How to configure sitemap for a mediawiki website?

I am referring mainly to this line:

If you want to see a human-readable site map, allow read access for
Sitemap.xsl file in the configuration of your site (file .htacces or other)

That is related to a mediawiki extension:

I have installed the extension, but I want to know how I can see the contents of the site map file.

Information architecture: Are the tabs and / or steps in an assistant displayed as separate tables in a sitemap diagram?


If this is for developers, each interaction should be taken into account: from the tabs to the manners, to the divs revealed to the links to the displacement interactions. And if there are different interactions between the desktop and the mobile or different breakpoints, then these differences must be documented. It should refer to functional flows and documents of use cases / jiras, etc …

This takes a lot of time, so many places only do superficial work.


The site map should be organized in the way that best allows its users to find the information. The site map is not a document for developers, it is for its end users, who presumably are not in the web development business.

As an example, the site map shows that there is a calendar function. You may have a div that shows detailed information about what this calendar function does, but that level of detail probably should not be the center and the front.

web crawlers: if all web pages are indiscriminately linked by taxonomy (categories), do I still need a sitemap for SEO?

I have a mediaWiki website with approximately 350 web pages.

If all web pages, without exception, are indiscriminately linked by taxonomy (categories)And, in addition, there are also other indicators for web pages such as "page of all web pages" or "page of recent changes",
Do I still need a sitemap for SEO?

A problem might arise if I forget to add a category to some page.

seo: use curl to send sitemap but it is not reflected in the web portal

This is TWO things that confused me about how I should send my site map.

It is understood that a site map can be sent with cURL.

However, each time the sending of the site map is not reflected in the web portal. The time stamp on the web portal only shows the time at which I send the site map through the web portal.

Because they are different? Is the shipment via curl?

I discovered that Google only crawls my website just after the first time I submit the site map. I update my site and site map regularly, and I hope Google can crawl my site. However, it seems that Google will never come back.

What is wrong with these?

seo – Why does the impression fall after sending the sitemap?

We recently launched a new website in the last month, and we are using the Google search console to investigate how to improve traffic.

We discovered that there was a big increase after sending the site map to Google, but then there is a big drop in printing.

Can anyone explain why this is the case? We have attached a photo in this post. The red circles indicate the date on which we send the sitemape.

enter the description of the image here

seo – Sitemap in the Google Search Console does not help the 6 major links to change

I am currently trying to modify the way Google will show the 6 major links when searching our URL in the Google search engine. I have read about the creation of a sitemap.xml file and created the file in a similar way to the one I have attached. I have also written a robots.txt file that declares Noindex in three of the URLs that we do not want to appear in our 6 main links. Unfortunately, after deploying these files to the active site and requesting the indexing of all the necessary pages in the Google Search Console, nothing has changed. Does anyone have experience changing the 6 best links for a Google search? Is there anything else I can do besides wait for Google to change these links? Thanks for the advice! SO

We tried to create a sitemap.xml and robots.txt file to tell Google where to crawl on the site.

I have also requested the reindexing of all the pages that I would like to be shown in our "top 6" here is a sample of what looks like when looking for:

enter the description of the image here

  2019-04-22T15: 54: 11 + 00: 00
    2019-05-16T18: 11: 15 + 00: 00
    2019-05-16T18: 11: 15 + 00: 00
    2019-05-16T18: 11: 15 + 00: 00
    2019-05-16T18: 11: 15 + 00: 00
    2019-05-16T18: 11: 15 + 00: 00
    2019-05-16T18: 11: 15 + 00: 00
    2019-05-16T18: 11: 15 + 00: 00


User agent: *
Do not allow: / system /

Noindex: https: // www.? ??
Noindex: Once in view of the email login page.
Noindex: https://www.??????.com/20463

Sitemap: https: // ?????? .com / sitemap.xml

I hope to modify the results displayed on Google when I search for our full URL without https: //

laravel – XML ​​Sitemap could not be recovered for approximately 2 months

I'm really fed up now. I'm trying to make my XML site map read in the Search Console, but for the past 1 month it says it can not be recovered. Every time I send the index of the site map, it is sent with a status of success, but the "State of the last reading" is approximately 5 months.

After clicking on it to see the other sub sitemaps, only three of them are searched by Google and the rest have a status that could not be recovered.

These are site maps generated dynamically in Laravel.

I also tried the manually created site map but the error "could not be recovered" is still returned.

Please help me rectify the problem.

enter the description of the image here

enter the description of the image here

How does the sitemap help in SEO?

Hello friends,

How does the sitemap help in SEO?

Does your robots.txt file include sitemap references?

The only time site maps are really needed is in very complex sites where indexing robots may not find important pages in a timely manner.

I never considered a sitemap for my site until I had more than 9,000 pages and I NEVER had a problem being indexed. If keeping site maps was not so easy, I probably would not have a site map on my site today, although I currently have more than 13,000 pages.

Comparing before and after, I do not see DIFFERENCE in how my site is indexed or where it falls in the SERPS.

Sitemap – What is the equivalent to a & # 39; visual map of the site & # 39; or a & # 39; product flow & # 39 ;?

Basically, if user flows Y workflows delineate forms of interaction between screens (by tree flows or individual linear flows), what is the mapping of all the screens (and interactions) that exist in the product? A map of the site?

Often, site maps are more in the field of information architecture, so they do not necessarily include interactions or visual fidelity?

Is it useless to create this mapping because of its ambiguity? Task flows are used to delineate how a user would perform a task, site maps (as a method for the information architecture) are based on the user's mental models, therefore, is there any reason to build a & # 39; product flow & # 39;