What is affordable Backup Solutions

[*]I wanted to know the possible affordable solutions to outside backup your shared hosting solution. I have some options like

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Payment Software Solutions


ag.algebraic geometry – Existence of solutions to quadratic vector equation

$$A_{i,j,k} X_j^* X_k + C_i = 0$$
where $𝐴_{i,j,k}$ and $𝐶_i$ are arbitrary complex numbers for all $𝑗, 𝑘$ which are $𝑁$-dimensional indices and $i$ which is an $m$-dimensional index where $m<N$. Note $*$ is complex conjugation and there is a summation for repeated indices. Are there conditions on $A$ and $C$ to guarantee the existence of a solution to this set of equations?

ap.analysis of pdes – Pointwise estimate of solutions to the parabolic equation with a monotonic drift

I wonder for a parabolic equation
$$u_t+(a(t,x)u)_x= u_{xx},$$
if we know that $a(t,x)$ is monotonic decreasing in $x$ with $a(t,-infty)=C_L, a(t,+infty)=C_R$, $C_L>C_Rgeq 0$, are there results developed to give precise pointwise estimates for $u$? Or long-time behaviors? I bet that $|u|_{L^{infty}}leq C/sqrt{t}$.

cname – Pointing DNS to NationBuilder servers from Network Solutions

cname – Pointing DNS to NationBuilder servers from Network Solutions – Webmasters Stack Exchange

ordinary differential equations – Complex first order sytem associated with an ODE and maximal solutions

I have the second order ODE $ddot{z} – 2iz = 0$ for $z in mathbb{C}$, where $ddot{z}$ means the 2 order derivative of z, and is asked to find the complex first order system associated with the ODE and write its maximal solutions.

I have earlier found the solution space of the ODE to be ${ae^{t+it}+be^{-t-it}| a,b in mathbb{C}}$ and the complex first order system associated is
begin{pmatrix} z \ dot{z} end{pmatrix}’ = begin{pmatrix} dot{z} \ ddot{z} end{pmatrix}=begin{pmatrix} dot{z} \ 2iz end{pmatrix}

This can be expressed as
dot{y}= begin{pmatrix} 0 & 1 \ 2i & 0 end{pmatrix}y, y=begin{pmatrix} z \ dot{z} end{pmatrix}

Can I easily express the maximal solution of this system given that I have found the basis of the solution space as ${ae^{t+it}+be^{-t-it}| a,b in mathbb{C}}$ instead of solving this system without that knowledge?

Linear Programming understanding solutions

The Sweet Smell Fertilizer Company markets bags of manure labeled “not less than 60 lb dry
weight.” The package manure is a combination of compost and sewage wastes. To provide good
quality fertilizer, each bag should contain at least 30 lb of compost but no more than 40 lb of
sewage. Each pound of compost costs Sweet Smell 5 cents and each pound of sewage costs 4

How do I get actual solutions from MaxValue?

Say I want to calculate the maximum value of a simple function of two variables:

f(r_, t_):= r Cos(t)^3 (1 + r Sin(t)) 

with respect to the variable t. For a specific value of r there is no problem. Executing

MaxValue({f(.1, t), 0 <= t <= 2 Pi()}, t)

immediately returns 0.00100166. My problem arises when I want an arbitrary positive real value for r, so as to get a function of one variable. I tried a couple of variations of

Assuming(r > 0, 
 Evaluate@MaxValue({Num(r, t), 0 <= t <= 2 Pi()}, t)

but all I get in return is the comically unhelpful

MaxValue({r Cos(t)^3 (1 + r Sin(t)) , 0 <= t <= 2 Pi()}, t)

I know I can code a simple algorithm that finds the 0s of the derivatives and then looks at the various values to find the biggest. But this is an expensive symbolic manipulation software, I don’t think it’s too much to ask that some function can do this.

What are the Good Practices project parameters in SSIS (SQL) solutions

My question is not something concrete with an error in the X code. Rather, I would like to know if there are popularly known good practices when configuring the parameters in an SSIS project / solution. For example, if apart from parameterizing folder paths of inputs and outputs or connections, it is also common to put analysis dates or perhaps the dates fit better as a variable.

On the other hand, let’s say that in a certain environment I just found that the parameters of a set of SSIS packages instead of being configured as project parameters are in an SQL table and that is where they are modified. Is this normal or is it recommended to save as parameters?


networking – What are the solutions to access a client’s subnet with an IP of its subnet?

In order to connect two clients together, I have a Central Gateway OpenVPN server. Clients can’t access each other directly due to firewall or 4G/LTE mobile or IPoE.

  • The VPN network is
  • The VPN server shares its private LAN to the Client A only.
  • The VPN client DEV(yellow) shares its private LAN
  • The VPN client Client A* doesn’t share anything, it’s a pure client. (my computer)

The configuration works with OpenVPN Access Server. I’ll try to port it to the OpenVPN 2.5 community version later.

Here is the diagram of the infrastructure

The DEV network’s switch is also connected to a different subnet called SERVER TESTING.

The subnet/servers must be accessed with the IP gw: I don’t have any control over that network at all.


  • Now, how can I setup the computer on Client A to be seen as As if the Client A computer was directly connected to the DEV’s switch.
    • The red arrows are tunneled. The green arrows are clear/normal packets.

More info:

  • I can create a new OpenVPN server if necessary. (bridge?TAP?)
  • Client A‘s computer has a single NIC connected to the switch.
  • I have admin rights to all the servers/gateways but the grey TESTING SERVER

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