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#What is OZC?

OZC is a new generation Blockchain platform operating by O-DPoS (Open – Delegated Proof of Stake) consensus algorithm with the ability to scale many secondary Master Node clusters synchronized with 1 central Master Node cluster, helping to fast and low-cost transaction processing. In theory, OZC can handle more than 1 million transactions per second and is scalable to infinity.

#What problems does OZC solve?

There are 5 main problems that OZC solves: 1. Transaction processing speed 2. Fast transaction processing 3. Low transaction fees 4. Build user-friendly solutions 5. Minimize the consumption of energy and equipment to protect the environment and prevent waste.

#What makes it different to be successful?

OZC has three things that make the difference and the success of the project: 1. Green solution: instead of using the PoW consensus, it wastes too much unnecessary energy, wastes resources, and materials, and also impacts the environment. OZC uses the O-DPoS consensus algorithm as the leading OZC research and development team to save energy and reduce unnecessary safer environmental costs. 2. High and low transaction processing efficiency: With multi-group consensus transaction processing capability O-DPoS Master Node. OZC can manage a transaction volume in excess of 100 thousand per transaction at a near-zero cost. 3. Strong community: OZC is currently one of the largest projects with millions of users worldwide participating in the company and promotion. By coming to OZC, everyone can be given the opportunity to receive the greatest advantages and bring great value to society.

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binance – Remove funds from my test smart contract deployed via Brownie to BSC

I deployed a smart contract via Brownie from my local machine to BSC maninnet.

I then added some funds to this contract from my MetaMask in WBNB

How can I get the funds out of the smart contract or send them back to my BSC MetaMask account?

Can I do this easily from the brownie console – or need another smart contract or process to read this one and return funds? I used my MetaMask BSC account private key to create the Locale brownie BSC account from which I launched my smart contract.


SmartFunelVideo – Smart Funnel Builder with Profit Forecasting + Animation Video Maker for $15

SmartFunelVideo – Smart Funnel Builder with Profit Forecasting + Animation Video Maker

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a WordPress Theme or Plugin?
Not at all. You don’t need WordPress. It is a completely web-based application.

How much do I have to pay for hosting?
It does not charge you a pretty penny for hosting. Unlimited hosting for all your funnels is included.

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This depends entirely on your usage and your choice of license. If you get the PRO Commercial license then there is no cap on the number. Create and profit endlessly.

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In Google search results, my “smart results” (?) disappear

I use Google Chrome 91.0.4472.124, the current version. When I type in specific things into search like for example “BTC”, I always get a nice graph of the Bitcoin price. However, after like 1 second, it disappears, together with some other useful UI elements:

enter image description here

I have this problem only on my computer for some reason, not on other devices. I tried to enable and disable AdBlock addon at my Chrome but without effect. I have no other add ons. I also tried to use non-dark-mode, but it is the same problem there.

is it possible to develop a Progressive Web Application (PWA) on iOS that can emulate a smart card using near field communication?

as far as I understand, for Android there are no difficulties with developing a native app or a PWA to emulate a smart card, however there are difficulties when developing this app for iOS.

Could you please clarify the currently available methods for developing a native app and/or a PWA for iOS that can send out a simple data via NFC as if it was a smart (library) card?

It’s only a user ID that would need to be read by the NFC reader (which will very likely be an Android tablet), then on this tablet linked to a timestamp and then sent further to an online database.

Thank you! k

applications – Vietcombank Smart OTP app says “Your device does not match security requirements. Please re-activate Smart OTP on other devices”

I am trying to use the app Vietcombank Smart OTP on Android. This is the Smart OTP app of the Vietnamese leading bank Vietcombank. The app downloads fine, but everytime I start it up I get this error message:

Thiết bị của Quý khách không đảm bảo yêu cầu về bảo mật. Vui lòng kích hoạt lại Smart OTP trên thiết bị khác
Your device does not match security requirements. Please re-activate Smart OTP on other devices

enter image description here

This error message can be seen here:

I have tried this with 3 different brand-new phones and I get the same error message.

Some descriptions for Vietnamese readers:

Không sử dụng được app Vietcombank Smart OTP. Mỗi lần mở app lên đều nhận được lỗi như ở trên.

confused about getting the article you want, don’t be afraid, please contact us for $20

confused about getting the article you want, don’t be afraid, please contact us

I was given the responsibility to keep up with I was given the responsibility tokeep up with trends to be able to write up-to-date writings. Besides that, I

also have to be creative and active in writing and providing information as

well as the ability to manage social media well. Behind all that, I am also

driven by the existence of targets and deadlines. The achievements that I got

to this day, I have always been able to complete all tasks before the deadlinetrends Regards



Smart Virtual Assistant? white hat bots that makes work go smarter not harder

I am offering automated solutions for any data entry tasks. Simply we converting the manual steps that take time into custom automated software with connecting and simulating the web browser, posting data, checking for validators Messages.. etc in another words: developing auto apps that make your routine tasks with arranged and fast steps done.

Note: we accepting any ideas related to automated specialization not just data entry work.

Is that web solution?

both Windows application/Web apps products included.

Project TimeLine?

This depends on the project circle
Software analysis and process design, development and implementation

Price: starting from $100 and it depends on your work/idea.

Feel free to contact me anytime for more help.

To Your Success,


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Ethereum is growing presently due the several use cases it has with one of them being that it can be used for smart contract operation.

News gathered from beincrypto reaveals that more than 25% of ethereum were locked in smart contract and this has helped ethereum to soar high .

Do you believe that there is strong future for ethereum in coming years ?