User expectation – keyboard shortcut for "delay"

I am currently building a web application that does task management.

A very common function is to "delay" the current task, which means that it will be postponed until sometime in the future. There is already a link to click to delay with the mouse, however, I would like to make sure that this can also be done with the keyboard, for advanced users like me.

I do this very often, so I did not want to use a slower key combination like Ctrl + D (not to mention that it's already used to mark bookmarks). I really expected a unique key solution.

The function keys tend to have purposes already in the browser, and in laptops like mine and some others, you have to enter a Fn + combination to really use them.

I did not want to use any of the letters because it is very common to have a selected text field, and you would end up writing in that field instead.

I'm temporarily using the "delete" key, however, even if I have the same first 3 letters, I think it's a bad idea. I have already accidentally deleted emails several times when selecting the wrong screen. (Fortunately there is a trash bin). I am sure that once the application is made public, this will cause immense frustration.

So, my question, is there a standard set currently for what key could be used to delay, postpone, postpone, etc.? Does any other program that you know have a similar function?

Which key would you recommend as the most intuitive for this function?

co.combinatorics – A calculation shortcut for Dedekind numbers?

OEIS A132581 offers a functional extension of the Dedekind numbers.
Where Dedekind number n, is F (2 ^ n).

Beautiful. But perhaps the intermediate values ​​follow some rules!

I share what I find here.

DedekindNumber (e) = F (n = (2 ^ e)) = F (n-d) + F (r * n).

With d = (2 ^ a), r = ((d-1) / d). For anyone a.

For example:

DedekindNumber (8) = F (2 ^ 8) = F (256) = F (256-16) + F ((15/16) * 256)

DedekindNumber (8) = 2 * F (240)

DedekindNumber (9) = F (512) = F (512-256) + F ((255/256) * 512)

DedekindNumber (9) = F (256) + F (510) = DedekindNumber (8) + F (510).

I think it's relevant.
The computation F (240) is better than the computation F (256).
Maybe for people who compute D (9).

I read the contributions of OEIS
Dr. Robert Israel (UBC), Dr. Renzo Benenetti
and Dr. Peter Köhler (JLU Gieben).
If it's true, Drs. , OEIS can be updated.

Can this type of property give way to an explicit Gf of F ()?
Can someone explain it?

Is it just a trivial observation?
Is it wrong and false?

All welcome opinion.

Jose Manuel Montolio Aranda

Is there a shortcut or key combination in 70d to change iso in real time?

How to change ISO while watching from the viewfinder on my canon 70d camera?

Launcher: How to create a home screen shortcut for a live streaming URL?

Is it possible to create a start icon that starts a certain video URL in a registered application for the specific media type? (or offer the application selection menu, in case there are several applications that match the content filter).

In my case it is a M3U The URL of the playlist that points to a DASH transmission and I would like to open it directly in a default application for the content type (ie, mxplayer).

I am aware that it is possible to create an initiator shortcut from Chrome or another browser through the option Add to the desktop, but in this case, when opening the initiator, the web browser will open and then it will be redirected to the application that can handle the type of content. Can this be done in a way that does not require a web browser?

In broader terms, the question is how to create a launcher for a URL or a local file that can be touched from the desktop and opened in any application that can handle the type of content.

Is there a shortcut or command to start a thread?

Is there a shortcut or command in slack that I can use to start a thread in the last message?

It is annoying to always grab the mouse between using the keyboard to navigate to the chat and write the message

Import – Digikam: What is the extension for the exportet keyboard shortcut scheme?

Using digikam 5.6.0 I can export shortcut schemes.
(Menu: Settings → Configure shortcuts … → Manage schemes »→ More actions → Export scheme)

This results in a file without extension (contents in typical ini format)

However: How can I re-import again? The shortcut-File dialog box filter is filtered up something, but I just do not know what extension … without luck to guess …

enter the description of the image here

To update

At least, there is an alternative solution: past the complete and absolute path (ink file name) in the Location field at the top, press import. Jobs…

share posts on Twitter with a shortcut link


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gnome shell – Global shortcut to switch to the application instance without selecting the window

Ubuntu 18.04 (and presumably other versions that use Gnome, such as 17.10 and 18.10) have global keyboard shortcuts to switch between applications based on their location in the dock super09:

enter the description of the image here

But if you have several windows open, a given application, instead of switching to the application, will show a menu of all open windows. You have to select one of the windows (using Get in or the mouse) to switch to the application.

enter the description of the image here

Is there any way to have these global shortcuts in place to automatically switch to the application window closest to the foreground?

mac os – Blurred shortcut on Mac

I have a file, and I create a alias of him and I put it on the desk, and all good, but when I turn it off and on again it gets blurry:

enter the description of the image here

The one below is how it is just put it

And the one above after the shutdown

Help so that this does not happen to the aliases?