extreme tourism – Shark diving: Where can I do it in Europe or South America?

I know it’s not quite Europe, but it is close… The Red Sea is supposed to be a great spot for shark diving. Friends who’ve done it rave about it, and say there are usually loads of different sharks. A quick google indicates you can normally see hammerheads from May till mid August, oceanic whitetips (Longimanus) from mid September until the end of December, and at various times species like grey reef sharks, threshers and silky sharks. However, the best spots for these are advanced scuba divers only, due to depth and current – 40+ dives is quite a typical restriction before you can dive there. From the sounds of it, that’s not a good fit for you.

However, staying with the red sea, nearer shore on some of the reefs you can see smaller sharks. You’ll still need to dive to see these, but you can potentially do that as a beginner (and maybe even as part of a beginner’s course). The reefs often have baby blacktip reef sharks, whitetip reef sharks, and the odd leopard shark. Oh, and loads of interesting fish, rays, turtles etc, but you did say you wanted sharks!

I can’t see much about snorkelling on the red sea which allows you to see sharks, it looks to mostly be snorkelling to see interesting fish.

I’ve not done shark diving in Europe, but I have done some in Australia. On the dives when we saw reef sharks (which do look like “proper” sharks), they weren’t in the sort of place you’d be able to see them when snorkelling. The same is true of the time I saw leopard sharks, they weren’t anywhere snorkellers could go.

However, I have seen quite a lot of Wobbegong Sharks (picture below) in Australia, in places where snorkellers would be able to see them / get close. Admittedly, you’d need to be good at holding your breath, as they’re normally at least 5m down, and usually hiding under an overhang during the day, but it can be done (it’s easier as a scuba diver though!). So, you could always find somewhere with lots of Wobbegongs, and go snorkelling there. They don’t look like “classic” sharks, but they are sharks, and I think they’re fun to see!

Wobbegong Shark, off Byron Bay

Thinking about the rest of Europe, Malta is a popular dive base in the Mediterranean. It’s very very rare to see Sharks there, so I think you’re unlikely to see them in the med. I believe you can sometimes see them on the Atlantic coast of europe, but only as an experienced scuba diver, and normally only with baiting the water then going down in a cage, such as described here. As with the red sea, not a beginners option.

Otherwise, another option is to go to a big aquarium, and dive with sharks there. Most of the big ones offer a package of an introduction to scuba diving, then an escorted dive with the sharks there. Typically it’s quite expensive, and it’s probably not the same experience as seeing them in their natural environment, but you’ll know you’ll get to see them!

l5r 4e – Shark Clan losing Honor due intimidation

Reading Rank 2 of the Jirozame Bushi Eyes Of the Predator

In the wild many animals are paralyzed when faced with a clearly
superior predator, and the Shark bring this attitude to the fight,
purging all emotion from their mind to establish superiority. Before
initiative is rolled (or before the Assessment roll in a iaijutsu
duel) you can make an Intimidation/Awareness roll, contested by your
opponent’s Honor/Willpower. If successful, you can add +5 to your
Initiative roll, or to your Focus roll in a iaijutsu duel.

Using Intimidation makes your character to lose honor. Does using this rank still make me lose Honor?

dnd 5e – Could True Polymorph turn a creature like a shark into a object like a dead dragon turtle’s head?

I have a bard that has been true polymorphing into a dragon turtle and attacking coastal towns on a large island (think “Big Island” Hawaii) I am doing this so another member of my party can be true polymorphed into a bronze dragon adult and be seen “fighting” with me.

Our plan is for the fight to go into the ocean, then sometime later he as the bronze dragon will drag a part of a dragon turtle’ body out with him and declare himself their savior and new leader and/or guardian. then true polymorph on him will be dropped, he’ll say he used his dragon shapechange ability to look human. Then he will say he has to keep traveling to “right many wrongs” but that one day he will return.

Then at the end of the campaign if we are still alive, I will permanently make him an adult bronze (around 200 years old) and he will get to spend upwards of 5000 years retired and living as the king of an island nation. Also so he is a sailor background fighter so he plans to slowly reshape them into a sea fairing warrior people like the ancient Maori. He also plans to take a bride from the tribe once every generation till the whole island is full of dragon ancestry sorcerers and half-dragon humans.

We may not need the corpse head of a dragon turtle to pull this deception off we could say it died below the waves but it would help give us trick them and then for centuries the skull of a dragon turtle can adore their main village as a constant reminder of why they should follow him.

Swimming – How can anyone dare to swim in the ocean / oceanfront beaches at the risk of shark?

I have only seen "Jaws" a few times in my life, but despite how supernatural and evil that shark is, the fact is that people have been devoured by sharks that swim to enjoy a good buffet on the public beach, lake but rather the ocean / sea.

With the exception of areas where there are simply no sharks, how can anyone dare to swim in a tropical location or where there is can be sharks?

I don't get it. The thought of shoving those horrible jaws into your flesh and being dragged underwater and away and killed in the most horrible way possible while desperately gasping for air at the same time makes my skin stand on end.

It's such a scary thought for me that I could never swim on a beach like that, surf, or even walk in the water beyond a certain point of depth.

However, people seem to do exactly that. How can you be sure that no shark will go there today? A lifeguard who sees a fin will not have time to evacuate people from the entire beach, and that if do Detect it!

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