view – Make upcoming events show on ReadOnly homepage in SharePoint

I am new to SharePoint and have added an event view to my home page, as shown in the image below.

Add event view

After adding it, I can see the upcoming events, but at the top of the view, there is a button to add a new event. I would like to know if there is a way to remove that button. Basically to show upcoming events to the user without allowing them to create a new one.

Event view

Thank you.

2013 – How to embed a list from another SharePoint?

I am trying to embed the list content into a SharePoint page that is stored in a separate SP within our company. The goal is to create a centralized dashboard for reps to see various dynamic tasks that need to be completed (assigned to the group) and that are currently in several different SPs. I am creating a page to extract the content from the lists stored in these various SPs; That way, all tasks will be displayed on one page, rather than having representatives visit 5 different SPs.

I've found some potential workarounds that make it seem really simple to do this, but assume you're pulling out of subsites or a subsite, and encourage the use of content web queries or data view elements.

Currently, I have extracted the pages from the SPs and embedded using the PagePart Web Viewer as a workaround for now, but that is far from ideal.

What is the best method to achieve this? Help me Obi-wan Kenobi. . .

online sharepoint – Create new modern landing page

I am working to create a new page that I want to be my new landing page. The landing page and the new modern page are a little different. Mainly, pages have their name at the top and the page title. If I remove all that, it still has a blank space at the top. Is there any way I can remove that? Or do you configure the page template to be a landing page that you get when you create a new site?

SharePoint 2016 – Updating MySite from SharePoint 2013 – wrong URL

I completed an attached db upgrade from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2013 to SharePoint 2016. I updated the My Site host URL in SharePoint 2016 UPS My Site to the new site collection, but Newsfeed, Onedrive and Sites still point to the SharePoint URL 2013.


URL of my SharePoint 2013 site:
My SharePoint 2016 site URL:

Note: At the read permission level of My SharePoint 2016 site, I can add users, click OK, but show "Exact match not found. Click unsolved items for more options" Same Behavior with the secondary owner in cleaning my site.

Also, my employee directory shows results from 0 people in SharePoint 2016.

Any ideas on what I missed after updating My Sites in SharePoint 2016.

Crud operation on the Excel file present in the SharePoint document library on sharepoint

Is there a way to retrieve the excel file from SharePoint document library and update data to respective cell in excel file and download updated excel file in SharePoint 2013 using JSOM or Rest API.

online sharepoint: how to restrict app-only permissions to a site

In registering an Azure app under API Permissions, I added Sites.Read.All AppOnly to allow my app to access SharePoint resources through Graph.

How do I restrict this permission to apply it to a single site collection?

My app only needs to access this collection of sites and it would be irresponsible to request access to anything else (least privilege principle), and it is unlikely that any customer admin will allow it.

So, I need to restrict the permissions of the app service principal, but where / how do I do that?

Online Sharepoint: can we grant the same permission to multiple groups via MS workflow

I want to grant read access to multiple groups through MS workflow. Below is the URL I'm using to grant access. Currently, this API URL is granting permission to only one group and I have 5 more groups, instead of making 5 more visits to the API, I was wondering if there is any way to do it in one go.

URL: _api / lists / getByTitle (& # 39; Test & # 39;) / items (ID) / roleAssignments / addroleassignment (principalId = 84, roledefId = 1073741827)

spfx: use SharePoint theme colors in SASS exported variables

I want to apply the color palette of the selected SharePoint theme to an SPFx web part by setting a set of variables that I export from the SPFx .scss web part. I want to define colors as exported variables, instead of specifying classes, because I want to apply these colors inline in the output HTML and I need to be able to dynamically select the various color variables. The intent is to apply the various exported color variables to an array by event category, then set line styles in the output HTML with the color of that event's category. I thought you would be able to define the exported variables in the .scss like:

@import "~@microsoft/sp-office-ui-fabric-core/dist/sass/SPFabricCore.scss";
@import "./node_modules/spfx-uifabric-themes/office.theme.vars";

//category color variables (in order to get theme's actual colors)
$categoryColor1: $ms-color-themePrimary;
$categoryColor2: $ms-color-themeSecondary;

:export {
  themeDark: $ms-color-themePrimary;

  //event category colors
  categoryColor1: $ms-color-themePrimary;
  categoryColor2: $ms-color-themeSecondary;
  categoryColor3: $ms-color-themeTertiary;
  categoryColor4: $ms-color-themeDark;
  categoryColor5: $ms-color-themeDarker;
  categoryColor6: $ms-color-themeDarkAlt;

Then apply them to the array by event like:

  const categoryDropdownOption = await this.getChoiceFieldOptions(siteUrl, listId, 'Category');
  let categoryColor: { category: string, color: string }() = ();
          let x = 1;
  for (const cat of categoryDropdownOption) {
    if (x == 1) {
      categoryColor.push({ category: cat.text, color: styles.categoryColor1});
    if (x == 2){
      categoryColor.push({ category: cat.text, color: styles.categoryColor2});
    if (x == 3){
      categoryColor.push({ category: cat.text, color: styles.categoryColor3});
    if (x == 4){
      categoryColor.push({ category: cat.text, color: styles.categoryColor4});
    if (x == 5) {
      categoryColor.push({ category: cat.text, color: styles.categoryColor5});
    if (x == 6) {
      categoryColor.push({ category: cat.text, color: styles.categoryColor6});
    if (x > 6){
      categoryColor.push({ category: cat.text, color: await this.colorGenerate() });

And finally apply to the HTML of the SPFx web part (where the array elements have been set to the "color" property of an event object:

But when debugging the results, I find that the color set in the exported variable is a string literal like "& # 39; (theme: themeDarkAlt, default: # 106ebe) & # 39;" instead of being the actual color of the theme. If I specify the exact colors in my exported variables like the following the colors are applied as intended. So I have concluded that the problem is that Sass does not set the color of the exported variable by theme. Any suggestion?

:export {
  themeDark: $ms-color-themePrimary;

  //event category colors
  categoryColor1: #A4262C;
  categoryColor2: #5d1418;
  categoryColor3: rgb(199, 3, 13);
  categoryColor4: #222222;
  categoryColor5: #ca5a27;
  categoryColor6: #b9350c;

Sharepoint 2013 – How to add the Expand / Collapse button for 2 grouping levels

I am a non-coder. I have a frequently asked questions page which is a newsletter style list view. 2 levels of grouping are used 1. Category 2. Question.

I'm looking to add a toggle button or 2 buttons to Expand all and Collapse all.
I've tried using some network codes, but they seem to work with only 1 grouping layer or don't expand or collapse a partially open list.

If anyone has a solution for this please help!