screenshot: is it possible to choose the screen capture output method with the keyboard shortcut?

The revised screen capture utility in Mojave offers the practical option of choosing whether the resulting screen capture should be copied to the clipboard or saved as a file, or saved in an email, etc.

However, this requires that you first press Cmd + Shift + 5 to display the options, then select the desired option using the pointer. I often need to switch between saving to a file and saving to the clipboard and I wonder if there is a way to do it using a keyboard command or a modifier.

For example, it would be great if you could use Cmd + Shift + 4 to capture a selection, but modify the command to save to the clipboard or save to a file.

Grateful for any suggestions.

shortcut keys: Ctrl + alt + m no longer works

I have a strange problem:
My laptop has been running Ubuntu 18.04 for more than a year. It has an external keyboard connected.

I use the Ctrl+Alt+M shortcut now and then, but today I noticed that it no longer works.

– This shortcut does not work when using the external keyboard.
– With this keyboard, all keys (ctrl, alt Y M) work separately and also together (ctrl+m, alt+m, and so on), but ctrl+alt+m do not
– Using the same keyboard, ctrl+alt+ jobs
ctrl+alt+m It works when I use the laptop keyboard

Usually, I need it when I use intellij, but I tried it in the terminal, where ctrl+alt+n it gives me something like ^(N, ctrl+alt+m does nothing.

I plugged the keyboard directly into the laptop (it was connected through a docking station), restarted the computer, etc., but nothing happened.

Is there anything I can do to diagnose what is happening?

How can I change the default lock shortcut in Windows 10?

I would like to lock the windows through the "WIN + Z" keyboard shortcut.

Is there a way to change the default keyboard shortcut to "WIN + Z" from "WIN + L"? I am using Windows 10.

Macos: is there any way to create a custom keyboard shortcut in OSX?

I would like to press a custom set of keys (ie CTRL+``) to act as if you were pressing a different set of keys (i.e. CTRL+))

How can I achieve this? In the keyboard shortcut menu, I only see ways to configure the keyboard keys to start applications or change how the modifier keys work.

Is there a keyboard shortcut to toggle text suggestions while writing in Windows 10?

In the current Windows 10 compilation, you can go to the settings to enable this:

Ctrl+I → Devices → Writing → Hardware keyboard → Show text suggestions while writing

Is this possible to activate and deactivate this nativity?

Any other way would be enough too.

Change the keyboard shortcut of the screenshot to a single key

I want to configure my keyboard shortcut to Copy picture of selected area to clipboard to the END key. Literally just by pressing a single key END.

I tried to look at this post, but I wasn't sure what the package ID was for the screenshots. If it's a global screenshot, I don't know the key that defaults wait …

vlc media player – Where does VLC store keyboard shortcut keys?

I just made an arduino sketch that listens to a physical pedal switch button that will send a string to a python script through the serial port that, thanks to pyautogui, will emulate a keystroke on the keyboard.

Python will simulate a keystroke, which is the same as a vlc hotkey link that I use to play / pause a video.

This way I can play / pause a vlc video by pressing the pedal switch.
I encoded this keyboard link in the Python script.

Now, just for fun, I want to change the hotkey combination in vlc Y I wish Python could read this change in a VLC preferences file configuration, so you don't have to change it manually every time the script, but I don't know where VLC saves the global hot keys of these keyboards.
I'm on Windows, but I'm a regular Linux user … and on Linux everything is a file!
Thanks in advance

Nova launcher shortcut to Google location accuracy

Is there any way to make a shortcut to go directly to it, besides going through a shortcut to the location and hitting the accuracy of Google's location and the Flipper switch?

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How to configure a keyboard shortcut to open Terminal in macOS for FREE?

They tried to search the entire Internet, they all require the purchase of third-party programs compatible with the function, or suggest programs that do not work for me. Like Automator.

Automator does not recognize at all. If I try to establish a shortcut, it's dimmed. So that is not an option.

Download iTerm2 is not an option either, because I downloaded it, and with all due respect to the people who use it, it was a bit sucked. I just did not like it at all, I prefer the default Terminal.

So … as the title says, is there a FREE method to configure a keyboard shortcut to open Terminal in macOS? That does not imply any 3-part paid software, Automator or iTerm 2.

free However, third-party software is fine.

Is there a keyboard shortcut to switch between the terminal and the editor in VS Code?

I know the shortcut Ctrl + Shift + & # 39; open the terminal and if it is already open it transfers the writing cursor to the terminal, however, I would like a shortcut that alternates between the two more easily, as if it were a Alt + Tab Only between the editor and the terminal.