plotting – How to plot two time intervals of a graph simultaneously?

The graphs of my provided code look approximately like the one in the picture below. How is it possible to plot such graphs? Please help how to break the axis scale as shown. Any suggestion appreciated. Thanks a lot.
enter image description here

Subscript(C, i)=2.5*10^6
Subscript(k, e)=315
Subscript(S, e)=1.58*10^-5
Subscript(C, e)=2.1*10^4
Subscript(w, 1)=1
Subscript(s, 1)=y/(Subscript(w, 1)*σ)
Subscript(b, 1)=g/Subscript(C, e)*(1+(Subscript(k, e)*Subscript(s, 1)^2)/g)
Subscript(Δ, 1)=Sqrt(Subscript(b, 1)^2-4*Subscript(k, e)*Subscript(s, 1)^2*g/(Subscript(C, i)*Subscript(C, e)))
Subscript(p, 11)=(-Subscript(b, 1)+Subscript(Δ, 1))/2
Subscript(p, 12)=(-Subscript(b, 1)-Subscript(Δ, 1))/2
Subscript(T, i)=(Subscript(S, e)*g)/(2*π*τ*Subscript(C, i)*Subscript(C, e))*NIntegrate(BesselJ(0,y)*Exp(-((σ^2*Subscript(s, 1)^2)/4))*(Exp(-a*t)/((a+Subscript(p, 11))*(a+Subscript(p, 12)))+1/(Subscript(p, 11)-Subscript(p, 12))*(Exp(Subscript(p, 11)*t)/(Subscript(p, 11)+a)-Exp(Subscript(p, 12)*t)/(Subscript(p, 12)+a)))*y/(σ*Subscript(w, 1))^2,{y,0,100})
Subscript(T, e)=Subscript(T, i)+Subscript(S, e)/(2*π*τ*Subscript(C, e))*NIntegrate(BesselJ(0,y)*Exp(-((σ^2*Subscript(s, 1)^2)/4))*(-((a*Exp(-a*t))/((a+Subscript(p, 11))*(a+Subscript(p, 12))))+1/(Subscript(p, 11)-Subscript(p, 12))*((Subscript(p, 11)*Exp(Subscript(p, 11)*t))/(Subscript(p, 11)+a)-(Subscript(p, 12)*Exp(Subscript(p, 12)*t))/(Subscript(p, 12)+a)))*y/(σ*Subscript(w, 1))^2,{y,0,100})
Plot(Subscript(T, e),{t,0,1*10^-14})
Plot(Subscript(T, i),{t,0,1*10^-14})

audio – Play sound from two apps simultaneously

In Android, there are some things called tasks and processes. Whenever an app is opened, processes are started, threads are created, and these run and together make a task. Android system is multi-tasking, no doubt on that, because you can switch from one app to another through the tabs option in your phone.

But, Android system runs only one main task. When you open an app, and you’re currently using it, then it becomes the main process at that point of time. Other apps, which may be open, continue to run in background, but only one app and its processes run in foreground.

Playing music, that is, accessing the speaker, can be done by foreground processes only. If you start a music to be played by some media player, and press the home button, then also the music keeps playing. You might think that the music is playing in background, but that is not the case. In this case, even if you’ve come to home screen, then also the app processes are running in foreground, although you’re not able to see the app window.

If you try to open any app at that moment, immediately the media player app processes become background, and hence the music is stopped.

In Android, threads and tasks cam be killed by pressing the back button.

Two main processes cannot work in foreground together. Many processes may run in background, but only one foreground main process.

In this context, you cannot play sound from two different apps together.

Connect any two Bluetooth speakers to iPad Pro simultaneously

I would like to connect two Bluetooth speakers to iPad Pro to play music simultaneously (iPad Pro (12.9-inch) (4th generation) – iPadOS 14.4.2). Playing in sync is advantage but not required as speakers are planned to be in different rooms. I have found some solutions (examples) being able to play music on two devices at the same time – but my understanding is it is strictly limited to AirPods or a Beats headphones.

enter image description here

I am able to connect two / multiple speakers to iPad Pro at the same time, but not able to select them both at the same time to play music. Also I would not mind if at least I could play music at the same time on iPad speakers and only one Bluetooth speaker. As this way I could still cover two rooms. Is there any solution to this?

networking – Does cgi-fcgi -start runs processes simultaneously?

