python – How to get Numba’s prange threads to collaborate by storing / seeing the result in a shared variable?

I have a test code like so:

from numba import njit, prange
import random

def func():
    highest_val = 0
    for i in prange(100):
        for j in range(1000):
            val = random.randint(0, 100000000000)
            if val > highest_val:
                highest_val = val
                print('New highest val: ', highest_val)


Without parallel=True, it will run and always print higher and higher values.

However, if I switch parallel to True, then all threads started by that prange call seem to get a copy of the initial value of highest_val. They all compete printing many repeated highest values, and the value set by one thread is not visible to other threads.

As new threads start to execute they start from scratch again, finding highest values that are lower than the ones found by previous threads. That assignment doesn’t seem to be altering the highest_val variable in a way that is visible to the other threads.

I’m trying to understand how this works.

How can I accomplish this?

Email sent to 2 addresses with shared same organization domain and one bounced back. Was it successfully delivered to the other address?

It is my first time asking questions, so my apologies if there is any mistakes. I sent an email to 2 addresses (2 different departments in same organization with shared, one bounced back from due to ‘address not found’. I later found out it was a generated email address. Could someone please tell me if my email was successfully delivered to the other ‘good’ address (the other department)?

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Can I run a POS coin in Shared hosting

Hello people I want to learn how to run this code in github
And also have another question can this code be run in shared hosting like GoDaddy or namecheap if it is modified

Migrate messages in shared mailbox exchange, can it be done?

Can I migrate information in IMAP mode for a shared mailbox? Is this possible or not? Why and how?

mysql – Shared hosting database and AWS

I am not satisfied of my current shared hosting database (mysql) because of limitations (max user connections for example). I cannot afford VPS / dedicated server.

AWS offers Mysql database, and my question is, if I migrate my database at AWS, will the queries/lookups/inserts be slower than my current database hosted on the same datacenter as my webserver?
Or is this insignificant?


ubuntu – Windows 10 loses access to SMB shared folder when folder renamed

I have Samba version 4.11.6 installed on Ubuntu 20.04.1
On Windows 10 version 1809, I have a shared folder mapped.

When I rename or create a sub-directory I lose access to the shared folder. Despite being disconnected, the change does go through.
First the folder looks like a file. When I refresh, I get the error message “The directory name is invalid” That holds true if I try to access it directly (ex. //192.168.1.X/directoryname/) or if I try to open the shared directory. (At that point the error changes to “is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resource. Contact the administrator of this server to find out if you have access permissions. The directory name is invalid.”)

I have to disconnect and reconnect (sometimes that doesn’t work though) in order to regain access.

What’s screwing up? is it Windows 10? is it Samba? Is there a better way to set this up?
I was running Deepin previously (instead of Ubuntu) and I had no issues at all. That leads me to believe either it’s a Samba setting, or it’s a newer version of Samba that is messing stuff up.

microservices – How To Handle Shared Library Version Bump In a Multi Repo?

Little context – today I have a monolith application that I am planning to split into micro-services due to it’s growth and the need to partial re-deployments.

I’m designing a development process where I have a number micro-services in a multi repo environment (All written in python).

  • There is a one “Foundation” repository that stores ~30 different packages of
    shared code.
  • Each micro-service is stored in a different repo.
  • The plan to share the code is using a package manager (“private” PyPi) where each package manages it’s semantic version and on change it’s packed and published.

An example of the packages and dependencies:

Package 1
Package 2 --> 1
Package 3 --> 1,2
Package 4

"Micro-service 1"
Package 5
Package 6 --> 5,1,3

"Micro-service 2"
Package 7 --> 4

I’m trying to understand how to handle the flow where Package 1 introduces
new change (let’s say – feature change that causes a minor version bump)
How I should keep up with changing all the depended libraries ?

  1. Package 3 depends on 1 directly and indirectly – think i want to avoid case where they have different versions – it will cause a problem in the deployment.
  2. Updating all the relevant micro-services, for example Package 6 depends on 1.
  3. Every dependent package may introduce different version bump, some of them may have only patch level change due to Package 1 minor change.

It seems that in a fresh development process where there are a lot of changes it will be a nightmare to keep up updating everything
I’ve seen some different scripts or tools like Lerna for npm that should help with that – but still don’t understand what’s the best strategy for fresh development projects