apple watch – Reading running data on pc/mac software

I saw some videos on youtube in which people can track where they had run around the city leaving a trial of marks to show heatmap. I tried to look into it, the best I found was topo maps but it wasn’t clever enough.

What are the best software to use on your pc/mac to read data from the watch?

Compare the conventional software development and RAD cycle

Compare the conventional software development and RAD cycles describing similarities and differences?

css – Is there any software in which I can drag and drop elements to create template?

I am creating my first website and no template available online satisfies my needs. So I have decided to create my own template.


  1. How can I do it?

  2. Is there any software available for that?

  3. Or do I need do it with html + css (if anything else is also needed then please tell)? If yes, then how?

PS- Try suggesting free softwares.

If this not the correct site for my question then please suggest the right site.

Software & Updates app is Missing

Software & Updates app suddenly is missing in my computer. How to get it back? What may be the reason for it to get deleted. Even the Livepatch logo on top of my screen is also missing.

licensing – License Management – Software Engineering Stack Exchange

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Software updates on a new iPhone

What is a Software Update and why is it needed?

A software update is released by Apple whenever they have improvements to the core software running on your iPhone. This core software, the operating system, is named iOS and is responsible for general functioning of your iPhone.

A software update can add new software features to your iPhone, fix issues with general functioning of the operating system software and add enhancements that improve the security of the device.

Is it okay to install it?

It is perfectly normal, even recommend to install a Software Update on your iPhone. Installing a software update most often would require a restart of your iPhone. The restart would be performed automatically as a part of installing the Software Update.

Once started, installing a Software Update can take from a few minutes to around half an hour of time. So make sure not to install it when you would be needing your iPhone for normal usage such as making/receiving phone calls and messages.

I have never used an iPhone before, and I want to make sure I am doing it right.

A software update should work fine most of the times. You need not worry too much about it. However, it may be a good idea to take a backup of your iPhone.

To learn more about iOS, the operating system software running on your iPhone, check this link:

To learn more about installing software update on an iPhone, you can read this Apple Support article:

To learn more about the ways to take a backup of your iPhone, you can read this Apple Support article:

What screen recording software on mac is this?

I am seeing these screenshots, and I want to know what screen recording software it is.

Please help. Thank you.

During recording
Finishing recording

coaxial – How can I generate digital audio from software?

I have a laptop that is currently my only computer. I checked, it does not have an S/PDIF 3.5mm jack. The speakers I have are the original Xbox 5.1 by Spherex, kinda obscure but whatever. I tried the analog in (the 2 channel RCA jacks, you know) but the left channel doesn’t work. I have confirmed it is not the cable, as I have swapped left and right and it is still the left input that is just silent.

On the back of the receiver there are two “Optical in” jacks, and one just labelled “coax”. I figure that I should be able to just use the 3.5mm to RCA cable I already have, and just plug one of the cords into the “coax” jack, right?

The thing I’m missing is some kind of software to generate Dolby Digital signals (it doesn’t even have to be 5.1) and output it from either the left or right channel. I don’t want to buy anything, so please don’t link anything unless it’s >$3.

So my question is, are there any software or drivers out there that will let me do that? Or would I have to code something myself?

[ Software ] Open Question : If I had the coronavirus and COVID-19 would they cancel each other out? ?

Since two negatives cancel each other out would I heal from coronavirus and COVID-19?

antivirus – Would an anti-virus software make any other processes consume more CPU?

Would an anti-virus software make any other processes that it scans to consume more CPU?

We recently switched to a new Next-Gen, AI based Anti-Virus software. On couple of our Linux servers that runs Java processes, there has been frequent high spikes in CPU usage recently. Apparently, it is Java that is the highest consumer of CPU while the anti-virus process isn’t using a lot. I am pretty sure that it is not the anti-virus behind the higher CPU usage since the these spikes started a couple of days before even the AV software was installed. So, right now, I am in the process on convincing others that it is not the anti-virus (trust me, no one is believing what they see at top -c) . Before I go back to the team, I would like to make sure that when anti-virus scans every single file that gets opened by other processes, the resultant CPU usage would show up against the anti-virus process and not against the process that opens the file. Is this how it will appear in CPU usage stats?

Server run Amazon Linux and the Anti-Virus is Crowdstrike Falcon.