server – Where to store large amounts of images for my site?

If I wanted to implement a site, such as eBay, where people can sell something, I would need to store large amounts of images, like many of them, and I would have to show about 30 images on some pages.

Normally, I would make a separate server and store them there, but what else can I do?

I tried to store my images on some image hosts like ImageShack, but I realized that if I try to request 30 images at the same time, some of the images are not displayed, it seems that the image doser has been used in this way.

However, there must be other ways to do it, maybe cloud servers or other services like imageshack. Anyone have experience with this? What would be the best practice besides having a second server?

To update

Thank you all for your comments.

I have considered your suggestions and I have decided to look for deeper CDN information, while I am looking for an independent boot solution, I do not want to start using a non-free service, therefore, I am going to look for free CND systems or means to create one on my server.

At the moment, I have decided to store images on my main server and make a backup on free sites to share images for each file, so that I can change the image sources for better performance.

Is AdSense not allowed on the adult site or site?

On the same page, Google’s guidelines tell me two contradictory things in the same paragraph.

(a) Publishers cannot place AdSense code on pages with content (…)

(yes) Sites with Google ads cannot include or link to: Porn, adult or adult content (…)

I have a "large" web page (+ 500 & # 39; 000 pages). 80% is safe content. 20% is adult content.

I only use AdSense on secure pages.

Does it comply?

PD: Of course, I dare not ask Google. 😉

Migration: What is the easiest way to import content from a custom D6 content type into a D8 site?

I have a Drupal 6 site with three types of custom content. We tried to use the Migrate Drupal UI module to migrate them to our new Drupal 8 site, but this resulted in the import of all plain text fields as long text fields (field type string_long when should they be string)

To solve this, I deleted all the content of those types, exported the configuration created by the UI module with drush cex and used drush cim to reimport the YAML configuration files after changing all instances of string_long to string.

After about 3 hours of playing with this, I finally had a working D8 configuration with the same fields, shapes and views as the original D6 site. Now is the time to migrate content data.

I spent another ~ 6 hours researching and experiencing how to do this, having tried the views_data_export and Feeds modules, in addition to reading several resources to create custom migration modules.

The previous solution was tedious to configure and the default form to create a feed type did not allow me to create nodes with the original node IDs. So I tried to go through the code and discover how to extend the module myself, since the API documentation is very outdated. This did not take me anywhere, but I was extremely tired, confused and frustrated, and about 2 hours closer to my eventual disappearance.

I don't even want to try the last solution, since it would probably be just as difficult. So now I have begun to investigate the structure of the database in the hope of writing my own SQL update script … only to discover that there is not only node, node_field_data, node_revision Y node_field_revision tables to deal with, but also node__ Y node_revision__ tables for each defined field (35 of them in my case)!

This seriously cannot be so difficult! I am surely missing some crucial documents from my Google search results. So what would be the easier method to achieve what I want, considering that I am a complete Drupal and YAML n00b? MTIA! 🙂

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I will direct traffic to your site or referral link

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I will complete the SEO on the site for your website

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domain name system: the external site redirects www to no www. This causes a conflict within our network. How bad is my idea for a solution?

Our network has a domain with the name of our business: Our new website has just finished and is live, but the developer has chosen to redirect all www traffic to the non-www URL; so 301 redirects to

Internally, our domain controller / DNS server has an entry for pointing to the IP of the external site, instead of letting it forward the request to the external DNS network, but we don't have He pointed out that IP. This means that when you visit the site from within the network, you must include the www. and then redirects it to the other URL, which is resolved internally in a non-existent site.

The question then is twofold:

  1. I would create an A record for to the problem of external IP cause with machines trying to authenticate in the domain? (Note that this would not be a wild card.)

  2. Is there any other type of registration or configuration you may have, using only DNS or also IIS, to take HTTP / S traffic from within the network that is destined to and route it to the web?

Desktop mode in WordPress also on a mobile phone with editor function on the site

I have an editor role on a WordPress site, can I force desktop mode on a mobile phone?

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The site is not ready to show ads | Policy violations

Hi, AdSense gurus from Digital Point:

I have been trying to get my website approved for AdSense and so far it has been rejected three times. I receive the same generic message that the site is not yet ready due to policy violations, but they don't specifically specify which one (s) is frustrating. In the AdSense panel I go to sites where it says "it needs attention" and then when I click on "Show details" the message is …

"We have found some policy violations on your site, which means that your site is not yet ready to show ads. Make sure your site follows the AdSense Program Policies."

AdSense program policies can be found here:

Before each shipment, I made adjustments based on the recommendations and comments of other AdSense users and I still had no luck. I posted to the AdSense community for guidance here:

The website has been online for some years and never had AdSense on it. Since ads have never been published, the violation cannot be related to invalid clicks and impressions, which encourages clicks, ad behavior, ad placement, or something like that.

The purpose of the site is to help educate visitors about various civic topics. Last year I was spending more time updating the design and adding interactive and visually appealing questionnaires.

Based on the comments and changes I have already made, this is what I guess it could be …

COPPA: The website is not aimed at children, but children may visit it. Could that be the problem? Should I label the site as directed to children even if it isn't and add it? He claims that doing so does not affect rankings and only affects the types of ads that are displayed based on the age of the visitors. Thoughts?

Policies: I have privacy, terms and notice of cookies, but I wonder if the bots are looking for a specific wording within the documents. Google provides specific points that are required within the policy indicated here: Are robots looking for that? Should the policies be in the navigation bar and in the footer?

Content: I only use white hat methods when I create websites. I hired writers to write the content. I was told that there is similar content out there that could have been stolen or spun by the writers I hired. But they also told me recently that the content is 100% original by someone who ran it through a program. I know for sure that most of the content has to be original because I wanted to do the right thing. In any case, I have someone who updates and expands each of the current articles. I have about 19 articles and 3 pages that I plan to update and expand, as well as add more. If you think it is related to the content, how? If I need to add more, how much? Do I need more text / content on the homepage?

Technical requirements: Is there a problem with the design, navigation or mobile experience?

Any other violation? What?

I have provided Google email, as well as what is shown in my AdSense panel when I click for more details.

As I have invested a lot of time and money on the website, I would like it to be approved for AdSense if possible before looking for alternatives. I would really appreciate if someone can help me approve this website. I'm getting frustrated and discouraged. Share any ideas, guidance, honest comments (good or bad) … I'll take it.

Thanks for taking the time to read this!

Movie streaming site project

I want to start a movie streaming website if someone interesting collaborates with me.

me pm