the damage as usual.
    If you involuntarily start to fall (ie, not during your movement or
    as a result of finishing a glide in the air), you can use your
    Slip reaction.
    You can not use this feature if it is overloaded (if you use
    tax rules) or if you wear medium or heavy armor.
  • Stealth climber You have skill in stealth ability.
  • Discreet: When performing the Hide action, as long as it does not.
    you have a disadvantage in your stealth check, you can always try to hide it
    of creatures that are at least 10 feet below you, even if they could
    otherwise I see you
    While it is hidden, you can use your bonus action to remain motionless
    and mix with your surroundings. Until you move (or stop hiding),
    All creatures have disadvantages in wisdom based on sight and sound.
    (Perception) and Intelligence (Research) checks made to detect you.

Is this homebrew race balanced?

dnd 5e – Are babies of evil humanoid species inherently evil?

The Monster Manual lists certain creatures as evil. For example, duergar, or gray dwarfs, are Legally evil. Is a baby dreary?

Here is the situation: A Deurgar child is born of the king and queen of the Duergar kingdom, however, the baby has the skin color of a Dwarf of the mountain. Embarrassed by his cranky infant, and aware that this could lead to his fall if he made himself known among his subjects, the king and queen Duergar leave their child in the desert to face their fate. Unbeknownst to the members of the royalty of Duergar, the leader of a clan of mountain dwarves welcomes the baby to raise him as his own son.

It so happens that this clan leader employs a magician who has thrown Glyph of Guard In each position of the frame of the stone bed of the clan leader. The glyph is set to activate if an evil creature enters the bed chamber.

Question: Noting that babies, and in particular babies of humanoid species (as opposed to demons and other people) monsters), regardless of race and heredity, and even regardless of their own destiny, they have the potential to grow to be any alignment, and babies are still not capable of evil thoughts or actions; and also noting that in this specific case the baby had not yet been influenced by his adoptive mother, according to RAW, would the baby Duergar activate the glyph?

In other words: According to RAW, are the humanoid infants of an evil species necessarily evil as infants and could trigger this glyph of protection?

explorer: what happens when one conceives a child while polymorphized in another species?

I can not imagine it going explicitly, but I wonder:

Is there something in the Pathfinder rules or the Golarion tradition to suggest what happens when someone who is polymorphized in another species conceives a child? eg If a human man alters himself in an elf and then conceives a child with a female elf, does the elven mother give birth to an elf or half-elf?