authentication – Received Google 2FA Code via SMS from two unknown phone numbers

I recently encountered a strange incident regarding the 2FA of my Google Account.

The user Dunois has described a very similar occurance in this post: Functional Google 2FA code (via SMS) received from a random (but in use) mobile phone number

My experience is a bit different, so i made a new post instead of replying to his original post.

The other day, i set up a 2FA for the Google-Workspace-Account that i use at work. I (foolishly) chose the SMS option, and entered my phone number. The code that I received didn’t come from the usual phone number simply marked as “Google”, but from what appeared to be a regular phone number from the UK (+447907180…, apparently an o2 number). Also it didn’t come with the usual message (“G-###### is your…), it simply had six digits in it, with no further message.

I didn’t use the code, because it just freaked me out a bit. Instead i requested another code, this time receiving a message from the usual “Google”-number. I didn’t switch websites, i literally clicked the same button twice, receiving messages from two different numbers. I can also rule out falling for a spoofed website, since i’ve navigated to my account settings from my Gmail, which i have saved as a bookmark in my browser.

Unfortunately, I deleted the message before i made a screenshot.

The next day, I tried to reproduce the same thing with my private Google-Account, which already had prompts as a 2FA-Option activated. When i switched it to SMS, the same thing happened again, this time i took a screenshot.

This time the code came from a german number (I live in Germany), but had the same format as the last one. Again though, i didn’t enter the code.
On both accounts i haven’t been able to receive another message from the two numbers since. Every time i request a new code, it will come from the old “Google” number. Friends, that tried it for themselves, were getting the regular messages as well.

My Google Account shows no suspicius activity, i am not missing any data, nor have i been locked out of either my accounts.

By now, i called both numbers, the german one seems to be active, but goes straight to voicemail. The british one is apparently unknown by my provider T Mobile.

So my question is: Do i have to worry about my account? And if not, what is going on here then? If it is a scam of some sort, where’s the scam? Could this be some strange glitch on Googles side? Has Google just used some third party 2FA service provider to send me the message? And if so, why would they settle for a company that make their messages look like strange phishing attempts?

Pressing Enter key with an external keyboard doesn’t send SMS on Panasonic P100

I am using a Panasonic P100. I want to use an external keyboard to SMS to my friend, but the Enter key is not working to send SMS.

My phone loses connection after sending 150-200 sms

I’m sms spamming to my business number (because of a campaign from my provider). But after sending 150-200 sms from my personal number to any number my phone loses connection. I called the service provider of my personal phone that I use to send sms. They said it shouldn’t happen. I’m using an application for sms spamming and it is sending 1 sms per second. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 32GB Android 7.0 rooted.

Does “Messages in iCloud” include SMS?

The page on Messages in iCloud mentions keeping “all your messages” on iCloud. It then goes on to activate the functionality on the iMessage settings tab in macOS.

  • Does it apply to SMS messages?

  • Does it only apply to SMS messages under certain conditions, e.g. only after enabling receiving SMS on another device?

services – Is there a real alternative to (Receive/send SMS with anonymous payments with Bitcoin.)

For years and years, I’ve had an account at Yesterday, I logged in to my account to discover that their “bug” which shows a generic “page not found” error whenever you try to delete a number (which costs money, pulled from your account, for as long as it’s active) has still not been fixed. Trying to send them a bug report, their support form showed the exact same “page not found” error after submitting it.

These are not the first issues with their website. Although not a complete scam (the few times they had a purchasable number, I was able to buy and use it), the author(s) is/are clearly either very “fishy”, or just plain incompetent. There have been numerous bizarre “glitches” and bugs every single time I’ve tried to use it, and at this point, with them not even allowing me to delete my number or contacting them, I’ve finally had enough.

Is there an alternative to this service? And by “alternative”, I don’t mean some site which requires me to give them personal information and/or doesn’t allow Bitcoin payment.

As always, there are numerous websites which offer an “SMS inbox”, but I’ve never found one except DTMF which doesn’t harass you with personal information/e-mail accounts/privacy-destroying payment methods.

Is there an alternative which you have used personally and recently? Please don’t link me to search result sites whose claims you just take on face value, as these are useless.

catalina – How can I temporarily send SMS text messages instead of iMessages to a specific contact using Messages on Mac?

I have a contact that I text with regularly on my Mac with the Messages app (version 13.0). Usually we use iMessage. But they don’t have an iPhone, so if they send me an SMS message, I know they’re on their phone. It shows up in the same conversion. By default, it has me reply by iMessage, which they wouldn’t get immediately because they’re not on their Mac. I used to be able to simply pull down a menu from the contact, and switch to their phone number to send as an SMS instead. But at some point in the past (probably a macOS update), that option disappeared. Instead, I have to start a new conversion, start typing their name, and then I can select their phone number to send as SMS. Once I select that, it immediately merges into the previous conversion (though it still has me sending as SMS). Is there an easier way to accomplish this? It seems like a ridiculous amount of effort for such a common task.

sms – Can I copy data to be restored, if phone is stuck in bootloop?

My phone is stuck in a bootloop. I can get into TWRP recovery, which has a file manager. I can also connect the USB cable to computer and see the phones internal memory. Is there a way to copy text messages and WhatsApp messages so I can restore them on another phone?

I’m afraid the filesystem may have been corrupted. When I go to /data/data/ I expect to see names like “WhatsApp” or “Facebook” but everything is random…like +NiZZaTrs3RFzYegpkEk

Why doesn’t SMS spam go to the Unknown Senders tab on iPhone Messages?

On iPhone Messages, SMS text messages come through from political groups and all kinds of other nonsense. These are not phone numbers I interact with. Some of them are short codes?

Why don’t they all go to the “Unknown Senders” tab, since I have that setting turned on?

Can someone hack people in bulk with SMS RELAY hacking?

As it is not hard to interpret other people’s SMS with targeted attack, is it also possible that someone made a tool that can hack SMS’s in bulk? let me explain theoretical routes:

  1. Use a Relay Antenna with strong signal, to cause all nearby mobile devices to be switched to your fake Relay.

  2. Track all recipient numbers (depending the incoming SMS/logs) and record all those numbers.

  3. Use public libraries (there are plenty of dump infos, i.e. HaveIbeenPawned or alike) to find the holders for those numbers, or even just try out all those numbers if they have accounts on FB/GOOGLE/Bank accounts, etc

  4. With automated bot (for each of the catched number) try to recovery access for all those listed websites.

Is that theoretically possible, or hackers even already possess such tools? Any evidence?

CHARGEABLE instant message via sms – Can someone explain?

Was looking into Tmobile options and saw this for an option.

Block Instant Message sent via SMS – Blocks CHARGEABLE instant messages.

Does anyone know of an example of a chargeable instant message?

(No one at Tmobile sees to know)