mac – Reset SMC without power button

I have a MBP without 13-inch retina 2012. The power button does not work. Apart from that, the system worked fine. I tried to fix the power button by opening the back cover, disconnecting the battery and then removing and replacing the keyboard cable. after connecting the battery and starting the system by connecting the magsafe connector. the system started very slow (I have an SSD and it usually takes 10 seconds but it took 3 minutes) and the fans were at full speed. The system became very slow and applications were launched very slowly. I check the activity monitor and the CPU was inactive. so I realized that I have to reset the smc. but I do not know how to do it since the power button does not work. I tried restarting with smcflasher.efi (from smcupdate.pkg) by booting to rEFIt. says that the restart option is not available and discovered that Apple blocked the restart / modification of the firmware externally. So, is there any other method to reset SMC?

hardware – Diagnosis of the SMC problem in damaged liquid A1932

Rather, unfortunately, I have spilled some coffee on a Macbook Air A1932.

The problems that I am currently experiencing are:

  • the laptop will not work with the battery, only with the AC power plugged in
  • I experience the behavior (something common) when the fan is always running at full speed and the CPU is always strangled, probably due to a malfunction of the temperature sensors
  • Apple PPT006 ​​diagnostic reports (battery requires service) and PFM006 (SMC problem)

Before taking the device to Apple service, who will probably suggest replacing both the mobo and the battery, I'm trying to make a diagnosis. From what I collect, the entire fan points to a possible problem with a temperature sensor somewhere. The most obvious assumption is the battery, but in fact, Mac Fan Control reports reasonable values ​​(?) Of the battery temperature sensor:
enter the description of the image here

(among others, the image shows temperatures of 27-29 ° C for sensors called Battery Sensor 1/2)

Here are more sensor values ​​of the istats tool:

Unknown TmOP: 35.25 ° C
Hand rest Ts0P L: 24.75 ° C
Proximity of the TsOS memory bank: -128.0 ° C
Ts1P Unknown: 27.0 ° C
Ts1S Unknown: -128.0 ° C
TAOV Unknown: 25.03 ° C
Battery TBOT TS_MAX: -127.0 ° C
Battery TB1T 1: 27.59 ° C
Battery TB2T 2: 27.0 ° C
TCaP Unknown: 34.69 ° C
TCHP Unknown: 37.19 ° C
TCMX Unknown: 39.0 ° C
TCSA PECI SA: 37.0 ° C
CPU TCXC PECI: 39.06 ° C
TCOE CPU 0 ??: 39.09 ° C
TCOF CPU 0 ??: 38.77 ° C
TCOP CPU 0 Proximity: 35.63 ° C
TC1C Core 1: 36.0 ° C
TC2C Core 2: 37.0 ° C
TH0a Unknown: 34.0 ° C
THOF Unknown: 34.03 ° C
Proximity of the TMOP memory slot: 36.19 ° C
TPCD platform controller hub die: 36.0 ° C
TSMP Unknown: 33.81 ° C
TUDD Unknown: 32.75 ° C
TWOP AirPort Proximity: 33.94 ° C

This contains some suspicious readings (absent), for TsOS, Ts1S Y TBOT. However, each does not necessarily mean a hardware problem.

So, my main question is: how can I know if only the battery is damaged, the mobo or both?
More specific questions:

  1. Can anyone provide the output of scanning istats for an A1932, or confirm that one of these suspicious readings is definitely a problem.
  2. Can anyone tell where these sensors are (should) be physically located?