appsec – Is it a serious security issue if a software crashes on much larger than expected input data?

Background: The software in question is a purpose built mapping system designed originally for Windows XP, but is currently run without any major issues on Windows 10. It can be run locally or by logging into our servers through a built-in UI, but only from registered IP addresses. I do not know what language the software was written in (we think .NET), the devs/maintainers have long since left.

Problem: The software has an option to submit some data as a file or by filling it in a textbox. The issue is that software hard crashes if someone provides too large a list in that textbox (roughly greater than 8200 lines). It also crashes if the data in the text file is large, but the limit there is much higher (seems to be around 750 MB).

It does not give any reason for the crash, but Windows Event Viewer says:

Description: The process was terminated due to an unhandled exception.
Exception Info: exception code c0000005, exception address 00007FF7BBD6943E

The exception address is occasionally just zeroes and other times an actual memory address.

I’ve tried to get the error after launching the software from the terminal, but it still does not give any error message. The crash is the same whether the software is run locally or server-side.

I know that buffer overflows are a major point of vulnerability, but I’m not sure that is what is happening here, or if it is some sort of UI failure, or what.

Question: Should I be concerned about this as a major security issue?

I’m inclined to not be, considering this is fairly obscure piece of software that is probably used by less than 10 people over the world and probably all of them are in the same department. Plus, the fact that only people whose IPs are registered into the software can run it server-side. But I would appreciate some outside advice.

software recommendation – How to find out, what I am able to look for in Spotlight

I am looking for a very good documentation or tool, that help’s me to make better searches in spotlight.I have found some descriptions like: “”, there I can find e.g. kMDItemKind, but what is possible to define as Kind ?

I know in I can define a search like “kind:folder”, but what’s possible behind kind instead of folder, how can I find out what I am able to search for ? “kind:” stands here as a example, but there are much more keywords, but I want to know what are the possible values for this keywords.

Either a documentation/manual/reference about the keywords or a tool, that evaluates the possible values out of my spotlight database.

common criteria – Can a software application / OS get past EAL4 if no source code is available

The EAL for Common Criteria are described briefly as:

EAL1: Functionally Tested. ...
EAL2: Structurally Tested. ...
EAL3: Methodically Tested and Checked. ...
EAL4: Methodically Designed, Tested, and Reviewed. ...
EAL5: Semi-Formally Designed and Tested. ...
EAL6: Semi-Formally Verified Design and Tested. ...
EAL7: Formally Verified Design and Tested.

Does “Formally Verified Design” refer to the source code undergoing static code analysis? Thus meaning that the source code would have to be disclosed to gain EAL > 4?

Which is the simplest retail billing software?

That’s a great question. There are numerous POS solutions available in the market today. All of them contain various types of features that promise to make retail operations easy. But what good are they if they are difficult to use? No matter how highly functional a retail billing software solution is, it must also be simple to use.

Complex POS systems require a longer learning curve. That translates to higher training periods for employees. Why invest in such retail billing software solutions when there are equally powerful applications minus the complexity? One such simple to use POS solution is SmartPOS.

SmartPOS packs a myriad of features for managing all retail activities. They include inventory management, customer management, and accounts management. Furthermore, the software application is cloud-enabled. It uses the latest security protocols and offers extensive control over all your operations.

While SmartPOS is indeed a comprehensive retail billing software solution, it does not compromise on ease of use. That makes it the simplest retail billing software.

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php – How to deal with spaghetti code when it comes to selling a software?

As I was a beginner in WebDev, I created a Web-App for my Orchestra for planning rehearsals (using vanilla HTML5, CSS, JS, and PHP). Over the one year of improving with new features and bug fixes, it got really powerful. Like so powerful, that a lot of people suggested selling the app to other orchestras.

There just is one problem: As a noob, I wasn’t the most efficient programmer. During making this App I learned so much, that today, I would do EVERYTHING differently. Like I would use a Framework of some kind, I would rework the UI, performance, and so on…
But now, I have that massive monster of spaghetti code of auto-generated and broken HTML with some pasted-in JavaScript and PHP. It just isn’t maintainable anymore and adding new features is a giant nightmare.

So what should I care for when starting to sell this stuff?

wireless networking – How to make a hardware-only remote desktop? Need to remotely control a computer that I cannot install any software on or modify in any way

Does anyone know of any other projects like this? I’ve looked around a lot and haven’t seen anything.

I need to move around but this machine must stay in the same place. There will be three domain to this:

  1. Keyboard/Mouse in
  2. Video out
  3. Audio, both in and out

The only I/O available are four USB ports and four Displayports.

Is anyone aware of any keyboard/mouse dongles that can be controlled by software on another machine? Like, some way I could leave a pi with the machine, have the pi send commands to a normal USB keyboard/mouse dongle?

Or are there any keyboard/mouse dongles that can connect over internet/wifi, instead of bluetooth?

For video in audio, the thought was the same, have a pi for each, that would receive signals from the work computer and then send them to me wherever I am.

Does anyone know of any hardware like a software-controlled or wifi-capable keyboard/mouse dongle? Or again, of any projects similar to this?

Customized trading Software with backtesting and automated trade fuctionality included for $100

We would be building a fintech startup where the user can backtest his strategies and the user would be able to deploy those strategies in realtime

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aperture – Why does an iPhone need software for Portrait Mode?

I have an iPhone X, with a camera specs of:

  • Wide-angle: ƒ/1.8 aperture
  • Telephoto: ƒ/2.4 aperture

Why does the phone need software to produce Portrait Mode image (image with background blur / bokeh)? With my SLR camera, shooting with f2.4 and definitely f1.8 apertures are more than enough for a blurred background.

What Is The Most Useful Software To Maintain Business Tasks?