2013 exchange: at what size does the mailbox database begin to suffer problems?

I have 5 mailbox databases in Exchange 2013 Standard.
As I reached my limit of databases that can be mounted at the same time, I cannot add another one if I have a problem.

As with any database, the larger it becomes, the slower it becomes.
Does anyone know how large a mailbox database can be before it starts experiencing major problems?

I currently have one with 208.6GB, another with 180.4GB and the others have a size of 30-45GB. The 200GB no longer has any new mailbox added.

I know that migration is relatively easy, but it is the process to recover the blank space again in the system unit that can take time, so before spending time solving this I want to know if it will be worth it or if the bases of data are perfectly fine having that size.

sublimetext3 – How do I change the default settings of the Tab Size of SublimeText 3?

When creating any file in SublimeText 3 the IDE has a default tab size of 4 and I always have to go to the lower right option of the working environment to modify it, how and where could I modify this so that as soon as I create a file I the tabulation I want appears?

How to determine the size of an object in a photo?

I want to recreate some food photography images, but I cannot determine the size of the dishes used in the images. I guess there are people here who can read images better than me, so I want to have your opinion on whether the tableware used in the following images are side dishes or plates depending on the approximate size of the food, the fork and the spoon that I can find in the pictures.

image 1

image 2

finite element method: control the size of the FEM grid for 1D regions

I need to manage the mesh size for the solution of the finite element method to a differential equation, where the properties change in two regions. This is for one dimension. I created a three-point boundary mesh to create two linear regions.

<< NDSolve`FEM`  

 bmesh = ToBoundaryMesh["Coordinates" -> {{0}, {2}, {4}},   
"BoundaryElements" -> {PointElement[{{1}, {2}, {3}}, {1, 1, 3}]},   
"PointElements" -> {PointElement[{{1}, {2}, {3}}, {1, 1, 3}]}]; 

 m3 = ToElementMesh[bmesh, "RegionMarker" -> {{{1}, 1, 0.2}, {{2}, 
 2, 0.05}}]



When I verify the coordinates of the element, the second region does not seem to have the space between elements that I requested. It should be 0.05, but it seems to remain at 0.2.

Table[{m3["Coordinates"][[i]], i}, {i,1,Length[m3["Coordinates"]]}]

m3["Wireframe"["MeshElementIDStyle" -> Red]]

Can anyone help?

Attach large size to email?

Attach large size to email? The | Web Hosting Talk

& # 39;);
var sidebar_align = & # 39; right & # 39 ;;
var content_container_margin = parseInt (& # 39; 350px & # 39;);
var sidebar_width = parseInt (& # 39; 330px & # 39;);
// ->

  1. Attach large size to email?

    I know Dropbox, etc., but what are other options to be able to attach large files to emails?

  2. You can use Google Drive for Gmail, OneDrive for Outlook, Firefox Send. These are some of the options to attach large files to emails.

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usability: reduce the size of a Tab control system

Below is the desktop UI I am currently working with and I need to make it much smaller. It is 1266.6px wide and my task is to do something that is a maximum of 390 wide. I've been trying to find user interface designs to choose categories, but nothing catches my attention or they are mobile designs.

current user interface

My current thinking is to have a bubble system where you hover your cursor over the bubble and it expands from there, but I'm not sure if that is just a junk user interface, since it could go to 3 levels and it may not be easy to use.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Windows: How can I take images of NTFS partitions made with dd on a unit of one size and write them on another unit of a different size?

I ran ubuntu from a USB device to make images of partitions of a hard drive, I used GNU ddrescue, which is effectively as dd. The source unit (the unit from which I made images) was 160 GB.

How can I take images of NTFS partitions made with dd on a disk of one size and write them on another disk of a different size? The unit in which I want to write the images is 1TB.

I am cautious of writing the partition in the partition of another unit, then I find out that the sizes do not match and even changing the size might not work, besides I do not want to change the size of the partitions anyway.

I thought that maybe there could be a way to convert a dd image into a macrium image, so I tried to mount the image with OSFmount and right click on the mounted partition and click to create an image in macrium reflect, but macrium did not saw & # 39; cos macrium seems to work only when there is a real physical disk drive where it is creating an image, not just in a virtual partition.

So how do you write a raw image, made of dd, into a partition of another drive?

Class feature: Increase in focus pool size as non-stormy or leaf druid


Take a multi-class dedication and choose multi-class feats that grant additional focus points. The focus points of all feats add up to a combined group, up to 3 points maximum, even if they are of different classes.

P. 302 "Focus points from multiple sources":

It is possible, especially through archetypes, to obtain focus spells and focus points from more than one source. If this happens, you only have one focus group, adding all the focus points to determine the total size of your group.

Focus points are not differentiated by source; You can spend any of your Focus Points on any of your focus spells.

SQL Server: generates an error when the data size is larger than the maximum response size

The SQL Server error log only captures errors that have significant severity (usually 19-25, with exceptions). See the documentation here:

Imagine if all errors divided by zero, ambiguous column or syntax flooded the error log? That record would quickly become an unmanageable disaster.

What you can do is use an Alert, which can activate notifications and other actions whenever an exception is generated with a certain severity (or, where appropriate, error number):

For example:

EXEC sys.sp_add_alert @name = 'repl size error',
  @message_id = 7139, -- I believe this is the right message

See this document for sp_add_alert use:

Resize unwanted camera photos on Snapchat to a larger size

I don't know why Snapchat resizes saved photos to a larger size when it is loaded from the camera reel.

Is there a solution to keep the same size saved on the camera reel before sharing it with others via Snapchat?

Please advise!

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