engenharia de software – Requisitos são achados ou criados?

Fala-se em Levantamento de Requisitos ou Elicitação de Requisitos (fazer aparecer).

É uma tarefa de investigação.

Não está claro para mim se requisitos são achados (existem previamente e são trazidos à luz) ou criados (não existem e passam a existir).

Qual dos dois é mais certo dizer?

windows 7 – Getting Rid of Software Records for Software installed on an external disk?

So I’m cleaning out an old computer, and several of the programs it thinks it has were actually installed on an old drive, that’s now gone. For some of them, it prompts to get rid of them because it can’t find the drive, so that’s all well and good.

But, for LibreOffice and a couple of others, it tries to run the LibreOffice Uninstaller, and only quits with a fatal error when the LibreOffice uninstaller can’t find the drive.

The difference here is that in the first case, Windows can’t even find the drive with the uninstallers on them, so it prompts to remove them; but in the second, its found the uninstallers on the local disk somewhere and is trying to run them, prompting a fatal error when the uninstaller can’t find them.

What should I do here? How can I remove what’s left of these programs/erase their names from the family tree?



Which software is actually needed to update for Adobe Lightroom to support new cameras?

I always thought that “Adobe Camera Raw” is the software that maintains all the camera information and allows also Lightroom to read new camera’s specific RAW files.

However, I have updated the “Adobe Camera Raw and DNG Converter” to Beta 12.4 but it does not seem to update Lightroom with the new cameras in the list. Is this a different software from “Adobe Camera Raw”?

enter image description here

I am having issues finding the right definitions what is what on the adobe websites.

applications – How to implement APK pipelines in Android core under Software Interoperability Act, enacted by the Congress?

How to implement APK pipelines in Android core under Software Interoperability Act, enacted by the Congress

Software interoperability is well supported in health industry, enabling patient’s test data from one medical equipment to read by another equipment to make COVID-19 treatment an integrated process between health institutes, hospitals.

There are Ts of applications developed by third parties in Google Play store, which don’t interoperate, since were never intended to be run in pipelines.

Good example is live analog audio input processing

APKs in the store, generally read audio as input, process and output live, to file, via Bluetooth, WiFi

Since I build Live Audio > MIDI stream > MIDI animation + sound out software pipeline, made of
APKs developed by third parties

my pipeline works in off-line mode, manually operated only.

I can run 2 applications in parallel,

  1. reading audio input from analog grand piano, converting to MIDI
    but MIDI streaming or output to streaming device is not supported.

All I can do is to save generated MIDI to file

  1. I need to open second app and open saved MIDI file within it and manually click to open it
    to have MIDI animation generated live.

Under Software Interoperability Act, enacted by Congress, developers of software,
may offer interfaces, API, streaming devices to support building of software pipelines made
of software blocks developed by third parties.

Contacting developers fails to work since one is living in Osaka Japan, another in Spain and one another somewhere in the Internet space, not responding to email contacts.

So let me know state-of-the-art in Software Interoperability in case of Android and Android APKs, published via Play Store
and if such tools, of interest to me and other, are offered by Android core development team.

thank you

design – How does poker analysis software read the cards from the poker room client?

I would like to write some poker software similar to PokerTracker and Holdem Manager that will give real time stats during a game of poker, these programs somehow read the current cards being played and player names from the poker client software, I assumed it was from reading the log files from the poker client but when I tried it seems the log files are not updated in realtime, only after each game has completed.

How do they do it?

php – ¿Como aplicar Arquitectura Hexagonal a mi desarrollo software?

Estoy terminando mis estudios en Ingeniería Informática especializado en Ingeniería Software, el curso que viene tengo que hacer mi TFG y quería desarrollar la aplicación usando Arquitectura Hexagonal, en la cual no tengo mucha experiencia, quería saber si alguien sabe de algún curso teórico-práctico (preferiblemente en PHP y con Symfony) o de algún artículo donde poder conseguir mas información de como funciona este patrón. Gracias

image processing – Open source Software to find and extract scanned negative frames from Kodak Disc and Minox negatives

I am looking for open source software that will find negatives on a sheet of scanned negatives and extract each one. Some of these negatives are Kodak disc, so the software needs to find rectangles of arbitrary rotation, rotate the images, and create new files. All of the rectangles are the same size.

This sounds like a capstone project in a computer science image processing course. It can’t be that hard to do, and it seems like a common request, but I haven’t found anything. If I can’t find the software, what are the building blocks that I would use to write it myself?


I found this blog post which provides a ksh script that uses trigonometry to compute the location of the disc images from three control points. This is super-cool, but you need to manually find the control points. And it doesn’t work with my other negatives, which are from a minox camera.

(For those who are interested, I am scanning the Minox images by laying them flat on my Epson flatbed scanner and covering them with a block of optical glass, and then using the scanner’s transparency mode.)

law – Potential liability concerns for personally releasing a software product?

Quick background: I work for a large tech company and for the past 1.5 years or so I have been working on a project in my free time that I was planning to release through the company (it’s very related to what I do for my “actual” work). It’s largely finished (or at least it’s to a stage where I am comfortable releasing it as a beta), so I’ve spent the past two months or so going through the compliance and approval process to ship the product. It’s (understandably) a lot… a very tedious process. The technical approvals (things like security and vulnerability vector testing) were straightforward to go through, it’s the more “bureaucratic” things that are really draining my will to work on it all, thing’s like getting the name approved, branding, images, accessibility, etc. Since it’s still a “side project”, I’m the only one doing anything for it and I only get nights and weekends to work on it, in addition to my “actual” work (which occupies a lot of my time, 50-60 hours is not uncommon), so it’s basically been a non-stop 1.5 year crunch.

I recently got approval to release it independently (meaning not through my company). Which means I could bypass all of the bureaucracy, which is great. I can’t release it open source, as I’ve used a lot of company resources (internal libraries/shared code, etc.).

So my question is, if I release the product on my own (without an LLC), should I have any concerns about liability? It’s just an app, so there’s likely no chance of causing damage or harm, and I’m not concerned about liability related to the company I work for, more-so if there’s some patent troll or something else I could be sued for and don’t even know about. Is it safer to set up an LLC (or something along those lines)? I’ve never done anything like that, so I don’t know if it’s totally overkill for this.

Potentially relevant information, I plan on releasing it for free so I don’t intend to make any money off of it, but I do (most likely) plan on hiring someone to make a website for me where people can download the app (I’m not a web dev, and don’t have time to become one).

How to get low cost MLM software for business development? – MLM & Network Marketing

Naturally, using low-cost products (not to be confused with low-quality products) is a great way to help MLM business grow. The operating cost for any business, whether it is small or large or whatever, is a major determining factor, as is the level of software used, such as Multi level marketing.

When people receive a product at a lower price from a new seller or less reputable supplier, the cost people spend to fix the bugs is many times higher than the money used to buy it. But if people find the best provider of low cost MLM software with advanced features, it will break the ice in business operations, as well as be a major contributor to business success.

Network marketing software allows the business owner to handle the problem by taking up most of the manual work and monitoring the business network automatically and protecting the investment made in the business. The product is not only very low in money, but also very advanced in features, and it is very effective in operational activities. The only thing people need to do before starting a business is to find the best solution provider who can deliver a free demo online.


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Smart Contract Based MLM Software Development Solutions: Antier Solutions – Cryptocurrencies Corner

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