Show that this problem is NP-complete

I need some help with the following question.

SHIP LOADING: Given items of weights x1,…,xn, ships of weight
capacity B, can the items be loaded onto C or fewer ships? (All
numbers are positive integers, given in binary.)

Show that SHIP LOADING is NP-complete. (Hint: reduce from SUBSET SUM,
but go through a restricted version where the target b is half the

magento2 – Magento 2: How to filter section show when page load?

I have set one grid in frontend using Uicomponent. I want to filter section expand when page load, after customer filter any value that it will close.
I try using below code.

trigger code for expand

but its every time expand.

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magento2 – Show Widget in the Html

I have an html file for checkout where I want to show the widget which is coming from the database . Instead of displaying the widget it shows widget code. I have attached screenshot of the same. Thank you for the help in advance.enter image description here

<div class="store-container-inner" data-bind="visible: canVisibleBlock(), variable: isVisibleStoreContainer">
<label class="pickup-store-label" ><span id="pickup-store" data-bind="i18n: 'Select Store'"></span></label>
<select name="pickup_store"
                  options: getStoreOption(),
                  optionsValue: 'value',
                  optionsText: 'label',
                  optionsCaption: $t('Select a Store To Pickup'),
                  value: storeOptionValue,
                  event: {change: changeStore(storeOptionValue)}">
<!-- ko if: isVisibleStoreInformation -->
<div id="show-address">
    <div class="shipping-information-content">
        <div class="store-name">
            <strong data-bind="i18n: 'Store Name'"></strong>
            <span data-bind="i18n: storeAddress().name"></span>
        <div class="store-address">
            <strong data-bind="i18n: 'Store Address'"></strong>
                <span data-bind="i18n: storeAddress().street"></span>
                <span data-bind="i18n: storeAddress().city+','"></span>
                <span data-bind="i18n: storeAddress().zipcode"></span>
                <span data-bind="i18n: storeAddress().state+','"></span>
                <span data-bind="i18n: storeAddress().country"></span>
                <span data-bind="i18n: storeAddress().telephone"></span>
                <span data-bind="i18n: storeAddress().latitude"></span>
            <div class="store-map-url">
                <button type="button" class="action action-auth-toggle" data-trigger="store-description">
                    <span data-bind="i18n: 'More about store >>'"></span>
                <!-- ko if: storeAddress().storemapurl -->
                <a target="_blank" class="" data-bind="attr: {href: storeAddress().storemapurl}"><span data-bind="i18n: 'View Store on Google Map >>'"></span></a>
                <!-- /ko -->
            <div data-bind="mageInit: {
                    'type': 'popup',
                    'modalClass': 'store-dropdown',
                    'trigger': '(data-trigger=store-description)',
                    responsive: true,
                    innerScroll: true,
                    'responsive': true,
                    'buttons': ()
                <div class="store-popup-address">
                    <div class="store-popup-image">
                        <img data-bind="attr: {'src': storeAddress().image, 'alt': storeAddress().name }"  alt="" width="130" height="130"/>
                    <div class="store-popup-name">
                        <div class="store-title" data-bind="html: storeAddress().name"></div>
                        <div class="store-email"><strong><span data-bind="i18n: storeAddress().email"></span></strong></div>
                            <span data-bind="i18n: storeAddress().street"></span>
                            <span data-bind="i18n: storeAddress().city+','"></span>
                            <span data-bind="i18n: storeAddress().zipcode"></span>
                            <span data-bind="i18n: storeAddress().state+','"></span>
                            <span data-bind="i18n: storeAddress().country"></span>
                            <a data-bind="attr: {'href': 'tel:' + storeAddress().telephone}, text: storeAddress().telephone" href="tel:storeAddress().telephone"><span data-bind="i18n: storeAddress().telephone"></span></a>
                            <a data-bind="attr: {'href': storeAddress().websiteUrl}" target="_blank"><span>Website</span></a>
                            <span> | </span>
                            <a data-bind="attr: {'href': storeAddress().facebookUrl}" target="_blank"><span>Facebook</span></a>
                            <span> | </span>
                            <a data-bind="attr: {'href': storeAddress().twitterUrl}" target="_blank"><span>Twitter</span></a>
                <div class="store-popup-description">
                    <div data-bind="html: storeAddress().description"></div>
                    <!-- ko if: storeAddress().storemapurl -->
                    <div class="store-map-url">
                        <a target="_blank" class="action primary" data-bind="attr: {href: storeAddress().storemapurl}"><span data-bind="i18n: 'View Store on Google Map'"></span></a>
                    <!-- /ko -->
<!-- /ko -->

This is the html file through which i am displaying the data.

