Rails Dashboard data wrangling – Software Engineering Stack Exchange

In a Rails app I’ve got 1-to-many relationships where I want to summarize on webpage dashboard:

Reservation (1)


ReservationItem (many)


HTML Table

Customer Name
Item 1 Quantity (Sum)
Item 2 Quantity (Sum)
Item 3 Quantity (Sum)
out_date_time (Min)
back_date_time (Max)

Item 1,2,3 are the most common items that are reserved so want the admin to be able to see them at glance. In general, most people will reserve only 1 item so want to display start/end date in the table.

My question: How to best pull this data/display and write automated tests for it?

  • Is there some active record query helpers that would make this
  • Do I write raw SQL code in my controller?
  • Do I pull simply join the 2 tables and write ruby methods to summary the data?
    If so where do I put these methods and call them from?
  • Is there a different method I am
    not thinking of?

video – What screen recording software supports virtual camera input on MacOS?

I’ve got a M1 Mac Mini running the latest MacOS and want to record screen input for youtube videos via Iriun or other virtual webcam software, as the webcams currently available are of inferior quality as opposed to my iPhone 12 camera IMO and I don’t really want to purchase a DSLR.

When I go into quicktime there is no option to use the virtual camera input, however Zoom and Discord both support it. So my question is what other 3rd party screen recorders also support virtual camera input on MacOS?

gpu – Is there any software VGA dummy solution?

To cut long story short, I actually run Davinci Resolve on a Intel HD 4600 based server on Hetzner auction. And they all don’t come with any remote KVM, or use any VGA dummy plug, for every server under auction.

Now, how do I ‘lie’ to the server so the iGPU turns on? Sometimes, forcing opening Resolve from TeamViewer works (because TeamViewer actually mirrors the GPU output), but Teamviewer itself is buggy with headless server, and sometimes it returns black screen.

Need Refactoring Services – Software Engineering Stack Exchange

I’ve spent hours on the internet without much luck. Thought I would tap into the collective.

Mu company has a program that is in serious need of refactoring. It’s a deep engineering and predictive analysis desktop program that includes lots of Fortran (two versions), C++, and C# all balled together. It’s been pieced together by a dozen different engineers and programmers for decades and now needs real, special attention. We would like to get it completely into C# for the future. Not my choice of language, but it’s too late now.

I can’t seem to find anyone qualified that would take on such a project. I can see it taking someone from a qualified company well over a year to get it straightened out. They need to at least be USA-based, mid-west preferably, non-disclosure agreement required. Looking for recommendations for companies that might be able to help, thanks.

Making sure Mac M1 doesn’t have tracking or screen-capturing software

I was given a new MacBook Air (M1) by my employer for work (from home), but I also want to use it as my main personal laptop as well, since having 2 machines doesn’t seem necessary.
There a chance there might be some software that “spies” on me and while I don’t do anything illegal or not appropriate (like working for competitors or doing personal things during work time) it’s an uncomfortable feeling to know that they might know/see my personal notes or files, etc.

BTW, I’m not prohibited from reinstalling software, creating users, etc.
With these tools at my disposal, what can I do to make sure there’s no tracking software?
I don’t even care so much about network traffic as about screen capturing, since it’s way more confidential.

I already started by erasing the disk and re-installing Big Sur. I checked that SIP is enabled.
What else do you think I can do?
PS. I do have another mac to do the ‘target mode’ thing I read about, but didn’t do that yet.

software engineering – How to design a character damage system with ECS architecture?

I am developing an game with ECS architecture and trying to design a character damage system.

Does the following design fits into ECS conception and will it be extendable in future?

  • I have an Actor component with health percent attribute and ActorsDamage system.

  • I also have an inventory system, so actors can use some food to increase their health.

  • When actors use inventory items, their Lua handlers executes and generates ActorHit event.

  • ActorDamage system receives this event and increases or decreases the actor’s health.

  • Other game systems link actors’ AI system or actors’ keyboard control systems can also trigger hit events.

So, is this an appropriate design conception, or is there something I need to correct or improve?

software recommendation – Lightweight text organizer widget?

I’m looking for a (hopefully free) app that allows me to save and organize text/code snippets.

For example:

  • When writing LaTeX documents I occasionally have to search online for some pretty specific code snippets to add to my documents.

  • There are certain terminal commands that I just cannot remember and have to look up every time I’d like to use them.

  • Fun copypastas to send every once in a while

  • etc.

I know I can use the default Notes app but I don’t think it’s the most effective way to organize these random bits of text. Any suggestions appreciated!

Can a antivirus software detect a malware that steals data?

For example, consider a software that wants to package all txt files in the /user/Desktop directory and upload them to its own server. I am not a programmer. But I know it can be done very easily with codes. Maybe this can be done with a single line of code. Even a lot of well-known software can do this. Pdf viewer, media player etc.

It does’nt crash or slow down the pc. Only, scan txt files on Desktop and upload own servers! For example I have seen a lot of program that request outbounding internet connection on my Firewall Software. And these programs are well-known programs used by millions of people.

I’m guessing a antivirus does’nt block this process. Isn’t that very worrying for ordinary pc users? Many users don’t even know the Firewall.

Is there something I missed? Maybe I’m wrong and Antivirus or Windows OS can detect and block this easily.

Note: I don’t want suggestions such as use Linux or Open Source programs. I am not researching how to avoid this.

I just wonder if this process could be that easy?

software – Digital Photo Professional making copy of CR2 as jpg

I have a very novice-y question, but I can’t find anything on this:

I use DPF 3.15 for digitizing specimens at my work. I don’t know what I pressed, but the software has been returning two kinds of images for every shot: one a CR2 and one a jpg. Does anyone know how to turn this function off?


How to find "forum" software Consultant?


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