bitcoin core – Cashless society

A cashless society seems inevitable when we look 50 – 100 years in the future. What role will bitcoin play?

People estimate bitcoin reaching its cap in 2140 so that will play a role in its value assuming it continues to be the market leader but let’s ignore that for a second and imagine why people would use bitcoin.

If it does remain the most used cryptocurrency and we transition to a cashless currency I can see it taking the place of cash as we use it today for the following reasons:

  • It’s not linked to the banks and you don’t need to declare it for tax purposes (as far as I know).

  • It can be reasonably anonymous if used in such a way that allows that. I’m thinking of people receiving benefits but working for a weekly bitcoin wage, criminals using bitcoin as a method of payment for illegal purposes like drugs, prostitution, loan sharks, etc.

  • It’s getting easier to own and store bitcoin and even less tech savvy people can have a digital wallet and process transactions using a QR code in a smartphone app.

  • The number of legitimate companies who are adopting bitcoin as a method of payment is on the rise in all industries, digital goods, numerous services and even some retail shops.

Anyway let’s discuss – have I got anything wrong? Can you think of other uses? Will a different cryptocurrency take over (perhaps one implemented by our governments to allow more control)?

[ Other – Society & Culture ] Open Question : What's something you seem to be able to do?

[ Other – Society & Culture ] Open Question : What's something you seem to be able to do?

Are beta males the most discriminated in society?

Somewhat yes. A weak feminine guy often lets others to walk over them and take the advantage, this is the reason nice guys finish last. A dominant brave guy never tolerates any bullsh*it from others and strives hard to be at the top, such kind of mindset helps alpha males to rule the world. 


Characteristics of beta males : 

– Soft and feeble voice which lacks authority

– Never stands up for himself 

– Is afraid to confront others 

– Hangs around women like a wimpy desperate guy and pleases her too much

– Is less ambitious about his career and money

– Is afraid of offending others because he cares too much about others feelings.

– Is probably a leftist

– Benefits others like a fool and puts himself at loss.

Why does a politically correct society make it wrong to be a white person?

That is a good question, hopefully I can help make sense of it.

It is important that we be taught about racisim.

If our society is being divided and exploited, the smaller exploited party won’t be able to change things on their own. They need our help, and we need to make informed choices about what we’re doing.

I don’t think washing anyone’s feet will make things better for people. I get the religious symbolism, but it feels a little inappropriate for our times.

However, there are people that work a job doing that, by choosing freely to do so ourselves, it can be seen as a way as saying “I’m not better than anyone else trying to survive honestly”

Keep in mind too that racisism is common enough that it’s hard to tell from a victim’s perspective who is, and who is not. Their lives and the lives of their children depend on the changes that are being asked for. It has been needed a very long time, it has been a long road to get here.

[ Other – Society & Culture ] Open Question : I’VE HAD ENOUGH OF HUMAN KIND!?

I wouldn’t be surprised if Covid-19 was mother nature’s way of trying to correct her mistake; humans do not deserve this planet! I am sick of switching on the tv to see grown men kidnapping young girls to use for their own sexual pleasure! Their babies how can you possibly find them sexually appealing what the actual fxxk is wrong with you!? People being killed in the street for their skin colour! It’s only a fxxking skin shade! Dogs are being slaughtered for no fxxking reason at all! How much of a sick; twisted; vile person do you have to be to harm an animal; dogs especially their one of the best things about being here today they are the most loyal; loving creatures; for them to be treat like their nothing really does make my blood boil; having a dog is one of life’s greatest blessings if you have a **** day guaranteed when you get home to a wagging tail & slobbery kisses your day is instantly turned into one of the best days! I don’t understand this ******* world; I’ve genuinely had enough we shouldn’t just be protesting ‘black life’s matter’ because children like Madeleine McCann and our little fur babies don’t have voices either! WE NEED TO STOP THIS ******* DISGUSTING BEHAVIOUR! Every creature on this planet is here for one sole purpose; to survive! Why are we cutting life’s short!? Humans are not god! 😡

character creation: can't you have mutations or be in a secret society?

Paranoia is a game in which everyone is or appears to be secretly working against you, and you are aware of this. (That is why it is called "Paranoia"). Secret societies and mutant powers are the main way in which the game produces this.

Mutant powers give you extremely useful abilities, but they're also things you could be declared a traitor for if you get caught using them. Secret societies offer convenient advantages for members and / or threaten to kill you if you don't obey orders, but the missions they send you are invariably things that could kill you if they catch you. Both are things you want to keep secret at all costs, but that other players could easily discover if you're not careful.

Of course, this means that you have a strong motivation to discover the secrets of the other players, so that you can use them against them. And they know you will come, and you know they know you will come, and that means that the conflict and intrigue are very likely to escalate until one or more of you are killed.

Tl; dr: Be alert. Trust nobody. Keep your laser handy.

Anyway, to answer your question: There is no way to choose not to have a secret society or mutant power, because the game doesn't work as well without them. Except for the intervention of GM, there is no way of "choosing" for the mess of intrigue that makes the game fun. (Multiple editions of Paranoia tell GM to tell players that not having a secret society or mutant power is a possibility. This statement is an important part of the game and should not be omitted.)

The consequences of not fulfilling the missions of your secret society depend on your superiors in that secret society (that is, even the GM). Sometimes this can mean punishment of some kind; other times it may mean that you do not get the contraband equipment or useful information that would otherwise have been your reward. There may even be no consequences at all. Or at least, there are no consequences to say you about…

The consequences of not using your mutant powers are that you don't get the benefit of using those powers. Of course, you also don't risk getting caught using those powers, and don't risk those powers going terribly wrong somehow.

Oh, and you mentioned that it is really difficult to figure out what information you are allowed to have and what information you are not. It is true. Accidentally revealing that you know too much is another source of in-game hilarity. Therefore, a healthy attitude for a citizen of the Alpha Complex is "I don't know anything," sometimes even when someone just asks for their name. And, on that note …


Bit Society – New Slack Group for Cryptocurrencies – Cryptocurrency Corner

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My husband earns more money than I do and has no real education. Is society sexist?

"My husband earns more money than I do and has no real education. Is society sexist?"

Then enter trades. In other words, do what men do. "Man up" to the same choices that men make and you will earn the same pay as men. It's that easy.

Here is a clue. The economy doesn't care about your college education. And most men just go where the money is instead of waiting for the money to come their way.

No wonder there is a gender pay gap. Meanwhile, feminists feel justified in trying to socially redesign the entire society so that their magically chosen fields pay more. Little do they realize that even if they could do that, then MORE MEN will go there too. Suddenly, more women would compete with more men for jobs in the chosen field. Because men follow money. That is the clue.


Is society different now than it was in the late 1990s?

The Internet united the world, for better and for worse. People's opinion of humans is now based on a more global scale, as opposed to the small community they personally come from. On the one hand, you might think that it helps people understand other people in the world, their cultures, religions, traditions, ETC at the same time, although this led to hatred and envy, because people suddenly have more access each other. The usefulness of the Internet advanced faster than the security provided. There needs to be more firewalls, more security, more laws, and more people watching to find someone who uses it in some way. People are less social face-to-face these days, and if a discussion or dispute of some sort happens online, it could technically go on forever, because people can wait to give an answer, think more about it, rather than a face to face an argument, where eventually a person's brain would fail, they would take the hit, grow a spine, and move on. Now everyone complains about everything, and it is toxic to humanity.

[ Other – Society & Culture ] Open-ended question: Is coronavirus really as bad as people claim to be?

I really don't understand why it's worse than swine flu or Ebola, when we had both flu businesses never shut down.