How to show this integral limit identity?

Let I be a generalized rectangle and let $f: I to mathbb{R}$. Show that $$lim_{ptoinfty}left(int_I|f|^pright)^{1/p} = max|f|.$$ I found it straightforward to show that these integrals in the limit sequence are properly defined and I showed the LHS $leq$ RHS by using the definition of the integral using partitions. I am confused about the approach to showing that $RHS leq LHS$ to give equality. Thanks for any hints and suggestions.

Is there a browser extension to show upvote and downvote counts in reddit?

Is there a browser extension to show upvote and downvote counts in reddit? – Web Applications Stack Exchange

Should I show all options from a “single-choice question” in a read only form?

My team and I are working on many forms for a B2B app. We have a lot of questions and we wonder how to display our read only forms.

Today, our problem is focused on “single-choice question”. Once the user selected an option, according to you, what should we display in read only version ?

  • Only the user’s choice
  • The same list of options with the user’s choice highlighted

It also works, I guess, for multiple choices question.

I can provide screenshots or more details if needed.

Thank you !

android – How to show a taken picture preview?

In my app I have a form where the user has to fullfill, the most important data is the picture to take in a landscape / tablet view i’ve just set a view like:

CameraPreview | TakenPicturePreview

Where the user in the same page can take the picture and retake if in the preview is blurry or other.

While I can’t figure out how can I do something similar in a mobile device.

Like I can’t set CameraPreview and PicturePreview as it will take the biggest part of the screen and will look “bad”

So i’m going to add a button “Take picture” which will open a dialog where the user will take the picture, but at this point, where should I show the image thumbnail? The image is a product info, should I show it in “avatar like” thumbnail over the take picture button?

Here is how it would look like with Camera and PicturePreview (black box is the camera preview when clicked on it it will set the taken picture below it):

enter image description here

And here is how I changed it with button like:

enter image description here

Show that all coefficients of a complex power series with real only image vanish

Let $R>0$ and $f: K_R(0) rightarrow mathbb{C}, f(z) = sum_{k=0}^{infty} a_kz^k$ be a compley power series with convergence radius $R>0$ such that $f(K_R(0)) subset mathbb{R} $, where $K_R(0)$ is the disk around zero with radius R. I would like to show that all coefficients $a_k$ with $k in mathbb{N} $ vanish.

So far I have noticed that if the above statement is true, the power series must value the constant $a_0$ for any $ z in K_R(0) $ because otherwise the $a_k$ would not have to be zero for all $k>0$. My problem is that I do not see why there could not be any coefficients such that $sum_{k=1}^{infty} a_kz^k$ would be real as well and this is where I have come to a dead end. I thought this might have to do with linear independence of the powers of $z$. My other idea was to consider the coefficients in the form $a_k = frac{f^{(k)}(0)}{k} $, but I also could not figure out how this could reveal anything about the $a_k$ being zero.

Any hint would be highly appreciated.

magento2.4 – product details page is featured attribute yes show attribute in magento 2.4

This attribute only show Is Featured Yes for attribute in product details page in magento 2.4


  $_helper = $this->helper(MagentoCatalogHelperOutput::class);
  $_product = $block->getProduct();
<ul class="mb">
<?php if($_product->getAttributeText("test")): ?>
        <span class="primary-c"><?= $_product->getResource()->getAttribute("test")->getStoreLabel() ?>:&nbsp;</span>
        <span><?= $_product->getAttributeText("test") ?></span>
<?php endif; ?>

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