Will the "caravan" take more American jobs?

No matter that, let's concentrate on why it seems appropriate to enter and improve-as-is-adapted to this country, as Trump himself considers opportune, instead of always leaving a moth-eaten country like Mexico, as his Mexican opponents see the right (Seriously, has it ever happened to Girls and Boys that they should make SOME efforts to improve their own country, so that their people are not forced to cross into the United States, either by legal or illegal means? do the jobs that Americans do not want (do not they and their liberal facilitators want more than that?), do not even notify, nor do they care, that their own country is FFFFFAAAAAARRRRR more dishonored by the flight of Joacquin Guzm├ín that for ANYTHING has to say Trump?!?!?!)? Ah, do you mean to say the Mexican political system? Your virtuous leaders, and how they managed to get out of jail directly from & # 39; Hogan & # 39; s Heroes & # 39; possible?!?!? It is definitely wrong for the Mexicans not to have paid attention to the escape of the "Heroes de Hogan" degree from the lord of drugs! Mexicans should be furious at the inefficiency and incompetence of their country, what is Trump making fun of? His comments on Mexico would be much easier to dismiss if they had not been followed by a Mexican jail break directly from "Hogan & # 39; s Heroes". Why is it not for Mexico to have an open border with Guatemala, and to be so free with all the other immigrants that come from there and in YOUR several ports of all those other countries? ! ? Even if I support the deportation until the last of them (which I will not confirm or deny), I will treat them better than Mexicans (Guatemalans, Chinese, etc.) who enter their country without THEM say yes! ! The penalty in that case is PRISON !!!! That's pretty bad if I refer to a prison like the NUESTRA, but I mean one of THEM !!!!! Trump demands that his country improve against itself, for example, Singapore, Japan or Germany (instead of simply going there, and if ANY American can do it, it is HE), and considering how angry Mexicans are with him and not with faults. in his own country, where frankly, his opinion is "VO A NA-SIIING", maybe Trump should be president of Mexico. Why should not Trump be anti-immigrant simply because Mexico is also anti-immigrant, against the various immigrants? crossing its southern border? Do you agree with the fact that people are forced to resort to that, instead of demanding that their country of origin improve on its own? Almost the only country on Earth that tries to INCREASE immigration is Canada, and they try to encourage Americans to create jobs and offer free medical care, which we, the Americans, on one side or the other on the political side, demand that the United States do for the Americans. MEXICO … DEMAND YOUR OWN COUNTRY TO IMPROVE YOURSELF SO YOU AND YOURS ARE NOT REDUCED TO STAY IN OTHERS !!! Do not make ANY excuses about your difficulties or about the powers you want. If you have the strength, will and public opinion to try to change US immigration policy, you can do the same to do what I say. Yello Yello Yello Yello Yello AND SEE WHAT YOU ARE TRYING TO DO OR MAKE AAACCCCTTTTUUTALLISMOALYYYYYYYYY (in the case of Germany and Japan, in a single generation) !!!!! Indians (Turban), for THAT question, had SIMILAR if they were not exactly the same problems (Thankless Empire Gringo used them for the rough work force), and although people see them at their lowest level as taxi drivers and employees of store (well, that's still more than Mexico has done), they are also seen as educated workers, as teachers. Mexico should shoot for the same thing !!!!!!! "Once, in the land of broken legs, the inhabitants heard rumors of another distant land where people moved freely, because they had not broken anyone's legs." They made fun of these stories and said: How could someone move without crutches? & # 39;


[ Community Service ] Open question: What is sin?

[ Community Service ] Open question: What is sin? .

[ Christmas ] Open question: Are you starting to receive Christmas gifts and send Christmas cards now? I wait until December.

[ Christmas ] Open question: Are you starting to receive Christmas gifts and send Christmas cards now?
I wait until December. .