Can someone help me upload lists of sites in gsa?

I made a video and wanted to upload it here to show everyone how difficult this is. I cannot and have no idea how to load a list into or from the lists of sites once they have been "identified."

Can anyone send me a video that shows me how to add them from Scrapebox and then add them to gsa? My email is I will also show you my video of what I am doing and how wrong it is

If someone can help me with that, I will surely return it to you in the future

Forum Sites

Interested for small and medium forum sites, send me a PM with your offer, if any.

The places that interest me are: webmasters, online earnings, general (forums with all niches).

You must be older than 3 months, have some users and some activity, however small.

Why do video tube sites switch to adaptive streaming instead of progressive download?

Examples of adaptive transmission protocols such as HLS (.m3u8) and MPEGTS (.ts) and DASH is the abbreviation for Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (.mpd)

I find this current trend very jarring, when all I want to do is watch a video in a traditional browser … progressive downloading is just the simplest and easiest to use protocol, and easiest to download to watch offline. And if something isn't broken, don't fix it … So I don't understand.

online sharepoint: once sharing is activated here, any collection of sites that have previously enabled sharing will be accessible to guests again

We have the following configuration to share, where we allow sharing the site with external users, as follows: –

enter the description of the image here

Now, within OneDrive, one of the users wants to use the request file, and to do so we have to change the sharing settings as follows:

enter the description of the image here

but we receive this message:

Once sharing is turned on here, any site collections that previously had sharing enabled will once again be accessible to guests. To prevent this, disable sharing from the Site Collections page before enabling it here.

Do you want to enable external sharing?

so I’m not sure if the sharing settings applied to the tenant level will override the sharing settings within each site collection. How is this what the message says? Now I want to allow this only to the single-user OneDrive site and not all SharePoint sites and all onedrive sites. Any advice, what is the way to control this, so the requested change will not apply to all sharepoint and onedrvie sites?
Thank you

The highest payment URL shortener that accepts adult sites

Hello guys

As you know, there are many scam shortener links, I'm looking for a legitimate one that pays regularly with the highest cpm

Different google profile images on different google sites

Ok, recently I was exploring my page about me and changing some things, but I noticed that in some Google pages (page about me, most Google application bars) I had some profile photos, and in others (page of the Google account) had completely different profile photos. I want to know why Please help.

Blog post on entertainment sites with good PA and DA


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Text links and banner space on adult sites!

Hi! I offer places for text links and places for banners on the main page of forums and blogs for adults.
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Why do video tube sites switch to adaptive streaming instead of progressive download?

I find this current trend very discordant, when all I want to do is watch a video in a traditional browser … progressive downloading is the simplest and easiest to use protocol. So I do not understand ..

Lists of sites and make an import

Ok, as a complete beginner, I just watched a video online. Look, I have no idea what I am doing with this software. Just today, after my links stopped being built, I began to doubt myself and if this product is good or not. Now I just saw a video that showed me not how but I should find sites to publish and save + build them.

The video I just saw has helped me a lot at this stage because I had no idea and I still don't know, which brings me to the next point. How and what are the lists of sites and better yet, how I find them on my computer, I mean, I don't know anything about this, the whole video showed me how to save them in gsa, but when I went to see if I had a savings, I didn't have Idea of ​​where to look.

Can anyone point me in the right direction on how to learn about "Site Lists", find and save them?

Thanks again