Sitemap could not be read

A sitemap is a very simple file that seldom has issues provided it is built correctly. Since we have no way of examining the patient (your sitemap) there is no way we can diagnose the problem.

Find what the structure of the sitemap is supposed to look like (Google et alia have several very good tutorials on building sitemaps) then compare yours to the required structure. Whatever the problem is will be VERY easy to find since sitemaps are so simple.

Here is a very simple example of a correct sitemap.


Code (markup):


seo – Sitemap in details

I want to know in detail about sitemap like if I have a giant website let,s assume Flipkart e-commerce based website, then how to update my sitemap dynamically, because in every hour 100ths vendors upload their products and also tell me about in details frequency, priority, and also tell me how to set priority, frequency on core-based website.

web crawlers – What are some URLs to get to amazon sitemap? I have some…need more

I have some below. If you have any please include them in answer or if you find any logic to get more sitemap URL’s by utilizing following links then I will greatly appreciated.

Got these URL’s here


What's The Point From Indexing Sitemap File In Google?

Can anyone tell me what’s the point from indexing the XML sitemap file in Google, I saw many… | Read the rest of

How should I organize my XML Sitemap, for large site

Will it be 10,000 Records per single sitemap or less than that? Keep in mind, that my website big site… | Read the rest of

Any way to create sitemap for Single Page Website?

I am facing issue on indexing my Single Page Website. Anyway to create a dynamic sitemap for Single Page website. My site about affiliate marketing. Have multiple categories & pages & we update almost 200 post daily. When we use any xml sitemap generator or screening frog software there showing only 1 page which is my domain. I know why showing one link only. Because we used single page framework. Just wanted to know anyway to create sitemap for categories and stores? or latest post.

Google Search Console reports error for ‘noindex’ tag on sitemap

My sitemap is dynamically generated by Yoast SEO WordPress plugin, and is returned with noindex. I submitted the sitemap URL to Google Search Console, but it reports an error:

Submitted URL marked ‘noindex’

I checked with Yoast & other sitemap generators–they all mark sitemaps as noindex by design, to prevent them from appearing in Google search results. It logically makes sense, but then why is Google Search Console reporting it as an error? How do I reconcile this?

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seo – Sitemap File for Multiple Languages

Hi Currently my site is in 3 languages:- English, French, Dutch.

My main sitemap file is

I have 2 questions:

  1. Since I don’t have a root folder for other languages (I only have one root folder), my question is how do I implement a sitemap for other languages?

Should I just add my URLs into the main sitemap.xml file? ( which includes English language URLs)

  1. If I use Google’s 3rd method of implementing href lang tag via sitemap method like mentioned here.

Should I still add my URLs into the main sitemap file ( sitemap.xml)?

With video sitemap are normal sitemaps still needed?

For example:

  • video-post1.xmlvideo-post5.xml
  • post-sitemap1.xmlpost-sitemap5.xml

have same post only different format. Should I remove the normal sitemaps or keep both? My site is streaming site.