Windows 10 unable to show thumbnails preview for symbolic links. Any turnabouts to bypass limitations?

Thumbnail preview works just fine in regards to original file, it ain’t for symlinked ones

link’s property

Trade show promotional activities

Hi everyone,
I’m a an international business student and i am currently working on the business promotion marketing assignment for an Australian wine industry (penfolds) attend trade show internationally. I have chosen China as a international market for this company because there are big market and demands.
I need to do two marketing actions plans which is before the trade show and during the trade show.

Action plan 1 (before trade show)
At the first email to stakeholders let them know about the whole action plans.
Second, design a good place that can attract audiences in the trade show.
Thirdly, provide and cover the cost of lodging, food and shipping for employees who attend trade show.
finally, prepare exhibition promotions for the trade show

Action plan 2 (during the trade show)
There are several activities and staff teams contains during the trade show.
Introduce product: give a presentation and video display about product to audiences.
Provide the sampling, testing and customer entertainment area for audiences.
Create brochure and catalogues which can target potential customers or business cooperative partner.
I will be very happy and appreciate if you give me your feedback on my marketing strategy!
Thank you.


htaccess – Configure Apache to show a custom page rather than my host’s default when a user cancels logging in via basic authentication

Aside: The code you posted only blocks access to index.php, not OmniTicker.7z (assuming this is a physical file), so you either have other code that blocks this, or the file is entirely virtual and you are managing the download through index.php (although other code is also required to do this)?

When you hit “Cancel” on the HTTP Authentication password prompt you are served a “401 Unauthorized” response. It looks like your host has configured this response to serve a parked/advertising page (this is not an external “redirect”, as @Steve mentioned in comments).

You should be able to override this response in .htaccess using the ErrorDocument directive to create your own custom 401 response (just like a custom 404). For example:

ErrorDocument 401 /errordocs/my-custom-401.html

(Although I see in your earlier question that you already/previously had an ErrorDocument 401 directive defined?)

You can also try resetting the error document to the Apache default:

ErrorDocument 401 default

…it closes the popup and stays on the same page.

If by “same page”, you mean the page that contained the link to OmniTicker.7z, then… when you request OmniTicker.7z in the browser, you have essentially moved away from the current page. Any response from the server (eg. 401 Unauthorized or the download itself, if authorized) will then replace the current page. The only way to stay on the “same page” is to somehow abort the request at the client end, “redirect” back to the previous page or use a different authentication modal. The easiest method is to display a custom 401 response (as mentioned above) with a link back to the previous page.

magento2.3 – magento 2 how to show grouped product dynamically in a phtml file?

My below code is not working

$product = $this->getProduct();
        $resultPage = $this->_pageFactory->create();
        $blockOption = $resultPage->getLayout()->createBlock('MagentoGroupedProductBlockProductViewTypeGrouped', '')->setProduct($_product)
        $block_links2 = $resultPage->getLayout()->createBlock('MagentoGroupedProductBlockStockqtyTypeGrouped', '')->setProduct($_product)
        $blockOption->setChild('multi', $block_links2);


8 – How to show selected image in custom form Enitty Brower?

This is my custom form for showing media image.

   $form['attributes']['image'] = [
        '#type'          => 'entity_browser',
        '#entity_browser' =>  'image_entity_browser',
        '#cardinality' => 1, 
       '#selection_mode' => 'selection_append',

How can O

How can I show my image like this after I selected? When I submit my image not show too.

complexity theory – Show that recurrence is O(phi^logn)

I have a function whose time complexity is given by the following recurrence:

T(n) = begin{cases}
mathcal{O}(1) & text{for } n=0\
T(k)+T(k-1)+mathcal{O}(1) & text{for } n=2k\
T(k)+mathcal{O}(1) & text{for } n=2k+1\

and I have to prove that $T(n)in mathcal{O}(phi^{log_2 n})$

I think I could prove it by induction but, how would I go on about it if I didn’t know that $T(n)in mathcal{O}(phi^{log_2 n})$ in the first place?


Data has both text and number, I need to move to another sheet from master but only the numbers show up…I need both

I’ve used this formula =query(‘Form Responses’!1:136,”Select * Where E=’name'”) but all i get is the numerical value entered in a cell. If someone enters both a number and text the cell is blank. In the example below Pitt entered 7 VAC however the cell is blank. It has data in the master. Is there a way to pull ALL of the information in a cell even if it is a combination?

enter image description here

Show Product Meta Keywords in Product pages

Is there a way to show all meta keywords for a product on its product detail page. something looks like below? enter image description here

Show that any sorting network on n inputs has depth at least log n

Hi just starting to look at Parallel Algorithms and not sure about how to approach this any help would be great

pr.probability – Show that : “${g_m}$ is uniformly integrable sequence.”

Let $(E,mathcal{A},mu)$ be a finite measure space and ${f_n}subset L^1$, such that:

Such that, there exists a subsequence ${g_{m}}$ of ${f_n}$, such that for all subsequence ${g_{m_i}}$ of ${g_m}$
{g_{m_i}1_{|g_{m_i}|leq i})}text{ is uniformly integrable,} qquad (1)

sum_{igeq 1}{mubig({tin E~:~|g_{m_i}(t)|>i }big)}<+infty,qquad (2)

Show that : “${g_m}$ is uniformly integrable sequence.”

My effort:

Let $epsilon>0$ and $Ain cal{A}$. Put
$$A_i = {x in E: |g_{i}(x)|> i}.$$

From (2), $mu(A_i) to 0$ as $i to infty$. Choose $N in mathbb{N}$ such that $i geq N$ implies
$$mu(A_i) < frac{epsilon}{2sup_n int_E |f_n| , d mu}.$$

From (1), choose $delta >0$ such that $i in mathbb{N}$ and $mu(A) < delta$ implies
int_A |g_i| cdot 1_{Esetminus A_i}, dmu < frac{epsilon}{2}.

Then $i geq N$ and $mu(A)<delta$ implies

int_A |g_i| , dmu & = int_{Acap A_i} |g_i| , dmu + int_{Acap (Esetminus A_i)} |g_i| , dmu\
& = int_{E} |g_i|cdot 1_{Acap A_i} , dmu + int_{A} |g_i| cdot 1_{ Esetminus A_i}, dmu\
& leq mu(A_i) cdot sup_n int_E|f_n| , dmu +int_A|g_i| cdot 1_{Esetminus A_i}, dmu\
& < frac{epsilon}{2} + frac{epsilon}{2}= epsilon.

This proves that the subsequence ${g_m}_{m=N}^infty$ of ${f_n}$
is uniformly integrable.

Can I write $int_{E} |g_i|cdot 1_{Acap A_i} , dmu leq mu(A_i) cdot sup_n int_E|f_n| , dmu $?