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functions – about explicit solutions to functional equations

In my research work in dynamics of corrugated shock waves I find an equation of the type:

P (q) = lambda_1 (q) + lambda_2 (q) P (q + | alpha),

where P (q) is the unknown function, alpha> 0 is a problem parameter and the functions lambda_1 (q) and lambda_2 (q) change according to certain boundary conditions imposed on the flow behind the shock wave.

Iterating the ec. functional I obtained a particular solution, but expressed as an infinite series. Would it be possible to obtain a "finite" solution? That is, expressible with a finite number of terms involving the functions data lambda_1 and lambda_2?

Any ideas will be welcome.


Gustavo Wouchuk

Blockchain and cryptocurrency in business solutions

Interestingly, the potential of blockchain and cryptocurrencies extends beyond applications in the financial services industry. Now, both have numerous use cases in various industries in addition to the development of cryptocurrency exchange. These are some of them, which may also surprise you.

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