How do I sign up for sms?

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How to determine what will happen if a charge occurs when sending a short SMS code

I still receive text messages from a short SMS number that asks me to complete a survey or to answer "STOP" to stop receiving these messages. But when I answer "STOP", Android gives me the message:

This may cause charges to your mobile account

I did a Google search for this message and found a specific service that said it only referred to any charge that your provider evaluates to send text messages, so with unlimited text messages there would be no additional charge. But the number that is sending me this message is not the service that the website refers to, and I want to make sure that I do not get charged an additional amount just for choosing not to participate.

Is there a place where I can do a search on the number that is sending me a text message to see if there will be a charge and, if so, how much? I have previously responded to other short codes without ever having received this message, so I assume there must be something in this number that I need to worry about.

ios – [THEOS][iOS12] Send sms programmatically on unlocked device.

I could not find a way to send an SMS / iMessage by code (obj c) for any iOS> 7 using THEOS. the best The topic that I found about this is this: link. However, it is getting old and it does not work anymore.

1) Is it still possible?

2) If so, how?

3) Are there any restrictions?

4) What right do I need (if I need one)?

Thank you

Can I measure the click-through rate (CTR) of a link to a phone number embedded in an email or SMS?

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Who are providing the SMS server

Who is providing the SMS server with quotations for a network?

motorola moto g – How to block SMS spamming

I am using a MOTO-G6 and it runs on Android-8.0.0. The default SMS application is Google-Messages.

I am receiving tons of annoying spam SMS from contacts without numbers.
It only shows a name, for example:


I can block these contacts, but I still get sms from these again and again.

Does anyone have this kind of problem? How do you solve this? I am willing to buy a paid application if it exists.

Sms marketing?

Hello dear,

Please tell me, explains Sms Marketing?


Add-ons: How to configure the event log and send the verification by email and notification by SMS?

I do not have any knowledge about coding, and I have to create a landing page with the following characteristics:

  1. The user will be able to see all the events.
  2. The user can select the event that interests him.
  3. The user can select his preferred time.
  4. The user must complete his name, email identification and telephone number.
  5. A verification email will be sent to the user. After he verifies it, his seat will be reserved.
  6. An SMS will be sent to your phone to confirm your seat.
  7. If all seats are reserved, users will not be able to reserve for that particular event.

Is there a plugin that can help me with this?

Thank you – Was the link sent in 90-character SMS rewritten with (1/2)?

We send (through an SMS text message) a user a link to our ASP.NET site, such as:

What usually works well. But they had problems and got a server error, which was reported to me as:

Sender: ASP.global_asax EventArgs: System.EventArgs Target Site:

URI request:

Exception: the driver for the route & # 39; / hub / (1/2) & # 39; it was not found or not
Do not implement IController.

So it's as if the last two sections of the link we sent to them converted to "(1/2)" in some way. Unfortunately, the characters (, /, and) are filtered by the search engines, and 1 and 2 are very common, so I find it difficult to find others who see this.

The first thing I thought was that, regardless of the device on which they got the link, they divided the SMS text message into two parts, clicked on the link and got that. However, I see a screenshot of SMS text, and it only has about 90 characters, so it seems a bit unlikely. They also said that they wrote it too, but unfortunately it is a remote non-technical client, so I can not interrogate them or examine their devices.

My main question is whether someone recognizes this symptom or knows what caused it. I guess it's a stroke of luck, but I thought maybe someone here could recognize it as something else.

Google Play Store – Use of SMS permission groups or call log

I have this alert in my Play Store. Anyone has a solution.

Alert: this application will be affected by a policy change
This application will be affected by a change in Google Play policy that governs the use of SMS and CALL_LOG permissions. Applications that are not compatible can be removed from Google Play on January 9, 2019.

I removed the SMS and CALL_LOG permissions and updated the application. But I still have the same error. Please help.

Thank you!