Software handbook / tutorial as pillar content?


I'm wondering whether that would work:
A software handbook / tutorial nicely formatted as a super long pillar content.

  • screenshots
  • error messages
  • internal links to video tutorials on how to use the software
  • internal links to further info on sub-sections on the software

And the keyword sth like: how does [software] work or similar.
Did anybody try this? Is it worth the time investment? How to get such a best in class content afterwards on top of Google…

Software handbook / tutorial as pillar content?

Software update notification suppress in Catalina OS

All mac machines are Catalina OS. But 10.15.X version update notification unable to suppress. As well as Security updates.
Could you give me any command to suppress minor version of OS as well as security updates?

programming languages – Looking for a software to make license key for my pdf file such a way that for different machines the license key will be different

Looking for a software to make license key for my pdf file such a way that for different machines the license key will be different. I have already seen serial key maker is not a solution. I am describing it a little more. Whenever someone will open the pdf file, there will be generated as for example 16 digit no and when he/she will email me that copied out 16 digits no and then I will enter the no in my software there will be generated a serial key for his machine only. so obviously you got my point for the different machines the 16 digits no will be different.

macos – Bootcamp error: Can’t install the software because it is not currently available from the Software Update server

Whenever I try to proceed with the bootcamp installation or click the download windows support software option from the action menu, it throws me that error.

I’ve googled this problem and made sure I have a strong wifi connection, plugged in my Macbook while doing this, am running the latest Catalina version and apart from the current windows 10 iso on the microsoft website, tried using older versions of windows 10. Nothing helped.

18.04 – How do I prevent the popup window telling me I have to update/upgrade software or to reboot?

I’m creating an embedded system and once in a while I get this popup telling me I have to upgrade or to reboot the computer.

Since the system is expected to run on its own, telling the user anything like that is not going to be useful at all, ever.

So I’ve been looking into making those popups not appear but so far no luck.

Anyone knows how to prevent these?

I’ve found a way to prevents simple notifications, and that works, but so far no luck about the restart/upgrade popups.

python – Career advice for a Software Engineering Fresher

I’m writing this post to seek some career advise as I’ve been feeling lost and lack of motivation for a while now. I don’t know where to start and just get to issue I’m facing. I was hired as a fresher by a well known Multinational Company for the role of Software Development Engineer. Considering the reputation of the brand in the market I expected to learn a lot during my tenure but when the project was assigned to us and all the freshers were assigned their respective roles, the majority of the work I was given dealt with End-to-end automation and Software testing. I was disappointed at first but decided to stick to the role to learn whatever I could in the project and request for a switch of work assignment down the line.
It’s been an year and the management has refused to change the work assignment. I’ve finally come to my senses that I can’t hurt my career anymore and I need to do something in order to switch my company and my role asap. I’ve been browsing through every possible material online in order to get started somewhere, but the more I research the more stuck and hopeless I feel.

I really need some useful advice at this point as I’m eager to change and work on myself but I don’t know how to get started.

Thank you in advance for any help

P.S. English is not my first language, so kindly pardon any grammatical errors.

Billing software suggestions

I current have WHMCS. It way too feature-rich – another way of saying complicating – for my taste. I am looking at Clientexec and AWBS. Of c… | Read the rest of

stereoscopy – Is there a software solution which can replace a stereoscope?

I’m reading a relatively old paper (1976). I’m trying to figure out how to interpret the blobs on the micrograph images, and then I see this in the legend:
‘The stereoscopic pairs of micrographs, produced by tilting the specimen stage, should be viewed with a stereoscopic hand viewer.’

Now I don’t know about you, but I don’t have a stereoscopic hand viewer. I mean, I have very little idea of what that even is. However, maybe there’s software which can create a similar effect? I’m hoping that it might help me have a better understanding of the images. Help would be appreciated!

Optimization algorithm seems biased – Software Engineering Stack Exchange

I’ve written an algorithm designed to solve a minimization problem which can be demonstrated with the following simple example:

I have three observers (who’s locations are known) and one or more signal source(s) (who’s location(s) are unknown). Every time an observer “sees” a signal, the time at which the signal was seen is recorded. What I want to do is take these three sets of data (one from each observer), and produce a list of triplets, where each triplet has one timestamp contributed by each observer, such that the the difference between the maximum and minimum value is minimized, and each triplet is unique (meaning no two triplets share a timestamp).

Given three observers i,j and k, my algorithm accomplishes this by selecting one observer (this selection is arbitrary, let’s choose i), and for each timestamp recorded by that observer I find the closest timestamp from each of the other two observers and produce a triplet {t_i,t_j,t_k}. I record this triplet.

After iterating over all timestamps recorded by i, and producing a triplet for each, I sort this list of triplets by max(t_i,t_j,t_k)−min(t_i,t_j,t_k). I then iterate over this list, and with each iteration store t_i,t_j,t_k in a cache, and if t_i,t_j,t_k aren’t already in the cache, I add them to a second list. This second list ends up being a list of unique, minimized triplets.

The problem is, my algorithm seems to have some bias. When I reconstruct the location of each triplet, there is a clustering at the coordinates of the chosen observer i. This doesn’t necessarily indicate bias, but it is highly unlikely that such a clustering would occur. So, for now, I’m assuming (with a fair amount of confidence) that there’s an algorithm issue. (Note that I’m certain, beyond doubt, that there is no issue with the reconstruction algorithm.)

Is this a valid solution to this problem? Have I made a mistake? I feel like I must’ve done something really stupid here and haven’t noticed it. Is there a better way to solve this?

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