How small businesses are adopting Blockchain technology – The cryptocurrency corner

Today, technology has emerged a lot when it comes to online business. Every entrepreneur and owner of a small business should be updated with the latest technologies and try to implement it in their business. If you plan to implement blockchain technology in your business, hire a reputable blockchain development company (or), a blockchain developer. For more information, see this link,

network: creation of a small internal storage & # 39; server & # 39; for an officer

I have a situation:

I have an office, where everyone uses the broadband device on the office desktop PCs to connect to the Internet (Wi-Fi receiver) by connecting to our router given by the ISP. Now I need to configure an internal network to share between these PCs. I tried to configure a shared folder and it is not very reliable since it is slow and sometimes it does not work (permission and other tedious things) because the & # 39; server & # 39; (one of the Desktop) also connects to the router given by the ISP and all others connect to it by connecting to the router given by the ISP. The situation is that there is no wall Ethernet port in this office, but I need to have this & # 39; server & # 39; internal. Please tell me how to achieve this. Preferably internal solution, if there is no way, then I am also open to other solutions.

A million thanks!

Pdes analysis: does the small laplacia imply a small swing?

Consider a compact Riemann collector $ (M, g) $ and a function $ u $ in $ (M, g) $. $ u $ also satisfies that $ | triangle_g u | leq varepsilon $ where $ varepsilon $ It is a small constant. We can get that $ operatorname { mathop {osc}} (u) leq C_ varepsilon $ for some small constant $ C_ varepsilon $ dependent only on $ varepsilon $?

If this is not true, how to build a counterexample?

Endian big and small

Suppose your memory is aligned to 8 bytes. Represent how the word "Architecture" is stored taking into account the two resistance models: Big and Little Endian.

What is an easy way to quickly transfer content (text, image, small files) between my Galaxy Note 10 and Windows 10?

Very often I would like to quickly transfer some text that I have on my PC's clipboard (windows10) or an image to my phone (galaxy note 10). Is there any way to do this conveniently, wirelessly?

PD: I currently use the Windows telegram application with a second additional telegram account so that my PC transfers so little temporary data from my PC to my cell phone and vice versa.

Sale – Small PC Games

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I just set it up, which took me about 10 minutes of real work, but you can improve the site if you wish.

What challenges exist to run this site?
That depends on you

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How can I get traffic in a small blog | Forum Promotion

Tips to attract more traffic to your blog:
1] Write more: Studies show that the more you update your blog, the more traffic you will receive. Google gives higher priority to websites with new content, so if you want to get more attention from search engines, update your blog at least twice a week.

2. Promote with social networks.
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8. Hold gift events.

In my design 2 columns in small devices

Could you look at the design of

In my application vue / cli 4 / Bootstrap 4.3, I make a list of tasks in 1 column on small devices (ipad-s)
and 2 columns in large devices, such as:


But when trying different devices with Chrome, Chromium, I see 2 columns in ipad:
And I don't see why.
Is it a mistake in my design? Problems with browsers?

Thank you!

Oracle 11g – Small mishap in query sql developer

I have this question I asked about a case
enter image description here

The issue is that the case asks me that the user be on the first 2 digits of the name in addition to the last two digits of the routine before the script the thing is that I don't know why but it shows me the script the same.

Another question is that I can't get the average to show it to me with a decimal, how should I apply the query to show me a single decimal?

Beforehand thank you very much