I am starting a script like this:

$ chi-fcgi -start -connect script.fcgi 10

Then, I assume to see my ten listeners using this:

$ netstat -napo | grep :9000

But it will list only one item. If I kill it by PID then it seems like I can kill all ten processes before netstat gives zero results. Is it means that ten processes did not start in parallel? If they are started simultaneously that documentation states how could I see them all and how will incoming requests divide between them?

multiple monitors – Does working on two laptops with 60HZ and 144HZ simultaneously causes eye tears or blind spots

I am using Alienware 15 R2 since 2016 without any issues, last month I start using ASUS TUF Gaming F15 and while working on both laptops simultaneously I start to have problems with my eyes.

Usually I start my session with Alienware then switch to ASUS TUF, after 20+ mins working on the ASUS I start to feel eye pain, tears and few times headache.

I am using both laptops for business and writing code, not playing games. And in my experience I worked on multiple screens for many years without any issues.

The pain is temporary, after getting 1-3 hours rest my eyes recover

Is what I am experiencing is common while using screens with different refresh rate?

I tired setting the ASUS refresh rate to 60HZ, it helps but it didn’t fix the problem fully!

In case my ASUS screen got a defect, how I would diagnose that? even though it seems pretty fine to me without any errors in event viewer.

linux – (ROOTED PHONE) Using WiFi and LTE Simultaneously

linux – (ROOTED PHONE) Using WiFi and LTE Simultaneously – Android Enthusiasts Stack Exchange

macos – How to “resize” side-by-side windows SIMULTANEOUSLY on Mac?

I recently switched from Windows to Mac M1 (BigSure) and can’t find a feature that I had on my Windows Laptop.

On windows, I had AquaSnap installed, which has really nice features. One of those is that when windows were next to each other, I was able to resize the windows simultaneously when they were next to each other. E.g. when I want to make one app bigger and the other side smaller, I just pressed Ctrl while dragging one app to a side and both sides got resized.

I found a video on YouTube where somebody did this on the Mac, but in the video, both apps went into full-screen mode (and obviously shared the space). However, my Mac does not behave like this (i.e. does not go into full-screen mode and also does not resizes both apps simultaneously when resizing) and I think this behaviour was part of an earlier software version.

Is there another (simple) possibility to activate this feature?

It is worth mentioning that on my Mac I have BetterSnapTools installed, but did not find such a feature there.

display – Is there a way to switch virtual desktops on two or more monitors SIMULTANEOUSLY?

I have my laptop (M1, Big Sure) and a second monitor. I split up my virtual desktops into “topics” so I can better handle the big amount of open windows and applications.

On my laptop, I have Desktop 1,2,3,4,5.
On my second monitor, I have 6,7,8,9,10.

The Desktop topics are kind of “paired”, so e.g. when I am working on coding tasks, I use Desktop 1 (on the laptop) and Desktop 6 (on the second monitor), which both have relevant apps and windows open.

Now, when I want to switch to another topic, e.g. to Desktop 2 which has another topic, I also want the second monitor to simultaneously switch to Desktop 7 (one virtual Desktop to the right on each device).

Is there such a possibility/feature?

PS: It’s my first questions here, hope I made myself clear enough 🙂

7.0 nougat – Playing two videos/audios simultaneously in twin view

In short: is there any way to watch (and hear) simultaneously two stream sources?

Here some details.

I’m using a Samsung Galazy tab S2 with Android 7.
I have noticed that if I open in twin view
multiple window applications playing videos I can watch them simultaneously as long as only one window is using the audio.

Once I try to play the other video’s audio
the first video is stopped.
Is there any way to avoid this block?

Thanks in advance for any answer.

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