windows server 2008 – Can’t connect to network share

For some reason we can’t connect to the shares on our server. Trying to investigate the problem we noticed the following. If we use command prompt and type in

net view

we get a list of the shares on our server, as expected. However when we type in

net view (ip address of network card)

It takes the server very long to respond and eventually we get an 53 error. We have no idea why. We tried disabling the firewall because we thought this may cause it, but it had no effect. Any thoughts on what might cause this behaviour?

Network card:

  • Ip address:
  • Subnet mask:
  • Default Gateway:

OS: Windows SBS 2008

design – How to share data among multiple subscribers?

Data is supposed to be received in sequence, by a subscriber.

Every data item published cannot be dropped.

Data items have relationship among them

Publishers and subscribers are distributed.

Each data item is structured with pre-defined attributes.

What should be the shared communication mechanism , for a publisher to send data to subscriber?

Graph db…

ipad – iPadOS: Creating files on SMB share

A new issue has cropped up for me—possibly since iPadOS 14 was released (last week as of this writing), but I’m not sure it hasn’t been around longer since it’s been some weeks since I last tried doing this and it worked. The issue is specifically with creating files on an SMB share.

My iPad’s Files sidebar has an SMB share (boringly called Shared and located on the Linux machine at ~/Shared) exported by Samba from an Ubuntu Linux workstation on my home network, the same network my iPad’s on.

It works for fine for editing files—meaning, if I open a file from an app supporting Files selection, or use the Files app itself to invoke an app using a long-press on a file in Shared, I can modify it, and those changes propagate to my Linux machine’s storage with no problem.

It also works for deleting files using the Files app, by long-holding on the file in Shared and selecting Delete Now.

The problem arises only when I try to create a new file. If I copy a file into it by what I think of as the “classic Windows method”—finding its original location, long-pressing to Copy, navigating to Shared and doing Paste, I get:
A cropped screenshot showing an error panel reading, “The operation couldn’t be completed. Operation canceled // Operation canceled // OK”

which is an error panel reading,

The operation couldn’t be completed. Operation canceled
Operation canceled

If I try to save a file into Shared directly from an app’s export sheet, I get the same:
A fullscreen screenshot from the Export panel of Vectornator showing an error panel reading, “The operation couldn’t be completed. Operation canceled // Operation canceled // OK”

I have tried restarting the Linux machine and ejecting and remounting the SMB share on the iPad.

One additional possible clue: I thought perhaps doing touch ~/Shared/two-boxes.svg on Linux prior to attempting the creation might work, since editing existing files works. I did this and then tried to paste the two-boxes.svg file, and got the box warning me of overwriting the empty file:

A “Replace Existing Items?” dialog

which reads,

Replace Existing Items
The file “two-boxes” already exists in this location. Do you want to replace it with the one you’re copying?
Keep Both

Interestingly, if I select Replace, I get the same “Operation canceled” error, but then no two-boxes.svg file at all is left behind. On the other hand, if I select Keep Both, I get no error, but also nothing happens—the old file remains and no new file is created.

One final possible clue: if I go into Shared in the Files app and try to create a new directory, the Files app itself crashes immediately (I’m sent to the home screen and when I restart Files, it reinitializes its state). But oddly, even though it crashes, it worked: the directory is created and visible on Linux!

android 11 – Unable to share photos

I just “upgraded” my Pixel3a to 11. Now I can’t share photos from my piktures (yes, that is how it’s spelled) photo management app via Messages or Gmail. Tapping the share button presents only two options: ‘Nearby share’ and ‘bluetooth’. In Android 10, I was greeted with many apps.

I was able to briefly get Messages and Gmail to show up in the list by going to those apps and attaching photos from there. Alas, those apps are no longer visible from piktures. The problem with attaching photos from those apps is that they show the newest photos first. While that is often the right answer, sometimes I want to share an older photo and it is very tedious to scroll and scroll in the hopes of finding it.

As a side note, I can no longer delete photos from piktures either.

Is there a setting somewhere that allows me to share from piktures?

gm techniques – As a GM, how do I encourage PCs to share and play out their backstories?

