finder – Creating a keyboard shortcut to open a specific folder – Big Sur

I’m trying to create a keyboard shortcut using Automator to open a specific folder in finder.
The truth is, I have looked for an answer in here but they are from 9 years ago so there is no updated information about this.

I open Automator , select Quick Actions, and the action I choose is “open finder items” and that’s as far as I can get 😀

Appreciate your help!

macbook pro – Shortcut keys to delete all text to end of line (or all text after cursor)?

macbook pro – Shortcut keys to delete all text to end of line (or all text after cursor)? – Ask Different

How can I add a video camera shortcut to the home screen?

My Pixel 3 (standard size–why no tag?) had both camera and video shortcuts on the home screen. I must’ve pocked-edited it, because the video camera one is gone. I can’t figure out how to add it back. There’s no dedicated video camera app.

Thanks much.

Is there a shortcut to insert current datetime as a static value in a cell in Google Sheets?

I have a table like this:

Expense Date What it was for
120 CZK 4.5.2021. 12:30 Pizza coz I’m lazy

I use it to log some expenses, not exactly for pizza but that’s just an example. I also have similar tables where I really NEED both date and time.

I found out that Ctrl+; inserts current date, but without time. Is there also a shortcut for both date and time?

Keyboard Shortcut for exposing current Spotify track?

I’ve been using a keyboard shortcut for 15 years to know what was the current track playing, preferably by also displaying the album’s photo.
What was easy when only iTunes existed, has become complicated with me also using Spotify
I’ve been hunting for and using different plugins, sizzle, bowtie, growl, spark, lastfm, AppleScript customs script, or more recently Neptunes, with different successes, changing with each new incompatibility brought by new OS X versions.

Now that I am on Big Sur, there is a possible shortcut to bring the control center where an Itunes track playing is present (but not Spotify), there is also a menu item that can be accessed by the mouse, showing the current media stream (including Spotify) but as far as I know, there is no keyboard shortcut for it.

So what would you do, preferably using Apple OS native features, to get it done ?
(a Keyboard Shortcut for exposing current Spotify track playing, preferably with the album image)

Is there a way to create a windows shortcut to a pdf bookmark in Foxit reader?

I’m hoping to create a windows shortcut (.lnk) that goes directly to a PDF bookmark. I’m using Foxit Reader & Windows 10.

I noticed someone from eTutorials bodged up a hacky add-in to do this using Adobe Reader, however this, frankly, is not enough to make me want to make the switch.

Is there a way to do this without abandoning ship to Adobe?

big sur – How to create a shortcut for a command in Terminal that I can have in my Dock (Big Sur)

big sur – How to create a shortcut for a command in Terminal that I can have in my Dock (Big Sur) – Ask Different

safari – Google docs has a broken MacOS keyboard shortcut for subscripts

I use subscripts a lot in my scientific writing. Google docs has a shortcut that is broken on MacOS Safari because ⌘+, brings up preferences, as it does in many other MacOS applications. It’s the default key combination for preferences.

I attempted to correct the issue with BetterTouchTool. However, this failed because other key combinations simply sending ⌘+, to the system (it is after all the way to get to preferences for many many apple apps) or ii) the lack of application menu items because the application is the browser, not the google docs. While this would seem to be an option for iOS, it is not available for the Mac.

It seems as though Google is trying to get us to migrate away from other browsers such as the system default Safari, and into their ecosystem instead. Hmmm now why would they be wanting to do that? I conclude that Google will never try to solve this problem that they so annoyingly created. I’m not going to use Chrome, even though the subscript shortcut works with it.

https – Website dropping my session when accessing it with iOS Shortcut actions as opposed to curl

I am trying to log on to a website with my credentials using the Shortcuts App on iOS making several HTTP requests. These requests are encapsulated within blocks called “actions”. The name of this HTTP request action is “Get Contents of URL”. It lets you choose between GET, POST, DELETE etc. and let you set header custom header fields as well.
The only downside: You can not access the response header. Hence, if there’s a “Set-Cookie” in the response header, you can’t store it for later use.

My Problem is that the login process is failing with these shortcut actions but it is successful when I perform the login using distinct cURL commands sending the same data. And here’s where I am unsure: Whether it is actually the same data that the cURL commands send.
I copied them from a chrome session in which I logged in to the website (“copy as curl”).

The website is an rwt/rap client, which I have never heard of before. It seems like every interaction on the website (pressing buttons, entering form data) sends a POST with json data structure in the body.
For example, this is the data that’s being sent when leaving the input field for the username after entering it (“myUsername“):


The process to login is the following:

  1. Send a http GET to the url and retrieve a 32 char long “jsessionid
    in the response body
  2. Send a http POST to the same url but with
    ;jsessionid=<32characters>” appended to it and retrieve a 6 char
    long “cid” in the response body
  3. Send the username in the request body (in a json data structure) to the same url as in step 2 but with “?cid=<6characters>” appended to it and retrieve a response with {"head":{},"operations":()} in the body signaling success
  4. Send the password in the request body (json structure) to the same url (with jsessionid and cid) and retrieve a response with {"head":{},"operations":()} in the body signaling success
  5. Send a “button Press” for the login button in the request body to the same url retrieve a response with a long json structure in the body that contains instructions on how to generate the UI of the “logged in” website

Oh yeah, and every request that I send has a request counter that I increment in the request body’s json.
But for now I am only concentrating on logging in successfully, which contains of the above 5 requests.

Sending them with cURL: No problem. Using the shortcuts action’s http requests I get an error for the one sending the password (No 4): The error is a 403 with the following text "Forbidden You dont have permission to access /path-to-app/pcterminal;jsessionid<32characters> on this server. Additionally, a 500 Internal Server Error error was encountered while tring to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request."

At first I thought that it has to do with cookies, because the requests that I recorded in chrome had a “Set-Cookie” in the response containing the jsessionid and a settingStore. But I dropped the entire “Cookie” field from the request headers when using the cURL commands.
But the error seems to indicate that before I send the 4th request the server has dropped my session somehow.

How else could I debug this and find out the cause of this?

prettier – How to get keyboard shortcut `⌘ Cmd + S` to save on VS Code?

I’m using VC Code version 1.55.2 and have Prettier version 6.3.2 installed. When I attempt to save my code with the ⌘ Cmd + S keyboard shortcut, it does not save the code. I have to manually click File, the Save, just to be able to save my progress.

How do I fix this?


  • When I use the shortcut ⌘ Cmd + ↑ Shift + P, then Format Document With, I have Prettier - Code formatter as the default.
    enter image description here
  • Checked if ⌘ Cmd + S keyboard shortcut is tied to the Save functionality, by clicking File, then Save.
    enter image description here

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