google – How could I copy information from multiple cells that share a common feature into one cell?

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network share – Change ACL of shared folder without setting archive bit

I would like to restrict certain network shares in my network so that only specific groups can access the shares. However, some of these shares are archived to an external system. Whenever the archived bit is set on files in the share, the files will be archived automatically.

Whenever I changed the ACL of a certain network share, the archived bit is set on all files on the share, which causes all files to be archived again.

I’m looking for a solution that allows me to change the ACL of a network share while not setting the archived bit on files/folders in that share. Preferably via PowerShell or the Windows GUI. I’d rather not use third-party software.

Has anyone encountered a similar challenge, or does anyone have a solution?

research – Share your favorite template(s) for capturing user journeys and workflows

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How to share common c# code

I wrote some code and realized they share similar logic. I am struggling to share the logic and welcome any suggestions.

public List<string> SendTemplateAsSampleEmail(MtaConnection mtaConnection, ICollection<EmailRecipient> recipients,
           SimpleContentDto renderedContent)
            var errorStrings = new List<string>();

            // Get the list of branded values
            var fromAddress = BrandingHelper.GetFromAddressForSampleEmail(_httpContextBase);
            var replyToAddress = BrandingHelper.GetFromAddressForSampleEmail(_httpContextBase);
            var fromName = BrandingHelper.GetBrandName(_httpContextBase);

            // First send as in TGE
            if (!string.IsNullOrEmpty(renderedContent.HtmlText))
                errorStrings.AddRange(SendTransactionalEmail(mtaConnection, recipients, renderedContent.HtmlText,
                    HtmlSubjectPrefixAsTge + renderedContent.Subject,
                    fromAddress, fromName, replyToAddress,
                    emailDomain: "",
                    preHeader: null,
                    contentType: EmailContentType.HtmlContent));
            return errorStrings;
        public List<string> SendSampleEmailForHtmlContent(MtaConnection mtaConnection, ICollection<EmailRecipient> recipients, string name,
            string htmlContent, string preHeader)
            return SendTransactionalEmail(mtaConnection, recipients, htmlContent, HtmlSubjectPrefix + name,
                fromAddress: BrandingHelper.GetFromAddressForSampleEmail(_httpContextBase),
                fromName: BrandingHelper.GetBrandName(_httpContextBase),
                replyToAddress: BrandingHelper.GetFromAddressForSampleEmail(_httpContextBase),
                emailDomain: "", preHeader: preHeader,
                contentType: EmailContentType.HtmlContent);

Share only selected sheet with a scripted button/image to be executed by user

I have the MAIN big sheet and 2 other sheets (REVIEW and REVIEW_UI). MAIN is the central of my data where i don’t want other user to have access. The schema is like this:


I only want to give access of my ‘REVIEW_UI’ sheet. This sheet will serve as (UI) user-interface so user can input data. The UI looks like this :

enter image description here

In this REVIEW_UI, all other cells are protected ( user can view but can’t change) except there are 2 special cells i want to open to the user (B4 as SHOTID and E4 as REVIEW) , so they can write to it. Also there’s a SUBMIT button/image where a function script has been assigned to. So i want user to be able to click this image/button to run the script. Basically user will select SHOTID then write REVIEW then SUMBIT it.

The script will execute a task where it will send the data (that user has entered in the REVIEW_UI sheet) into REVIEW. So user need have access to REVIEW sheet as well (Not a direct access to view the sheet , but so the input from REVIEW_UI can get write access into the REVIEW ).

So summary :

  • MAIN : no public access, no share at all.
  • REVIEW : write access exclusively via button in REVIEW_UI.
  • REVIEW_UI : write access only to that 2 cells and can execute function by clicking SUBMIT button.

How can i manage those sharing setup and how to share with button/image still clickable, while i don’t want to share to user as editor ?

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computer architecture – What kind of binary compatibility do 2 processors having same Instruction Set share?

Applications would run without any modification on processors sharing the same Instruction Set. However, CPU Microcode and Device Drivers will not run if the microarchitecture is different. Operating Systems usually manage the installation and updation of device drivers and microcode. The device drivers and microcode are installed based on the processor’s microarchitecture and Instruction Set. Device drivers and microcode are binaries that interact with hardware, so they will be different for devices with different hardware architecture.

If the code is written using parallel programming frameworks such as OpenMP, then the compiled binary will not run if the number of cores is different.

security – How to securely share a link to a video on my server

I’ve created a web system for daycares on which the educators can upload videos of the kids, and then share those videos with the parents.

Currently the way I’m doing this is very simple. My system generates an email (to the parents) with a link to the video where it resides on my server. The educator clicks a “Send” button and the system fires off the email with the link.

For example:

The video is not password protected, but the video name is randomly generated so impossible to guess. My question is, is this a security risk? And if so, what would be a better way to share these videos?

sharing – macOS – How do I share files via Share Menu from command line?

I want to automate file sharing via the system Share Menu
and it would be very helpful to know how to do it from command line,
like so:

share-with-share-menu /path/to/file

and a Share Menu appears on screen and let me choose which where to share the file to.

  • Directly share to an app:
share-with-share-menu /path/to/file --handler-id

This opens up ( and compose a new email with the file attached.

Unable to connect to SMB share after reboot

I just got a new iMac (so M1 & Big Sur). I have a shared hard drive on my router, that I’ve maintained as a shared network drive on the Windows machine I’m replacing. This machine is still connected to the shared drive, can browse & edit its contents, etc.

I got my iMac connected to the share on the first try, using smb:// I know the IP address is correct – it’s the IP for the router, and it’s what works for the mapped drive on the Windows machine.

After I rebooted, I can’t connect to the shared drive anymore. It shows the ‘There was a problem connecting to the server “”. message.

This is a pain to diagnose, especially with a brand new computer (and I’m switching back to Mac after 5y on Windows). I can see the server in my Recent Items under the apple. I just don’t get it what the change would have been after reboot; all I’ve been doing is installing programs and copying files.

I did see this question and tried the enable Netbios suggestion, which didn’t work either before or after another restart.

I’m stumped.