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How can I export all my orders as a .csv file from Amazon UK (not the US site)

I would like to export all my Amazon UK orders (not from the USA site) as a .csv file.

I know this is possible on the US site. UU. Using this:

Is there an equivalent for UK customers?

How long is an incomplete UK visa stored on the Gov.UK site?

I started my application for a UK visa about 30 days ago, but I can only send it in 3-4 weeks (information is missing at this time). How long is my partially complete visa stored on the Gov.UK website?

Also, is there any way to remove the application that I started? (so I can start over when I have all the information)

2016 – The "Report server central administration function" is missing in the central administration site collection functions

I am using SharePoint Server 2016 and SQL Server 2016 SP1. I installed the "Reporting Services – SharePoint" function on the application server (custom role) and the "Reporting Services Add-in for SharePoint products" feature on the front-end web server. I can also create the "SQL Server Reporting Services Service Application".

We have migrated from SharePoint 2013 to SharePoint 2016 and we have a document library with the following types of report content:

  • Report Generator Model
  • Report Builder Report
  • Report data source

After the migration, I see some defective content types in the target environment. See the following screenshot.

enter the description of the image here

From the image above I could understand that the features may not be activated. But I couldn't find the characteristics of the reporting services in the Central Administration and the collection of sites to activate them. Below are the features I am looking for.

  • Site collection function "Power View integration function".
  • "Report Server Central Administration Feature" central administration site collection function.

Sale – Google news site

Why are you selling this site?
I just don't have time to do anything with it.

How do you monetize?
I haven't monetized the site yet

Does this site come with any social media account?
Do not

How long does this site take to run?
I don't spend time on that

What challenges exist to run this site?
I haven't really done anything with the site, so none

Will DDoS test the site itself adversely affect the networks between my site and me?

I have been planning to test DDoS on my own site to see the capacity of my site, but I finally gave up because I saw this advice:

DDOS attack does no magically reach the goal. It will violate many innocent network infrastructures.

If this is true, then this test means that you could even face accusations from those infrastructure providers for the damage to them.

I wonder if this is true, can anyone help me?

embedded: embed Sharepoint Online sites in an external site

Is there a way to insert Sharepoint sites into an external site? I know it is not possible to use an iframe due to the denial of x-frame options, but there must be a way to embed only one site or some section in an external site.

I have seen some services that claim to embed Sharepoint sites, but how do they do it?
Is there a programmatic way? Is there any Microsoft API? I can't find any documentation at all.
What I want to do is take a Sharepoint site without the Sharepoint header, sidebar and footer, and embed only the main content of the Sharepoint site in a different site.

Check my free cloud storage site

Hi, I give you this site for review. – It's completely free now! But I do not ask you to store any important date because it is in the test phase.

I am trying to build a private cloud for the storage of your image files or big data files (.iso, .img, .biz, etc.). You can also access the site from Xbox and PC. The final site will have a load limit of 4.7GB and unlimited storage (100TB) for each person.

Every now and then we face the problem of short storage space for our games / data files. Uploading those games to any cloud is not safe. Some clouds like Google, Microsoft, Amazon eliminate those games due to copyright issues or simply do not fit into the TOS. A company like Blackblaze, Carbonet or Crashplan is horrible in speed. Well, you can ask Blackblaze for its HDD manually and load everything there and move it to your disk is so slow that restoring data should be more fun.

Anyway … I hope you like the site. I can change the script for the real site. Can you tell me what the idea is like and what features did you want on the final site?

Thank you

Create an auction site with real-time offers

I have been looking for real-time technologies for the web to build an auction site, and also what server programming languages ​​to use.

I have discovered that there are three methods in which data can interact with the server:

Long/short polling (client pull)
WebSockets (server push)
Server-Sent Events (server push)

I understand the mechanics but I don't know which concurrent users they can attend.
My user case is an idea that I wanted to bring to the market, I think that at any time there may be 400 users bidding for the same item, however, this is an assumption. I also want to be able to scale as necessary and happy to re-encode if necessary. Finally, it must work in many browsers and networks.

I originally wanted to build the system using PHP / Laravel, since I am somewhat familiar with this language, but I have also read that php is not designed to support real-time data.
Many examples mention NODE, but can you build a complete website with NODE?
Many websites also mention ROR, do you have some built-in functions to support real-time data?

My thinking is that a language is used to create the site, then the real-time aspect is cultivated on a real-time server (for example, something like a node) that connects to web applications and serves data in time. real. The client interacts with both the application server and the teal-green time server (node).
Is this model correct?
And some applications have capabilities to serve regular web pages and real-time data as well, this is where the confusion lies.

I would be grateful if someone could provide an address on this for my user case.

Thank you

wordpress – Why is the Gutenberg editor not available on my WP site?

I have heard a lot about Gutenberg, but unfortunately it is not available and could be disabled on my site It is a coupon site that works with a WP Coupon theme from famethemes.

I have been using it for a while and I publish several contents, but I am missing the best editor, Gutenberg.

I checked the plug-in and configured the settings too, but there is no option to enable the functionality.
Here is a screenshot that you can see.

enter the description of the image here

The reason I want the editor Gutenberg is because of the scheme of frequently asked questions and their advantages.
enter the description of the image here

If the topic has disabled this feature, if there is an alternative way to add a scheme of frequently asked questions to the wp site, it would be greatly appreciated.