The best way to make sure your players invest in character backgrounds is, in my experience, to actually use those backgrounds, and reward players that provide them. Players will not do something they don’t consider worth doing.

The rewards vary from group to group. If you haven’t done so already, I suggest taking notes of what kind of thing is the most interesting for each of your players: some look for a cool story, some look for roleplaying experiences and personal drama, some look for power-ups, some look for ways to do cool stuff with their characters they can brag about later, some look for some fun while not being at the center of attention. Remember, each of these is perfectly fine and everyone has a different way of having fun. It’s alright if someone only cares about his kill count, as long as he’s happy playing and the rest of the group is cool with him; and for the love of everything, don’t “reward” such a player with a deep intricate story arc centering on him. Give him a bigger axe instead.

The next step is to actually use that information during the game. If your character values the story, have his background be a central part of a story arc. If he values his shiny magical items, make sure a powerful magic item comes up from his background and that he needs to investigate and make use of his personal story to gain it. And so on, and so forth.

This can, of course, be kind of like a dog that eats his own tail, with the DM not being able to use backgrounds for his story since his players do not have any background, and the PCs not providing background info since the DM does not reward them. However, there are three tricks to avoid that situation. First, you can talk to your players. Seriously, mature players will easily abide to your request. Second, if your players have similar interests (not that uncommon), even just one character’s background “paying off” will entice the others to follow in the next campaign. And thirdly, you can offer actual, practical advantages for backgrounds in the first few adventures / campaigns you have with your group: for instance, you could give extra starting money, or a clue to an enigma, a powerful NPC’s help, or even just a Good Player Cookie to “bank in” later in the adventure for some extra benefit in a certain situation. Heck, depending on your players even actual cookies could be good.

Remember, you don’t need a GOOD background to start: if you have even just a vague short background story, like “I was hit and have amnesia, but I have a strange feeling I might be the son of the emperor” is enough to start providing those rewards that will make sure the rest of the players will put more effort in their backgrounds. Just make sure to reward better backgrounds with better rewards – even when the rewards themselves are incomparable, the amount of time a smile stays on the player’s face afterwards is a good indicator of how “good” a reward is.

How do I share a downloadable WebGL build in Unity?

The Unity WebGL builds are intended to be played from websites. They don’t work when loaded from a file:/// url. When you launch a WebGL build from inside Unity, then Unity actually starts a tiny webserver to host the game, so your browser can load the game from http://localhost/. So when your testers want to do that too, they need to set up a local webserver. Which might be too much of a hurdle for less technically inclined playtesters.

But there is an easier way: Just upload the WebGL build to a website and send your testers the link.

One great website for that purpose is In order to publish a game you need to register with a valid email address. If you don’t want to publish your build to the world yet, set your project “Visibility & access” to “Restricted” and either set a password or ask your testers to register accounts on so you can whitelist their usernames.

But if you also have an own website, then you can just upload the folder to it.

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applications – How to share as image from the Wikipedia App?

The Wikipedia app supposedly allows sharing selected text as an image, as seen on

At the moment, at least on my phone (Nokia 7.2 TA-1196, Android 10), only “standard sharing” is available, which shares plain text.

Does the feature still exist? How can one share as image?

centos7 – Connecting to samba share fails

I have setted up a cluster in mirror of 2 nodes with glusterfs(7.7), everything is working properly, no fails in all the logfiles, CTDB is ok, samba is working properly…but can’t connect from a windows client :-(. Firewall is disabled! Somebody an idea? Checked for samba(4.10.4) bugs but nothing special what could be a block.

Can not CheckOut ,edit and open master pages,Page Layouts in share point 2013 designer

using share point designer 2013 i can not open master page and edit master page all the settings for share point designer allowed for web application level.

SharePoint Farm has 2 WFE Servers Web Application created on Port 81 Web Application URL: First WFE Server name & Port: http://spTestWfe1:81 Port 81 is allowed from my PCto WFE

when i try to edit master pages or page layouts below is the message from SPD
enter image description here

could not find a webserver at ” on port 81. please check to make sure that the web server name is valid and your proxy settings are set correctly sharepoint designer