unity – Convert Camera Space Normal to World Space

I am generating normals from a depth like this in Unity.

float3 reconstructPosition(float2 uv, float depth)
    float x = uv.x * 2.0f - 1.0f;
    float y = (1.0 - uv.y) * 2.0f - 1.0f;
    float4 position_s = float4(x, y, depth, 1.0f);
    float4 position_v = mul(UNITY_MATRIX_I_VP, position_s);
    return position_v.xyz / position_v.w;

float3 NormalFromDepth(float4 screenPos)
    float2 uv0 = screenPos.xy / screenPos.w;                                // center
    float2 uv1 = uv0 + float2(1.0 / _CameraDepthTexture_TexelSize.z, 0.0);  // right 
    float2 uv2 = uv0 + float2(0.0, 1.0 / _CameraDepthTexture_TexelSize.w);  // top

    float depth0 = Linear01Depth(SAMPLE_DEPTH_TEXTURE(_CameraDepthTexture, sampler_CameraDepthTexture, uv0), _ZBufferParams);
    float depth1 = Linear01Depth(SAMPLE_DEPTH_TEXTURE(_CameraDepthTexture, sampler_CameraDepthTexture, uv1), _ZBufferParams);
    float depth2 = Linear01Depth(SAMPLE_DEPTH_TEXTURE(_CameraDepthTexture, sampler_CameraDepthTexture, uv2), _ZBufferParams);

    float3 P0 = reconstructPosition(uv0, depth0);
    float3 P1 = reconstructPosition(uv1, depth1);
    float3 P2 = reconstructPosition(uv2, depth2);

    float3 normal = cross(P2 - P0, P1 - P0);
    normal.z = -normal.z;
    normal = normalize(normal) * 0.5 + 0.5;
    return normal;

Which gives me normal in camera space, but I wonder how I can convert normal result into world space.

enter the image description here

jQuery hides the space if certain text appears

On a WordPress page, I need to hide the "redbadge" span if the text "Your listing is now public" appears.
Please be patient, I am not familiar with jQuery.


Listed No Your listing is now public. // This is hidden via jQuery but appear if user click a link.


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Collision detection: how to transform coordinates in ellipsoid space?

I am trying to implement the 3D collision detection algorithm from:

The document covers R3 world coordinate conversion in eSpace before running the algorithm, but then leaves out an example implementation of this conversion. I am confused because I am looking at another implementation of the algorithm that I suspect may be flawed.

I have a collision ellipsoid for my character with dimensions (3,7,3)

The document discusses how to make a "base change" matrix that looks like

CBM = begin {matrix}
frac {1} {x} y 0 y 0 \
0 & frac {1} {y} & 0 \
0 & 0 & frac {1} {z}
end {matrix}

And then the equation to convert the vector to eSpace looks like this:

Ve = CBM * V = ( frac {1} {x}, frac {1} {y}, frac {1} {z}) V = frac {V} {(x, y, z)}

So in my case with my ellipsoid of (3, 7, 3) would I have?
CBM = begin {matrix}
frac {1} {3} and 0 and 0 \
0 & frac {1} {7} and 0 \
0 & 0 & frac {1} {3}
end {matrix}

Ve = CBM * V = ( frac {1} {3}, frac {1} {7}, frac {1} {3}) V = frac {V} {(3,7,3)}

I think my confusion is coming because the implementation I am looking at uses a scalar value for the ellipsoid radius, eRad. Then it does $$ Ve = 1 / eRad * V $$

How to recover all the space in my main partition?

How to delete a container disk and reclaim space with the main partition?

and after following the step of the answer I lost the second partition and I only have one partition with 60gb of my 120gb

enter the image description here

enter the image description here

How do I recover the space?

deterministic logarithmic space

Currently I want to learn the complexity of space, I read some of the books about it. In this I ran into this example problem. I'd just like to know how to show that the following problem $ In L $ (deterministic logarithmic space).

Input: series of open or closed parentheses

Question: Are these parentheses properly balanced?

Example: $ ((() ()) (())) $ must be accepted but $ ()) () $ must be rejected

boot – Insufficient free space to install Ubuntu

I am trying to install Ubuntu 19.6 on my laptop (DELL VOSTRO 5590). However, I was stuck with this error. Here is my screenshot of the error I received. I'm so sorry because I don't have enough priority to show it here, but instead I do a link.

the error image

As you can see in the picture, there are 3 free spaces in my computer memory but they are really small and Ubuntu requires at least 5 Gb to install. I think my laptop does not share SSD memory and only supports ONE OS BIOS installation, not together with mode.

So how do I fix this error because I don't want to erase my Windows? It is still important to me. I just want to install next door.

debian – / var / log is displayed incorrectly as 100% of used space

On some of our servers /var/log, which is a separate ext4 partition, shows that 100% of the 4.8G of space is in use. But it actually takes up around 200 million disk space. The application can still write records to the directory. What could be causing this error?

Other information:
Debian version: 9.9
The inodes use 1%


What is it $ || x || $ at 3.1-6 if $ x = ( xi_1, xi_2 …) $, where a) $ xi_n = 2 ^ {- n / 2} $ , (b) $ xi_n = 1 / n $.

enter the image description here

Standard in 3.1-6 shown in the photo.

internal storage: reduce the space occupied by Outlook

Outlook is consuming space on my Samsung J7 prime. I am currently working with something between 100Mb and zero free space.
If I free up some space, Outlook seems to increase its space.

Is there a way to tell Outlook which folders I want to sync?

Or some other way to limit the space it takes up?