How can I do a backslash in Spanish keyboard using ubuntu

I was trying several ways of doing backslash in ubuntu using alt + shift + u
didn’t work
or ctrl + alt + 92
neither work
what could be a trust way of doing it

I & # 039; will translate any text, article or story from English to Spanish for $ 10

I am a translator with more than 7 years of experience. I will translate any text, article or story from English to Spanish

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Combobox c # block selection – Stack Overflow in Spanish

I am new around here so greetings to all first.

I'm starting in the world of desktop app programming (well this kind of programming) etc …

I am trying to make a mini app to fill in a table and then export to Excel or Word or pdf (that is separate).

Well my question in question is:
– I have several Windows Forms to make it more visual and such, when you go to where the table is and select the value you want in the combobox if you then go back and then pick up where you left the selected value is removed, there is some way to leave it fixed what you select in the combobox while the app is open?

Thank you very much and sorry if I don't explain myself very well …

Change language VScode tooltip – Stack Overflow in Spanish

I'm looking for, if any, the option to change language to the suggestions that VSCode gives you when you leave the mouse over a function or when it auto completes part of the code (tooltip).

I have seen that these boxes can be disabled, but I have not found anything about the language.

I leave you an example of what I mean:

Example tooltip

Thank you!

Reload combobox C # – Stack Overflow in Spanish

Good day,

I pose my problem, I have a combobox that is loaded at the start of the form load, the combobox as a client is created, it must be reloaded to show the new information, what is the correct way to do it?

I attach my code:

cls_general myCls_general = new cls_general ();


        strSQL = " select IdContacto,fld_Nomb_Apel_Razon_Social   " +
                 "   from bd_gestion_de_tareas_config.dbo.vi_list_contactos " +
                 " where IdContacto NOT IN (SELECT IdContacto FROM gestionDeTareas.dbo.Clientes) " +
                 " Order by fld_Nomb_Apel_Razon_Social ASC ";

        myCboContactoDataAdapter = new SqlDataAdapter(strSQL, myCls_general.myConnection);
        myCboContactoDataSet = new DataSet();
        myCboContactoDataAdapter.Fill(myCboContactoDataSet, "vi_list_contactos");

        cbo_contacto_cliente.DataSource = myCboContactoDataSet.Tables("vi_list_contactos");
        cbo_contacto_cliente.DisplayMember = "fld_Nomb_Apel_Razon_Social";
        cbo_contacto_cliente.ValueMember = "IdContacto";



I will translate forn english to spanish and vice versa for $ 5

I will translate forn English into Spanish and vice versa

Hello, my name is Alexander. I am a native Spanish speaker from Ecuador. If you have text that you need to translate from English to Spanish and vice versa, I can do the work for you. I have been working as a freelance translator for four years and I enjoy it. My main objective when translating a text is to maintain its essence and naturalness. You can send me any type of text: academic, literary, official, I work with all of them and once you do your translation. If you are not satisfied, I will correct it until you are satisfied with the result, free of charge. The standard package includes a translation of 500 words for $ 5 with a limit of 2,500 words in 3 days. Each additional 300 words will be charged a $ 5 fee. I offer express delivery within one day for an additional $ 10 fee. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact me. You have a good day


java – Duplicate JInternalFrame – Stack Overflow in Spanish

I am calling a JInternalFrame (SEARCH SUPPLIER) from another JInternalFrame (SHOPPING) from a button, all good so far, the problem is reproduced when I close the SHOPPING frame and reopen it, because when I release the button that reaches the SEARCH SUPPLIER frame I duplicate that frame 2 times and if I do the same procedure again I duplicate it 3 times and then 4, I'd really appreciate your help.

enter the image description here

That pressing the button takes me to the JInternalFrame SEARCH FOR SUPPLIER

This is the JInternalFrame FIND A SUPPLIER

With this code I visualize SHOPPING

 public static formCompra formCompra = new formCompra();
 ctrlCompra ctrlCompra = new ctrlCompra(formCompra);

With this code I visualize SEARCH SUPPLIER

 formConsultaProveedor formConsultaProveedor = new formConsultaProveedor();
 ctrlConsultaProveedor ctrlConsultaProveedor = new ctrlConsultaProveedor(formConsultaProveedor);

When I debug everything seems to be fine but just after "create" SEARCH FOR SUPPLIER leads me to:

enter the image description here

When the sentence ends:


return to the code with which it is generated SEARCH SUPPLIER and I do not know how to solve it


Custom error template symfony – Stack Overflow in Spanish

I am throwing a NotFoundHttpException but it does not show me the customized page, instead if the routes.php does not detect the route it throws me the NotFoundHttpException with the customizable.
Why in some cases yes and in others no?
How do I get the NotFoundHttpException to show my custom error page?

[ Politics ] Open question: The second phase if the Spanish flu of 1918 killed millions more than the first. How is Trump preparing for the second phase of CoVid19?

[Politics] Open-ended question: The second phase if the 1918 Spanish flu killed millions more than the first. How is Trump preparing for the second phase of CoVid19?

Android java delete item – Stack Overflow in Spanish

I have this in my

private void delete() {
        Intent intent = new Intent();

and in the main, I have this

if (resultCode == RESULT_OK) {
            switch (requestCode) {
                case delete:
                int eliminar = Integer.parseInt(data.getStringExtra(Consultar.KEY_ELIMINAR));

I get this error Failure delivering result ResultInfo {who = null, request = 2, result = -1, data = Intent {(has extras)}} to activity