How Do You Run A Successful Social Media Campaign?

How do you run a successful social media campaign?

How Will Social Media Change The Business?

How will social media change the business?

Social media panel with the most members in the world..


y u no do it?

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List Down Some Of The Popular Social Media Tools.

List down some of the popular social media tools.

How Long Will It Take To See Results From Social Media Marketing?

How long will it take to see results from social media marketing?

social media video or Professional youtube videos editing quickly and high quality for $3

social media video or Professional youtube videos editing quickly and high quality

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30 Social Bookmarking Submission with High Quality Backlinks

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Social media posters needed to get a community started

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facebook – Social networking database preference

Hello I come from a background of business applications working in C# and SQL …

I want to start a personal project a social network, with posts, messages

and i went down a rabbit hole for a while trying to figure out the best way to handle all this with SQL which was KILLING ME…. so a few months ago i studied some other database models and found out that I’ve been using the wrong tool for the job…. with that said … i dont have a lot of knowledge of the other database systems to make an educated choice…..

can someone give me some advice on what type of data models I should be looking at (i can do my own research I just don’t know what to look for just yet)…

I believe I will need some sort of NoSQL database …. but then I heard Fauna DB would be really good… I just don’t know the terminology I’m looking for to actually learn

the functionality I’m trying to accomplish is a user being able to see more or fewer posts by setting a preference on how many degrees of separation they are from the person (for example I want to see posts of friends of friends of friends of friends) that’s 4 degrees of separation and I believe a relational database just can’t handle this type of functionality…

if this is the wrong place to post i understand but please help point me in the right direction so i may try to learn.