linux – Automatic backup pruning solutions?

We are facing what I am sure is an incredibly common problem: we make daily backups that result in compressed files that have the date in the file name, and we don't want to keep them forever.

Some requirements that I don't think are too extravagant:

  • delete all but the last X backups / days
  • keep Sunday backups
  • keep the last backup of each month
  • alert someone if the last backup is size 0 / more than 50% larger / smaller than the last

I tried to search on Google, but I only found a thousand scripts, many of them with obvious problems and errors. Are there no solutions & # 39; adequate & # 39; for this problem that are well tested and have a community? Am I doomed to copy and paste an OS or SU script that will not be maintained or will get bug fixes and will someday probably eat all our backups?

Web hosting: suggested solutions to create two specific blogs? Web framework to use?

I am looking for suggestions / ideas on how to advance the creation of two blogs / vlogs. I prefer to focus mainly on front-end development and not worry too much about back-end development once it is configured. I agree to configure the back-end part, as long as it is safe to do it and it is not too difficult / complicated to do so. I am willing to learn. I just want to be able to concentrate on creating content once it's set up and not worrying too much about keeping the server secure all the time. I agree with the occasional maintenance and change of appearance of the site from time to time. Now I am in an exploratory mode, testing different things / frames and seeing what is best in the long term.

I can do HTML, CSS and I can learn JS. I feel comfortable with the Linux command line (I'm just not a guru). I know something about Python, which led me to think about the django framework. I'm new to backend web development, so forgive my ignorance and lack of understanding about how everything comes together. My knowledge is in pieces ha.

  • For the first site, I am looking to create an elegant portfolio of high quality photographs and videos. I plan to use the HTML templates I got from envato and adjust them a bit to create a custom look (Inshot and Kotlis template).

  • For the second site I am looking for the following:

    • Similar to the portfolio of the first site, but more than one collection of photos and videos possibly with a tagging / rating system (if not difficult to achieve).
    • Cartographic aspect in it. I could make it simple with the JavaScript library of brochures (with which I got in and managed to make a simple map). Or you could configure something with Postgres + PostGIS that can be connected from QGIS or ArcMap. I am very knowledgeable about GIS, only weak in the web GIS aspect. So I'm still not sure what a good workflow is. The brochure seems simple and lightweight, which is very attractive to me and I saw that QGIS has a function in which you can export your project to a brochure instance. There is geoDjango, which I have not tried yet.
    • Private page for family and friends (essentially serves as a private photo gallery)
      I have configured two domains, I started to play with the configuration of the digital ocean drop and the execution of a server. I have been following the instructions to install and install the server, including SSH configuration, nginx installation and access to two sites. I was able to install django, but I'm not sure if that is excessive in what I am looking for. In addition, there seems to be a learning curve there, where I prefer to focus primarily on the front-end aspect.

I am trying to think what is excessive and what is not. And if I am using the right approach. I prefer to keep it simple and not have to keep it too much once I build it. Like if I create a part of the server, will I have to worry about keeping it safe from hackers and keep checking it as I would if I were a system administrator?

Is WordPress the way to go? But I saw that they don't have the option to drop the html / css / js file somewhere. I also read that WordPress has a bad security problem. I have used WordPress before and it seemed easy to use, but I'm not sure how far I can go with website customization to fit what I need.

Getgrav ok? (or any other flat file CMS) But how do I make html / css / js customized? How does it fit there?

Django? I thought about this because I liked Python and I know something about Python. Is it worth learning this? And can I create something once where I can focus on creating content later? For example, if I create a special photo gallery application, then do I just need to add photos / videos?

Is Digital Ocean a good way to go? Or should I use another provider like Bluehost to manage my server?

I looked at another generator of static websites like Hugo and Gatsby as recommended by the redditors here, but I'm not sure how it works in terms of being able to customize your own html / css / js.

Should I keep it static html / css / js and make ngnix point to these two sites? And I also read somewhere that it is better to keep it in CDN, so I see that the digital ocean offers CDN storage, is that where I should keep the entire website there? If so, how to make the server write the request there?

Sorry for the long post, I just wanted to end the options and thoughts I have explored. I am grateful for your thoughts in advance and I appreciate them!

