rendering – How can I create character graphics similar to Valkyrie Profile?

I want to create a game with the character graphics similar to Valkyrie Profile.

I don’t know whether I should make my game character sprites pre-rendered or hand drawn, or which technique would let me create a similar look.

Are these created pixel by pixel, what sets me off is the ditter found in a lot of the images, kind of looks like the characters from treasure hunter G or harvest moon friends of mineral town.

enter image description here

enter image description here

enter image description here

optimization – How to leverage the fact that I’m solving 1000’s of very similar SMT instances?

I have a core SMT solver problem consisting of 100,000 bit-vector array clauses, and one 10000-dimensional bit-vector array. Then, my program takes as input k << 100,000 new clauses, and adds them to the core SMT problem. My goal is, for any input of k clauses, to solve the entire problem.

Is there any static optimization or learning I could do on the core problem in order to find a better way to solve each of its siblings? For instance, is there some property of the graph of bit-vector variables being constrained in each clause that I could use as a heuristic for solving the specific instances?


plugins – How do I allow a user to purchase an expiring passcode to access part of my website, from my online store, similar to pay-per-view?

I am trying to add functionality to a website I am starting to create, which is a bit like a pay-per-view video channel, where a user (without registering) would go onto my online store and purchase a product, which in this case would be an automatically-generated passcode.

The user would receive the passcode via email and then use it to gain access to a specific (hidden/private) part of the website. The passcode would automatically expire a certain amount of time after it is first used, such as a few days.

I have done a bit of research and come across various membership plugins, such as MemberPress and Restrict Content Pro. However, these do not do what I require. I don’t want the user to create an online account; I simply want a passcode to be generated when paid for through the online store.

Is this possible? Could someone point me in the right direction for a plugin, or even a tutorial that explains how to do this? Thanks!

dnd 5e – Can I use the haste action to break free of vines or similar things?

As stated in the description of haste, you may only use the action given by haste to attack, dash, disengage, hide, or use an object.

The general rule is that you may use an action to break free from vines – when the assassin vine description says a creature “can use its action”, this is referring to the action generally provided to every creature on its turn:

When you take your action on your turn, you can take one of the actions presented here, an action you gained from your class or a special feature, or an action that you improvise.

Notice, the rules describe “your action”, the ability in question refers to “its action” – these are parallel, referring to the same thing. Escaping from the vines is one of the “special features” identified in this section of the rules.

The specific rule is that the action from haste has limitations on its use. Specific beats general:

Remember this: If a specific rule contradicts a general rule, the specific rule wins.

Is there an organisation similar to the Illuminati?

I am making a character who is a conspiracy theorist. If the setting were the modern world he would see the touch of the Illuminati on everything that happens, and talk about the secret cabal that rule the world.

Is there anything in lore (5th edition, Forgotten Realms preferably, but any edition and any setting is acceptable) that has a similar theme?

I know there are secret organisations such as the Harpers, but the lore I am aware of doesn’t involve directly trying to control the world through subtle means.

Bonus question if there is no such lore: Is there any lore or organisation that would be directly responsible for ensuring no such organisation could exist?

usability – Why do nearly all the social media platforms have nearly the same layout for “user’s post” and how can I implement similar layout in my design?

So I am making an art sharing app ( image sharing ) and have noticed that nearly all the existing social media platforms have similar layout for user’s post.


  1. Facebook

enter image description here

  1. Instagram

enter image description here

  1. Twitter

enter image description here

Now as it is quite clear from the above pictures that they follow a similar layout which goes something like this :

  1. Profile photo and user name, with follow button if user isn’t following that user.
  2. The caption, description, tweet etc.
  3. Images ( if any ) ( in case of instagram, point 2 and 3 are interchanged ).
  4. Then comes the interaction button.

My question is why all of them have Poster’s name and profile photo ( optional ) above the content of the post and not below it ? What is wrong with having the poster’s name and pic below the main content ? And also, in most of the cases, description is above the image ( if any ) ? Is it because our eyes start reading from top to bottom ?

If so, how can I improve the layout of my app which is just the opposite and quite frankly looks not that good.

Layout of my app :

enter image description here

Red area is for the image ( which is the main content of my app ), I want at least 70% of the users screen to show the image, also I don’t want to overlay any buttons or text on the image cause it can hide important details of the picture. What can I do make it look more good and at the same time easy to use ? – Fully Managed Dedicated Servers – 4 IPv4 – i7 or Similar, 4GB RAM, 1TB HDD |

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Is there any way to export and import an entire book (similar to i/o of views, etc.)? [closed]

There was a module for this in earlier versions but I cannot find anything in Drupal 8.

dnd 5e – Is there a Monk or Fighter subclass similar to the Black Butler character?

I am just one Hell of a Buttler

Seeing what you are looking for I would suggest the way of the Open Hand Monk or the Long Death and be a Tiefling as your race.

The Open Hand allows you the better monk abilities, your Fury of Blows gain the prone property and the Quivering Palm at 17th level is deadly and shows the lethality of your hands.

The Long Death gives you the more “devilish” aspect, allowing you to never die, as long as you have ki points. To give others around you the frightening condition, and your touch of death will keep you standing for a longer time.

Your “eldritch or hellfire” ability can come from the Tiefling innate spell casting, of which you could take the magic initiate for a few extra spells for the flavour.

But in my opinion, it would be better by being a College of Whispers bard, and if you want multiclass into Warlock.

The College of Whispers gives you Psychic Blades (Use of your bardic inspiration to deal extra damage.)

When you join the College of Whispers at 3rd level, you gain the
ability to make your weapon attacks magically toxic to a creature’s

The use of Words of Terror reminds of how Sebastian can spread fear with his words.

Being a bard also give you proficiency, it fits well for a Buttler of the Phantomhive household, he excels in all his task. The Bard is a spell caster so you can get your demonic powers from those spells.

If you wish you could Multiclass the Long Death and College of Whispers to get the best of both.

A competitor website has a similar name and Google auto suggests them when typing my name

A different website has a similar name to my website.

Let’s use this as an example:

My website name is: coolsite
Competitor website name is: kulsite

When someone types coolsite into Google, it shows it as a misspelling and asks, “Did you mean kulsite?”

Is there a way to submit something to Google to stop doing this? I’m already using Webmaster Tools and have submitted an XML sitemap.

Keep in mind that they are a legitimate well established site. But mine is too. So they’re likely getting confused users that were really looking for my site.