Help translate the Android shortcut code into the Tasker action of sending intentions

I want to start the integrated shortcut (Join) of an application (remote SMS) using Tasker. I could do it using a third-party add-on, but for my purpose, I must do it directly in Tasker using the Send Intent task.

I was able to obtain the following as the "code" that executes the shortcut: #Intent; action = com.joaomgcd.join.action.SMS; launchFlags = 0x10008000; component = com.joaomgcd.join / .activity.ActivityMain; S. EXTRA_TAB = Remote% 20SMS; final

What it basically does is open the Join application, but instead of opening it to the main page, it opens it specifically on the Remote SMS page of the application.

I do not know how to analyze that command information in the Tasker Send Intent fields. I have tried many different things, but there are many options. So far nothing has worked.

Accessibility – A quick way to jump to the navigation menu. Is there a shortcut for setting the keyboard focus on the first tabular element regardless of where it is on the page?

My goal is to find a quick way to open the navigation menu no matter where you are on the page, it will be very frustrating if the user has to press many times to return to the navigation menu.

Does anyone know if there is a convention or solution to establish the keyboard approach in the index of the first tab in the DOM, regardless of where it is on the page? I know that the beginning and the end will take you to the top or bottom of the page, however, the focus remains where you are, so when you reposition the tab, return to the next element in the which was.

This must be keyboard navigation without a screen reader.

ms office – Global keyboard shortcut does not work in Outlook

I set up a global keyboard shortcut (in System Preferences -> Keyboard -> Text) to replace //north with the fairly long domain name of my company. This works in most applications, but not in all.

For example, it does not seem to do anything in Outlook, I hit //north followed by space in quick succession, and the text just sits there like //north.

I suppose there is a conflict with the internal configuration of Outlook AutoCorrect that makes this not detected? Any way to allow Outlook to use global settings without redefining it in Outlook AutoCorrect?

(Irony: the only place in Outlook where the global shortcut already seems to work is in the dialog box where new AutoCorrect entries are created).

I am using High Sierra 10.13.6 and Outlook 16.16.9.

How do I change the shortcut of the KDE lock screen from a script?

Each time I reinstall, I manually re-assign the global shortcut of the lock screen to Win / Super + L.

How can I do this from the command line so I can run it later from a script?

iphone – How can I add a shortcut to the home screen of my Apple Watch?

I want to enable / disable the cellular data of my iPhone using my Apple Watch. This is what I have done so far:

1) Created two shortcuts, one to enable and another to disable cellular data.

2) Added these two shortcuts to Siri.

These two steps have allowed me to ask Siri on my Apple Watch to enable / disable cellular data on the iPhone.

But, I want to run these Shortcuts without Siri. Is it possible to add a link to a shortcut on the Apple Watch home screen? I know that this is possible on the iPhone, but I have not found a way to do it on the Apple Watch.

The terminal has no focus when it opens from the dock. It has focus when it opens from the keyboard shortcut

The same problem with the calculator when it opens from the dock or Launcher does not have the focus.

The terminal opened from the initiator or the dock has no focus.

The terminal opened from the keyboard shortcut has the focus as usual.

We can not think of the shortcut to become rich – Debates and Help

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Why is there not, by default, a keyboard shortcut to maximize the current window in macOS Mojave?

I am very used to doing things using keyboard shortcuts. Recently, I switched from Windows to Mac and really miss the functionality of maximizing the current window on the Mac.

I searched for a solution and found that we need to add some shortcuts to the keyboard or use some third-party tools to achieve it.

However, I was curious to understand why this "basic / frequently used" functionality does not have a shortcut assigned by default.

Extend the behavior in vertically divided terminator shortcut

I have used terminator for eight years. I love dividing my terminal into several designs depending on the task I'm doing.

I updated (installed from scratch) to Ubuntu 18.10 and installed the terminator. The current version of the package is:

dpkg -l | grep terminator
ii terminator 1.91-1 all multiple GNOME terminals in a window

I have no idea what is happening. I suppose the link to the system key is in conflict with the terminator, but I'm not sure.

the keyboard shortcut to "turn off the screen" does not appear in the keyboard shortcut menu

On my iMac, ctrl + shift + power turns off the screen. But I have a strange keyboard, so it is difficult to reach the power button, so I would like to use a different shortcut for this function.

I went to "System Preferences" -> "Keyboard" -> "Shortcuts" -> "Screen". It lists only "Decrease the brightness of the screen" and "Increase the brightness of the screen".

Why does not it show "Deactivate screen"? How can I reassign a keyboard shortcut other than that command?