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Google Cloud Platform – GCP – Assignment of static external IPs in Marketplace solutions

I'm having trouble assigning a static IP to a Google Cloud Platform Marketplace implementation and I thought someone here might have some idea.

I have an unassigned static IP ready to enter the same zone as the virtual machine, but it does not allow me to assign that IP to my new VM Compute Engine.

Image of the deployment screen

Does anyone have any ideas, or know what could be going wrong? I have updated the page and reserved the IP for a while, but still nothing. Thank you!

Windows application – DEM Solutions EDEM Professional 2018 4.0 (x64) | NulledTeam UnderGround

File size: 676 MB

EDEM is the market leading software for the simulation of bulk materials. Developed by cutting-edge discrete element modeling (DEM) technology, EDEM quickly and accurately simulates and analyzes the behavior of bulk materials such as coal, extracted minerals, earth, tablets and powders.

EDEM simulation gives engineers a crucial insight into how bulk materials will interact with their equipment during a variety of operating and process conditions.

EDEM model overview
Wide range of validated physical models available: simulate any type of material and shape: large, dry, thin, sticky, cohesive, flexible lumps

Intuitive user interface for quick simulation setup and advanced visualization and analysis.

Fast and scalable computing performance on CPU, GPU and multi-GPU solvers: simulate large and complex particle systems

Instant access to a library of thousands of precalibrated material models that represent rocks and minerals. Set of material models with advanced physics available for floors and dusts.

Personalized physics with EDEM's highly versatile application programming interface for complex simulations and advanced material behavior: sticky solids, breakages, flexible fibers and more

Couple with finite element analysis (FEA) Multi-body dynamics (MBD) and computational fluid dynamics (CFD).

What's new


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Email Solutions Recommendations | Web Hosting Talk


Apologies if the post is in wrong section, but I'm new here so please move it to correct section if it's wrong.

I was wondering if you could guys advice on Email Solutions which are self-hosted (preferably one time payment if paid) to offer Email Hosting to clients such as:

– – New 1.4 Update seems awesome, but there is lack of major Plugins and features at least for now. Also quite used so it would be nothing new really.

What we're looking for is a simple (user friendly) and secure email solution with features such as Calendar, Contacts, Simple Interface (easily modified as well), etc.

I would appreciate if you could list any other Email Solutions for offering Email Hosting you could recommend.

Many thanks

unit: keep the background image fully visible in different screen solutions

I have already tried many scripts that look like what I need. However, none of them really worked as I needed.

I have composed an inventory scene.
I started by creating a 1920×1080 pixel image as a background.
I created a plane of scale x = 1.92, y = 1.08 and I put the background image.

Does it look like this:
enter the description of the image here

Then I applied the following script to the main camera to maintain the aspect ratio on different screen sizes (taken from here) and keep the background image fully visible:

using UnityEngine;

public class CameraCrop : MonoBehaviour {

    // Set this to your target aspect ratio, eg. (16, 9) or (4, 3).
    public Vector2 targetAspect = new Vector2(16, 9);
    Camera _camera;

    void Start () {
        _camera = GetComponent();

    // Call this method if your window size or target aspect change.
    public void UpdateCrop() {
        // Determine ratios of screen/window & target, respectively.
        float screenRatio = Screen.width / (float)Screen.height;
        float targetRatio = targetAspect.x / targetAspect.y;

        if(Mathf.Approximately(screenRatio, targetRatio)) {
            // Screen or window is the target aspect ratio: use the whole area.
            _camera.rect = new Rect(0, 0, 1, 1);
        else if(screenRatio > targetRatio) {
            // Screen or window is wider than the target: pillarbox.
            float normalizedWidth = targetRatio / screenRatio;
            float barThickness = (1f - normalizedWidth)/2f;
            _camera.rect = new Rect(barThickness, 0, normalizedWidth, 1);
        else {
            // Screen or window is narrower than the target: letterbox.
            float normalizedHeight = screenRatio / targetRatio;
            float barThickness = (1f - normalizedHeight) / 2f;
            _camera.rect = new Rect(0, barThickness, 1, normalizedHeight);

However, this results in the following playability:

enter the description of the image here

Why does the script apply extra space at the top and bottom? This is a waste of space.

Thank you.