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Sharepoint Migration tool from File Share to Sharepoint (Teams)

This morning we completed a test migration of information from our File Share to SharePoint (Teams) using the free Microsoft SharePoint online tool.

However once all the documents migrated all of the metadata isn’t pulling through correctly.

On the File Share we have a document called ‘Names’ if we check the properties it’s created by a specific persons name (as we would expect) but after the migration on the SharePoint list this is appearing as created by BUILTINAdministrator, this isn’t happening for all of the documents within the SharePoint List a good lot of them are correct and are displaying the right created by names.

Having these documents appear as BUILTINAdministrator isn’t ideal Would anyone know how we resolve this?

Please share your experience with Yandex

Hello Community,

I wish to recommend Yandex.Connect to my shared hosting customers who are looking for custom emails that don’t leak their pockets.

I am talking about customers who are starting things and don’t have $$$ to use paid services like G Suite, Zoho etc.

Hows the Yandex.Connect and related services in your experience?
How reliable are they?
Are they have a good reputation with various ESPs so the emails won’t simply be dropped into sp@m folder?
Can you share your experience with them?

I wish not to take this thread to the US vs Russia =D

Ho to verify if event receiver is custom or default in share point 2013

I have requirement to get all the list of event receiver names(Not Default) in a share point 2013 site which are custom.

Kindly guide me on identifying the custom receivers only.

Thanks in advance!

Share YouTube Videos vs WWE Forums

Forum Name: Share YouTube Videos
Genre: YouTube promotional forum
Would like to battle: Anyone!

Easy way for others to share files?

Hello. As part of my startup, I am part reporter, and I am looking for an easy way for people to be able to share files with me.

For instance, let’s say someone shoots a video of XYZ, and they give me permission to show it on my website. If the video is 3GB in size, then there is no way they can email it to me.

I have a VPS that hosts my website – still under construction – and I’m wondering what is the easiest way for others to be able to share files with me?

(Easiest for me. Easiest for them.)

Also, I guess i should say that *security* is important in whichever way I go.


storage area network – can I share the same datastore between different VMware 6.5 clusters?

Is it possible to share the same datastore between multiple VMware clusters of the same version (both 6.5 or both 6.7)?

It is the norm to share the datastore between multiple hosts in the same cluster (and it is required for vSphere HA), but I’m talking about multiple, otherwise independent clusters each one with its own nodes and vCenter.

By “sharing” I mean having both clusters actively working on the datastore with virtual machines and possibly the datastore heartbeat for HA. The individual VMs will be in only one cluster inventory, but on the same datastore there could be a mix of VMs from the two (or possibly more?) clusters.

My question is deliberately generic, but if you need a concrete example think about two Essential Plus clusters, three nodes in each cluster, all of them connected via iSCSI to the same LUNs. Reason for the question is to avoid hard splitting the available SAN space in two parts, one for each cluster, without being able to “rebalance” storage if one LUN/datastore gets full white the other still has available space.

Windows 10 Mount SMB Share with sec=none Option

I want to mount a share on Windows 10 Home PC. However, when I try to mount it, it says that I dont have permission to access the share. So I setup a VM (Ubuntu 20.04) and tried to mount it there. At first it also didnt work (mount error(2): No such file or directory). I found out that I had to put sec=none in order to connect to the share:

sudo mount.cifs //server/share /Data/path -o sec=none

Now my question is, how can I mount it on my Windows System with the sec=none settings?
What I tried:

  • activating Optional Features: SMB 1.0/CIFS Filesharing Support – Client
  • leaving username/password blank
  • / or as username, password blank
  • username: guest etc..

Share YouTube Videos

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Share YouTube Videos

Please share email marketing tool

My honest suggestion is to invest in a email marketing tool instead of using a free one. You need to invest in tools for your business and the email marketing one is probably the most important.

Don’t use Mailchimp cause you’ll gonna regret it when your business will get bigger and you’ll figure out all the limitations it has.
The worst thing is to create all your automation and email funnels on Mailchimp, and realise months after that you need to move everything to a service that allows you to do more things. Trust me, you don’t want to go through this.

I tried all the most popular ones, and I can tell you that Active Campaign is the best on the market. It’s the more usable, it covers all the areas you need for an online business and is supported everywhere.