Verify server-wide source header in IIS to avoid CSRF through IIS configuration change only

Could you tell me how we can check server-wide source header in IIS to avoid CSRF through configuration change alone without adding custom HTTP module in IIS?

Open source replacement for cPanel / WHM

Hi there,

I am a web developer. I run a small web hosting service for my clients (less than 10) at an affordable price. Recent change in cpanel billi … | Read the rest of

linux – Are security inspections performed by independent agencies on open source software such as Ubuntu or Mozilla Firefox?

Any intentional malware injected into open source software by the very people who are developing it may eventually be known as the source code is open to the public. However, if the code base is large, average people do not have the time and resources to review it, and therefore such malware may remain undetected for a long time. Therefore, it is important to develop independent agencies to periodically analyze changes in the software. Are there such agencies and are they reliable?

How can we map the linked server queries running with their source instance?

We have several versions of SQL Server from 2008R2 (I know) to 2016. There are many queries from linked servers. I am trying to build a tool that will tell me the queries that are running on a target server that come from queries from linked servers that are running on another source server.


Can I trust sys.dm_exec_sessions.program_name = & # 39; Microsoft SQL Server & # 39 ;?

I've been hesitant to go down that route until now and have been relying on looking at the sql text:

dest.text LIKE '%"Tbl(0-9)(0-9)(0-9)(0-9)"%'


Once I have found the linked server queries running on my target instance, I want to go back to the original call instance. Is there an easy way to do this?

At this point, I am directed by the search path of the target instance in the sql text of queries running on the source hosts:

AND dest.text LIKE '%$LinkedServerName%'

(It is not the variable expansion: this is a PowerShell snippet, not direct TSQL)

Still, I may have some interesting logic to actually say: "This query is what is causing the query to run on my linked server", not to mention the success of the leading wildcard search in my SQL text.


Thank you,


Licenses: How can I include open source library licenses on a website written with Dart (converted to JS) and hosted with Nginx?

If I have a website that is written in HTML / CSS / JS as usual, but the JS codes are fully compiled from Dart codes (with dart2js), and there are Dart libraries included as well (which uses MIT and other licenses), should? And how can I include those licenses on my website? And what licenses should I include too?

The website is also hosted by Nginx (and there is a Nginx module which is also licensed).

  1. Do I have to include all licenses on a separate "Acknowledgment / License" page on the website?
  2. Should I include the programming language license (Dart)?
  3. Should I also include the Nginx license?
  4. There is a back end for the system that is written in Go with other licenses, should I include them too?
  5. They are implemented using the Docker container, what about that?

To summarize those questions, let me ask, how do people include technology licenses in a website / web application that they do and what are the things that need to be included?

rss – News source for digital signage use

I am using digital signage on my television, and I really want a good and good news source to show up.
I have been trying to make one (I am very bad at coding) and find a good one for 2 years.

I want a font that shows the title and description, or the full text, which after 20 seconds or so will change to the next post and so on.

Something like this:

Is there anyone who thinks this is a piece of cake and who could help me with that? It has to be based on html, php, js.

Database – Open Source RDBMS Performance Tuning

As part of my job as a Product Manager at a software company, I am doing market research to better understand the challenges of developers working with open source relational database management systems (like MySQL and PostgreSQL).

I would appreciate it if you would let me know:

  1. In your companies, are developers responsible for the performance of MySQL / PostgreSQL or DBA?
  2. Do you encounter performance challenges with these databases? if so how do you handle them?

Thank you,

What open source project management systems accept a data export import?

I have some old data on that I would like to keep for history / posterity, but couldn't find any option to import the exported database to another free / open source service. Any option that I may be missing in this regard?

uninstall: how to uninstall beta gcamera app downloaded from unknown installation source for samsung galaxy a50s (SM-A507FN)

I have a new phone. Samsung Galaxy A50s. Model number SM-A507FN

I downloaded Arnova's Beta 6: GCam_5beta6.200105.0445build-7.2.018.apk

for Android 9+ phones from
assuming it will work on my phone. However, the application has been blocked frequently and does not work.
I have updated the phone software, so it was updated to Android 10. Kernel 4.14.62-17887617.

This app was not installed from the game store, so I don't know how to uninstall it now.
So let me know how to uninstall this app.

r – Color the source of a dendrogram axis in ggplot2 according to a categorical variable

Suppose I need to build a dendrogram in R:


ggdendrogram(hclust(dist(iris(, -5)))) +
  theme(text = element_text(size = 8))

insert image description here

My chart is created, but I want to improve its visualization. For this, I want to color the x-axis labels according to the values ​​present in iris$Species. In other words, I want a three-color scale, in which identifications 1, 2, …, 150 are identified from the values ​​present in iris$Species.

How to do this in an automated way?