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cPanel reliable hosting with free support and site transfer

Hi guys

Could you suggest us a reliable host in the United States for our wordpress site?

– cPanel
– Free transfer of the site (through the copy function of the cPanel site)
-… | Read the rest of

URL shortening site and money?

Do you know a shorter URL that allows adult content and that is trusted?

Online sharepoint: how to fill a list column with the Site Title

So I have a list in a site template that should contain certain information about the site automatically. I need a way to fill in the Title column of the list with the Title of the site and the column Owner of the project with the column with the contents of the Owners group.

Is there any way to automatically fill in these fields in the creation of the site or perform this action with a workflow?

2016: SharePoint site username and password

Everything works fine but I have a strange behavior.

When I left my office and arrived after 1 hour, the site requests to enter the username and password.

In the same browser and the same session, when I open a new tab, I add the same url, it works without warning. The URL is from a trusted site.

I'm sure it's not a permissions problem.

Is there a session waiting time or something like that?

The problem occurred in Chrome and IE is configured to log in with the current user and password.

I did not send information in shape! I just blocked my PC and came back after about 30 minutes, perform an update, the Chrome access code for the username and password of all the sites!

apache 2.4: How can I know what is causing SSL to be delayed while loading the page on this site?

I'm using to try this page:

The waterfall view shows intermittent behavior. Sometimes, when the page is loaded, some requests have a delay of 1 to 2 seconds during SSL resolution. Here is an example:

Website load cascade

As you can see, the resource "… ianna-red-top.jpg" has a very long purple bar that indicates a huge amount of time for SSL negotiation. The same thing happened for "… diaelement.min.js"

But this is just one case. If I run the test again, the problem will occur in other resources. I do not think there is a specific correlation with the resources themselves.

Something is causing the SSL negotiation to be delayed randomly.

I am using LetsEncrypt through Certbot to perform SSL certificates on my server. I am NOT an SSL expert, so I have no idea where to begin to analyze this problem.

I could look at the Apache connection logs, but I have not done it yet, because I really have no idea what I'll look for or if they will show the problem. I thought I would see if I can get some guidance on ServerFault first.

Is this a known problem with LetsEncrypt? Should I change to another certification authority?

The version of my server is: Apache / 2.4.18 (Ubuntu)

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