How to show media only to owners?

i am using the media type in a custom content type in order user to add remote video from youtube. I have the following problem that cannot solve via permissions config. When a new user add a new content in this content type, at the specific field (media type) he sees all the media types other users have added. I would like each user to sees only its own content in the creation page.
thank you

Do i need to show my Canadian study visa refusal to the UK embassy for study visa?

You should truthfully answer the questions presented to you in the visa application. You are not required to volunteer information which is not asked for. Thus, if Canada asks if you’ve ever been refused a visa, you must disclose it.

If you do not disclose it, and Canada already knows about the refusal (a very likely situation, for the Five Eyes reason described in the other answer), you will be denied for deception, and possibly banned as well.

Your agent is giving you bad advice.

How to show the author box of a specific role in WordPress?

i wanna show the authorbox of "subscriber" (mean specific role user) in single.php
if subscriber make any post than only show the authorbox after the post.not for "author" "editor" or "admin"

How to show all messages with any label in Gmail?

I want to see a list of all mail that has any label, including the inbox label. This is similar to the All Mail view, except All Mail also shows archived messages. I don’t want to see the archived messages (there are over 9000)… just messages with a label.

If you search Google, it will consistently misinterpret the query no matter how you phrase it and pollute the results with posts about how to show messages with no label. This would be the “All Mail” view, and is not helpful to me.

How can I do this?

8 – Unable to get titles to show up as higher priority in search than content

I have a website I am working on that has a TON of content. The client has noticed that when searching for titles in the site search, it seems to prioritize the body content over the title.

So I changed the search index for titles to be fulltext with a boost of 13. With the rendered output set to a boost of 1. Then I reindexed and that didn’t fix it. I did a full rebuild of tracking information. Same problem.

I found this article:

And followed the instructions there (pretty much what I had already done) and reindexed. Same issue.

An example of this is that we have an article about the response to covid where the phrase “response to covid” is part of the title. When I search for that phrase I do not see it in any of the first-page search results. It is set to show 20 items. In fact, the article in question doesn’t come up until result number 39. None of the prior articles seem to have covid in the title at all. Even searching with quotations makes no difference.

This is currently using the database search/index. I am tempted to implement Solr. But that is a whole-nother ball of wax and I am on a deadline right now.

We are running Drupal 8.9.9 and the Search API 8.x-1.18.

What can I do differently to make it value the title over the rendered content?

SharePoint online: Show image instead of text description on hyperlink hover

Is it possible to force SharePoint to show an image instead of text description while mouseover a hyperlink on my SharePoint-wiki based website?

plugins – If role then show all widgets, else skip a few widget

i’m really new to PHP but tried to look for answers still cant figure why the if not showing properly

this is my code

$cv_user_info  = get_userdata(get_current_user_id());
$cv_roles = $cv_user_info->roles;?>
<div class="row">
    if ($cv_roles='sales_agent'){
         echo $cv_roles;
        else {
            echo $cv_roles;
        } //close else 


The if else statement did not work because if the user is not in sales_agent, the echo still shows sales_agent.

Does swiping down on a Facebook Messenger notification on iPhone show that you’ve read it?

On the Messenger app, you get notifications of what others say in a chat that appear on the top bar of your iPhone. However, when you swipe down on one, it displays options like “Reply”, “Like”, which makes it seem as if you’ve read it. Will that show on the actual chat?

python – What’s the best way to build a Flask API to control and show the status of a program tool I have built?

I’ve developed a backend project using Python. It collects data from different sources, process the data and then perform actions with it (for example, store relevant info in a database). To execute it, I just do “python” and it starts the daemon process.

Now I want to add a Flask API in order to interact with this collector: start/stop the collection, see the state of each component, add/remove components… What is the best approach to do it? I can’t just add Flask app object and routes to the same project, because when I deploy the Api using gunicorn with several workers it runs several instances of the collector.

For example: I have in the collector a object called “GlobalManager” that is in charge of creating, deleting, starting and stoping the collector’s components. Obviously, there is only one instance of this GlobalManager, so I can’t include it in a project with Flask, because if I run it with Gunicorn, it starts several instances of the GlobalManager.

Should I code the API in a separate project and the communicate both the API and the collector through some tool? – Hide category name but show posts in WordPress

I’m looking for a way to hide a specific category title (not all but just one specific category title) from being displayed on the home page, archives, and search results but still show the posts tagged under the category.

Is it possible to do it via CSS or functions hook?

Keep in mind that I want to hide the category title (not the posts under the category. Just the title) from being displayed on home page, archives, and search results.

However, the category name should be displayed on posts.