linux – How to limit multiple authentication of single user on 3proxy

I have installed 3Proxy on my ubuntu server and it works fine,
I am looking for a solution to limit multiple authentications for a single user.
This is since I’m planning to limit the users from giving off their passwords/accounts to each other.

below is my config file:


nscache 65536
#Leave default timeout as well:
timeouts 1 5 30 60 180 1800 15 60
users $/etc/3proxy/.proxyauth


log /var/log/3proxy/3proxy.log
logformat "- +_L%t.%. %N.%p %E %U %C:%c %R:%r %O %I %h %T"
#Compress logs using gzip
archiver gz /usr/bin/gzip %F
#store the logs for 30 days
rotate 3

#added authentication caching to make life easier
authcache user 60

# Start new ACLs
#enable strong authorization. To disable authentication, simply change to 'auth none'
auth strong cache

#restrict access for ports via http(s)-proxy and deny access to local interfaces
deny * *,
allow * * * 80-88,8080-8088 HTTP
allow * * * 443,8443 HTTPS
# allow SOCKS connection to all ports
# allow * * * 1-65535 CONNECT

# allow SOCKS connection to all ports
# allow * * * 1-65535 CONNECT
#allow * * * 1-65535 HTTPS

auth strong cache

socks -p6699

#Enable admin web-ui on specified port, only allow connection from loopback interface (127.0/8) & intranet's admin user (10/8)
auth iponly strong cache
allow * *
allow admin *

35mm – Film photography – what causes the following effect/error on a single frame of a developed roll of film?

I shot the following picture with a Canon AE-1 Program on a roll of Ilford HP5 400 (I pushed the roll to 800). I developed it using Ilfosol 3 and scanned it with Epson scanner V370. As you can see, there are – I’m not sure how to describe them – smudge like shadows corresponding to the perforations. The shadows are only on the third frame of the roll. I am left to wonder what caused these on only one frame, and what can I do in the future to prevent it from happening?

Smudges on film perforations

The effect is even easier to see on the negative:

Negative roll

dnd 5e – Are the Nine Hells separate planes or a single plane?

Are the Nine Hells/Baator considered a single plane of existence in D&D 5e, or are each of the nine layers considered their own separate planes?

For example, would the spell Scrying, which requires the target to be on the same plane of existence as the caster, function if the caster and target are in separate layers, say one in Avernus (first layer) and the other in Dis (second layer)?

email – Export a single mail folder to an archive file in Outlook 2016 and “mount” that back later?

In Outlook 2016, I have a folder labeled “2020” with my mails from that year, and want to export it to a single file. I then wish to move that file around (to an external archive HDD or wherever). If, eventually, I ever need one of those mails, I would like to open the file with Outlook, and find that single file – I most definitely do not, in that case, wish to import the whole archive back into my online account.

In Outlook for Windows, one can create a .pst file which acts like a local account – you can “mount” it, move mails into and out of it, but also close it and then work with the .pst file like with anything else.

In Outlook 2016 for Mac, there is an Export and Import functionality which works on .olm files. But it seems very limited: during exporting, you can pick categories of mails, but not, say, a single mail folder. During importing, the .olm file is not “mounted”, but simply imported, adding the content of the .olm to your regular mail account.

Is there a way to achieve what I need in Outlook 2016, or is the functionality simply not there? Do you know some kind of workaround? If it matters, the account is provided by an Exchange server.

webforms – Limit avaliable dates in a event where user can sign up mutiple people in multiple dates in one single form

Problem context

I’m bulding a site where parents can sign-up their childrens for a summer camp.
Parents can choose one or more weeks for sign-up one or more children in the same form.

There are 20 seats for each week, and 8 weeks to choose, so parents should know how many seats are avaliable in each week to manage to sign-up their children (usually they prefer their children go together but if is not possible they could sign-up childrens in different weeks).

So far my best approach is:

  • A single form for camp registration (Webform, what a great module/s)
  • Weeks are options in a “checkboxes” element, so multichoice selection of weeks is possible.
  • Duplicate the previous element for each child. I did it 5 times, so parents can register up to 5 children per submission.
  • Then I set an “Option/Checkbox Limit” handlers to set 20 as limit in each week.
  • Duplicate the previous handler for each children (5 times) and asociate it to correspondent “checkboxes” element.

The problem with this approach is that limits are independent beetween elements, so in the same form you can sign-up five childrens in first week and 19 seats are still avaliable instead 15 (20-5).


  • I’m site builder, not developer, with an upcoming deadline, so I discard to develop a module.
  • I try “custom composite” element but handlers are not avaliable for it.
  • Module “Webform Demo: Event Registration System” has a “global” limit defined as a field in a content type “Demo: Event” controlled by a handler but I dont realize how to apply it to this case.

dnd 3.5e – Price for an item that lets you assume a single fixed disguise, as disguise self

The player of a kobold PC wants a magic item that lets them disguise as a gnome for convenience’s sake. I figure this should be a slotted magic item that works using disguise self. With no limitations, the guidelines would put that at 3,000 gp — but a single fixed form is obviously a huge limitation. I’m leaning toward a flat 1,000 gp. Is this reasonable?

N.B. I am banning/nerfing the Hat of Disguise for being disgustingly underpriced.

data structures – single list in C++ create list issue

I am trying to implement this but getting an error every time
in the main function
link my list and mylist is been passed to the create function
if anyone can solve this plx do a favor

    typedef int Item;
struct node
    Item  value;
    node *next;
typedef node *link; //link - pointer to node

//Creates an empty list with the head
void create(link &L)

Is it possible to announce several IP addresses for a single lightning node according to Lightning protocol specs?

Is it possible to announce several IP addresses for a single lightning node?

The idea is to run a node that is connected to different ISPs to increase its uptime. LND seems to able to run in a cluster using etcd as its database backend. So a multi-homed front-end seems to be the next logical step.

All longest paths in a tree cross each other at a single vertex

How to prove that in any tree, all longest paths cross one another in one vertex?

Why is it taking so long to mine a single block. Like last hour only 2 blocks have been mined. Currently been 45 min since the last block was mined

I pretty much asked the question in the title. What takes so long for a single block to be confirmed why does it take some blocks longer than others.? What could make 45 minutes go by without a single block being mind and having so many unconfirmed transactions still?