Notifications continue to appear on the settings page

My device is Xiaomi mi a3 Android 10. I cannot disable these notifications on the main settings page from anywhere. I tried to click on them and set it how you want but it doesn't matter … Keep showing these notifications. Very disturbing and annoying. Any solution?
Notifications are; 1 "customize your device" and 2 "configure the night light program".

Thank you.

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online sharepoint: column not visible in new library settings and library views

I have created a field defined site column containing Hidden equals true and added this site column to the content type of the document. Now I have created some content types that inherit the content type of the document and the content types used by libraries. Now I have a situation where I need to show that particular site column in library views.

So to accomplish this I get the document content type field and set it to false and update the field.

With this, I can add the column in the library views, but the problem is that when I create a new library, this column is not visible to add it to a view.

Field field = clientContext.Web.GetContentTypeByName(contentType).Fields.GetFieldByInternalName(siteColumn);
field.Hidden = false;
clientContext.ExecuteQueryRetry(ConfigHelper.ThrottleRetryCount, ConfigHelper.ThrottleDelay);

and i tried this too

Field field = clientContext.Site.RootWeb.Fields.GetFieldByInternalName(siteColumn);
field.Hidden = false;
clientContext.ExecuteQueryRetry(ConfigHelper.ThrottleRetryCount, ConfigHelper.ThrottleDelay);

openid – How to edit Kubernetes cluster settings for OIDC?

We are planning to implement OpenID authentication on Kubernetes, I am finding a way to add oidc-issue-url to Kubernetes cluster as described here Kubernetes OpenID

But I can't find the cluster configuration.
How can I add or edit values ​​to the Kubernetes Cluster API server using kubectl?

Website Design – GUI Settings Menu

Very happy to find this forum! First post here, I hope to understand the intention:

I'm trying to design a configuration menu for HVAC control and I can't really find the best way to represent the available options in a concise way to make the menu look elegant.

Obviously, there are a few styling tricks you could use to make things look a bit better initially (like indenting options right (drop-down, toggle, etc.) and centering buttons at the bottom).

At first I thought it would be a good idea to divide them into categories, but that doesn't help me, since almost every entry is a different category. Below is how it currently looks:

enter the image description here

There are intended to be two settings to allow simultaneous heating / cooling: Alert or Not (hence a toggle switch as I think it looks cleaner)

There are also two settings for Units (C or F), so I can't say if a toggle or drop-down menu would be better here.

The other option for Override is:

2) "wait until next scheduled setpoint event"

and the other two options for slave disconnection are:

2) "Use the latest configuration"

3) "Do nothing more than try to reconnect"

I thought about trying to reduce the description of each entry to no more than 2 words, but also incorporate a i-button (for information on scrolling), but this still doesn't solve the long dropdown options.

Eager to hear all the thoughts, thanks!

Is there a way to remove the site from the sites listed in Chrome's Site Settings menu?

Is there a way to remove a site from the sites listed in Chrome's Site Settings menu (chrome: // settings / content / all)?
For example, when I go to a site, I click on the padlock icon in the top search bar and click on Site Settings, I can access a Chrome menu like …
enter the image description here
Is there a way to remove the sites listed here?

Testing with random sites and deleting everything in the Breaking Time frame on the Clear Browsing Data menu doesn't seem to have any effect (those test sites still appear in this Site Settings list with 0B data usage ).

raw – Canon DPP 4 – copy / apply white balance settings

I have two shots taken with automatic white balance setting (AWB) in artificial light conditions. I like how the camera evaluated the white balance in the image with the white leg, I like how the green color looks, etc.

enter the image description here

The second image looks reddish. I tried moving the 7-point microp slider towards green, but I don't like it as much as the first image with the default settings.

enter the image description here

I need to know how to copy the white balance settings and apply it to another file. I found the only possibility to register the "click white balance" profile. If DPP 4 can't, is there any third party software that can do this?

Use of Google forms and security settings

We are considering using Google Forms and we need to find out if it can be used to collect and process personal information such as Name, Address, Telephone, etc. Could someone make a recommendation based on their industry experience with Google Forms and possibly Google Map?
Is there a way to run it safely?
Thank you,

Settings: Can I connect to the surveillance camera remotely?

To use the IP camera, you must use the application on your phone. When you set up the camera, you connect to it on your phone. But if you need to give someone access to this camera, you can import the settings and send it to someone else (in another city), so they can connect to this camera.

It probably depends on the camera type, what about EZVIZ C6CN 1080p Indoor Pan / Tilt Wi-Fi security camera?

dns – How to fix link settings when nothing seems to work

I am configuring bind to host a name server for a domain name. I didn't want to use the domain registrar because this domain (which I don't personally own) is hosted by Hover, it was migrated from enom and the administration of its name server through the web portal seems to be broken (new A registrations have no effect even after wait days for DNS propagation).

I have seen 5 different references online on how to configure the link. Right now I am trying to make the simplest configuration possible work to avoid complications.

For the sake of this question is the IP address of my server and it's my domain name

I have a file in /var/named/ with these contents:

$TTL 300
@ IN SOA (

ns1 IN A
www IN A
gitlab IN A

I added this area to my named.conf proceedings:

zone "" IN {
  type master;
  file "";
  allow-update { none; };
  allow-query { any; };

When I start the named service produces this useless error message: ignoring out-of-zone data ( ignoring out-of-zone data ( ignoring out-of-zone data (
zone has no NS records
zone not loaded due to errors.
_default/ bad zone

I know that the title of my question is not ideal. I have a feeling the answer will suggest a better title, so I'll edit it later.