Modern file systems and small files?

Do modern file systems, such as ext4, ntfs and apfs, always start files in a new sector, or can some files share space in the same sector?

Image sizes in detail page size is too small Magento2?

I found a strange problem in Magento 2:

The product detail page shows the image of my product too small. I tried using view.xml within my theme and tried using viewback.xml.



How can I set the image size?
Can someone help me?enter the description of the image here

DIY: will a small format lens focus correctly on a large format camera?

The focus is not the problem here. The problem is coverage.

Any lens picks up the light of a cone in front of it (the angle depends on the focal length) and projects it towards a cone behind it (the angle depends on the coverage). While the lens is far enough from the plane of the film, there is some plane in the real world that will focus on the plane of the film.

But … in the case of its SMEMA lens, designed for 35mm format photography, focused on infinity, the projection cone will end up covering approximately a 22mm radius circle. To cover the full 8×10 format, you would need a coverage of at least 180 mm (both calculations, see Pythagoras).

In addition, being a 40 mm lens, the lens would have to be placed 40 mm (approximately, from the central focal point) from the plane of the film. If you look at how your camera is set up, you will see that you expect the lenses to be mounted approximately 200 mm away.

Your could Mount the lens further, and since the projected light is a cone, it would cover more of the film. Huzzah! Ah, but that would mean that the approach is getting closer and closer to the extreme macro. Napkin calculations. With an extension of 400 mm, the lens would have sufficient coverage. At that distance, the magnification ratio would be approximately 10: 1, and the focal length could be closer than the lens design would allow. Oh, and I would need to mark 7 exposure compensation stops at that extension (more coverage means less light per unit area), so good luck focusing on frosted glass.

There are no shortcuts here, I'm afraid. Larger format cameras require lenses with sufficient coverage. Yes, copal blinds of this size are expensive. For a cheaper alternative that you could use along with your Soviet glass, try looking for a shutter & # 39; Thornton Pickard & # 39; that can be located behind the lens.

Marketing in a small niche


I am marketing in a niche that is a gray area and I want to move on. I am looking for people who want to continue marketing in this niche.

I am including …
– Session starts
– Affiliates
– Scripts

Thank you

How to solve the "Text too small to read" error in the Google Usability Console mobile usability report?

Have you tried increasing the font size? It may sound silly, but usually the obvious is the simple answer.

Most CMS have an easy option to change the font size throughout the website and you can try it to make sure it doesn't have an adverse effect on larger screens.

The other point that comes to mind is to make sure you don't have any really small text on the page, check your footer to see if there is one, but also if the domain has hidden spam text with a really small text size That won't help.

It could help if you could share the size of the text you are using if none of the above help.

How to solve the "Text too small to read" error of the webmaster?

What is the meaning of Text too small to read in the mobile usability section of the Google search console?

Proof of semantic property of small steps

I am trying to solve exercise 2.20 of the book "Semantics with applications" by Nielson & Nielson. The request is as follows:

Exercise 2.20 Suppose (S1; S2, s) => * (S2, s & # 39;). Show what it is do not necessarily the case that (S1, s) => * s & # 39 ;.

I guess the test should use induction in the length of the derivation sequence, but I don't even know where to start.

I enclose here the table that defines the semantics used.

s.s.s. for the language While

Small high yield investments

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Functional analysis: existence of a unit vector in the Euclidean space with small projections to given linear subspaces

Leave $ E_1, points, E_s $ be linear subspaces of a Euclidean space $ mathbb {R} ^ n $. Assume that $ sum_ {i = 1} ^ s dim E_i leq n $. Leave $ w_1, points, w_s $ be non-negative numbers such that $ sum_ {i = 1} ^ s w_i ^ 2 = 1 $.

Is it true that there is a unit vector? $ x $ such that
$$ | Pr_ {E_i} x | leq w_i mbox {for all} i = 1, dots, s $$
where $ Pr_ {E_i} $ denotes the orthogonal projection to $ E_i $Y $ | cdot | $ What is the Euclidean norm?

The special case when $ dim E_i = 1 $ for all $ i $ Y $ s = n $ It is equivalent to saying that frany unit vectors $ u_1, points, u_n $ and any non-negative number $ w_1, points, w_n $ such that $ sum_ {i = 1} ^ nw_i ^ 2 = 1 $ there is a unit vector $ x $ such that
$$ | (x, u_i) | leq w_i mbox {for all} i = 1, dots, n. $$

web design services for small businesses

The administrations of the architecture of our website are not the same size: there are no clipping agreements, in any case, not from the best organizations. A decent web architecture office will help you make sense of the best type of site for your business. What is significant is that its site is excellent, insightfully extended and focused on lead. In addition, you must constantly update it to be aware of the cutting edge customer's wishes. Most web architectures only have a future of 2 to 5 years.

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