anonymity: can a USB dongle be tracked with an active 3 / 4G data SIM?

Let's say I buy a second-hand USB device and put a prepaid and unregistered data SIM card. At the time of purchase of both items, my face was covered, paid in cash and I live 500 miles from the place of purchase.

I paste the dongle on my laptop that runs a Linux Live operating system. I go from time to time to a certain website where my IP is revealed and the adversary here is a government agency with massive resources. How accurately can you locate me?

As far as I understand, the IMEI of the device and the sim information will be transmitted to the Internet provider. In addition, with cell triangulation they can point to an area. I understand that I can be located to ANY extent, but to what extent? How close can they get? Within 1 mile? within 100 meters? within 10 meters?

Dual phone SIM card: how to disable both SIMs

I have a dual phone SIM card (Pocophone). How can I disable both SIMs without turning off everything?

rack: How to access the 4G Internet connections of a large number of SIM cards from a remote UNIX server?

I am developing a system that does the job using the 4G Internet connections of a large number of SIM cards.

Currently what I operate 94 flights Rooted Android phones. On these phones I run an application that starts a local SOCKS5 server and forwards the proxy server port to a central UNIX server through the SSH tunnel so you can connect to it. The main server is also able to force Android devices to reconnect to the Internet to obtain a new IP address.

This works for the moment, but there are some stability issues and I know that Android phones are not designed for a purpose like this and that this is not the right long-term approach.

Now I am looking for a production-ready approach to operate 100 or more SIM cards through a central UNIX server.

My thoughts so far:

  1. Use a Raspberry Pi device by SIM card, but this would probably be as good as the current approach of using rooted Android phones.

  2. A "SIM card rack", I only found hardware solutions for VoIP / SMS sending.

  3. Using a physical server to operate the SIM cards, but I don't know how it would be possible to connect more than 100 4g modems.

Cell phones: how can I find the cheapest prepaid SIM card for a given country?

Your best option is to check the hugely useful website called "Prepaid Data SIM Card Wiki". They have an article about almost every country in the world and it is kept relatively updated thanks to its volunteer editors.

After you visit the country X and check your prepaid offers, be sure to return to the Data SIM Wiki and update the respective article if something is missing or outdated, so that future readers can also use their experience.

Cell phones: can you buy a SIM card at Bagan Nyaung-U Airport (NYU)?

Can you buy a SIM card at Bagan Nyaung-U Airport (NYU)?

What I found so far:

I couldn't find any official website for Bagan Nyaung-U Airport (NYU).

I didn't find any information by searching Google for the bagan nyaung-u airport sim card other than ( mirror) (published on 10/16/2016):

A mobile phone rental service aimed at tourists has expanded to Bagan's Nyaung-U airport, said a spokesman for the Yatanarpon Mobile Rental Service.
Yatanarpon opened a counter at the airport next to the information desk on October 10, he said. (…) SIM cards cost US $ 2 per day, normal phones $ 2 per day and smartphones $ 4 per day. Customers must also pay a $ 50 deposit for a SIM card, $ 50 for an ordinary phone and $ 150 for a smartphone.

But that is the only place where I found this information and I don't know if 1) it is still available 2) I can use your SIM card without having to rent your phone.

Cell phones: can you buy a SIM card at Yangon International Airport (RNG) between 1 AM and 8 AM?

Can a SIM card be purchased at Yangon International Airport (RNG) between 1 AM and 8 AM?

What I have found so far:

I couldn't find information at At, someone claims that the SIM card stores (MPT, Telenor and Ooredoo) are open until 8 or 9 PM, but does not mention the opening hours.

In I can see that the opening hours are from 9 a.m. at 9 p.m. for the 2 shops of Ooredoo airport (1 located in the international terminal and 1 located in the national terminal))

enter the description of the image here

In I could see the phone numbers but not the opening hours (which I will call if I cannot find the information in another place and do not resort to buy a prepaid SIM card online before heading to Yangon International Airport):

  • Yangon International Airport, Mingalardone Tsp, Yangon. 09-421062793
  • Yangon International Airport (national), Mingalardone Tsp, Yangon. 09-450244836

I couldn't find the information about Telenor, and if there is any other SIM card vendor at the airport other than MPT, Telenor and Ooredoo.

What is the SIM toolkit and how to prevent it from being automatically added to the home screen every time I restart my phone?

Every time I restart my phone, an application called SIM Toolkit appears and is added to the home screen (in the upper right corner of the image below)
How to stop it?
Android 8.1, Sony Xperia XA1 plus, Microsoft launcher

Is it better to get a SIM card in Argentina before or during my trip? [on hold]

I travel to Argentina and I only have a work phone. Is it better to get a Sim card here or in Argentina considering that I don't speak much Spanish?

sim unlock: How does the operator / network lock work? How is it implemented?

I feel I should have been able to find the answer to this, maybe I am distracted or something, but does anyone know how the operator / network / sim lock really works and if there is any solution? Let's say you wanted to do one of those unlocking services. What is the process

I saw a couple of responses from a few years ago, they all seem quite vague and as if it were really an unknown, so I'm not sure if that is the current information. It seems inevitable that someone has leaked or reversed that information for now, right?

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Know the value of the Facebook account and how I can reset the Facebook password

Since we started chatting in Messenger, we know the value of the Facebook account. And not only this is the reason, why we have started to do it, but also when you need to share important videos, images and useful thoughts with someone in your timelines, you can easily use your Facebook account simply.

How to change the Facebook password and how can I reset the Facebook password?

You can change the password after reset in case you cannot remember the password that has recently changed. At this time, you must first reset the password and then you can easily select the change password.

These are the ways to reset the Facebook password:

· To reset the password, you must click on the button I forgot my password and enter the correct mobile phone number.

· Enter the email address and then click on the password reset link that will provide you instant help without problems.

· After that, you can enter the new password in the new field and confirm the password at the end of the task.

These are the ways on how to change the Facebook password:

· First, go to the Facebook account settings and enter the correct email address and password.

· Now select the password change button and enter the previous password and then press the next one.

· Now click on the code that is sent to your mobile phone and enter it in the field and go to the next one.

· Enter the new password (which facilitates learning) in the new password and confirmation field at the end of the task.

For more help and information regarding the Facebook account and all those details, I will show you why to change the Facebook password, you can contact our technical support team at any time.

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