sharepoint online – How do I set a modern news page template’s default Publish Date/Time to the Current Date/Time

When creating a news item in a site collection page’s library, we have several custom templates built by a 3rd party. As I understand it, there was a time (before I started working on this tenant) when creating a news article based on one of these custom templates prefilled the “Publish Date and Time” field with the current date and time. However, this has stopped working, and the default values are now static.

I’ve checked the list content type settings for the “Publish Date and Time” column and I see that it’s set to default to “Today’s Date.” However, that is not reflected in the new page when it’s created using a template. Presumably, this is because the news post duplicates the template file, and the template has a static value for “Publish Date Time.” Is it possible for me to remove this static value or make some configuration change that will override the static value and replace it with today’s date and time?

Right now, the template folder list view looks like this:
enter image description here

Any ideas are much appreciated.

How to set home section to be the middle one in Carrd Co?

So I have section dividers on my Carrd site like this:
Carrd site w 3 sections

But I want the MIDDLE section to be the home section, and the top one to be one the user "scrolls up" or clicks the "Personal" link for.
How do I do that? Carrd is weird

How to use ‘Set Style’ in’s online tools ‘Create Custom Link’ to change ‘fillColor’?

I am using the online tool of Create Custom Link to change a normal object such as a square’s fillColor. Where

  1. Action for Cell(s): Set Style; Key: fillcolor; Value: #ffe6cc
  2. Tags:ss
    push the Add Action button, you can get the code in Custom Link:
  "actions": (
      "style": {
        "tags": (
        "key": "#ffe6cc"

But this one do not work.

distributed systems – How does clients observe different replicas and stale data even if the replicas include same set of updates?

this is not an definite answer, but more like an educated guess, so please be sceptical

this link has some thoughts about partial ordering and what vector clocks can actually do:

From what I see – partial ordering is ordering that does not (cannot?) order all events, just some. A replica can have several updates which are not ordered, i.e., it cannot say in which order they arrived.

The clients (or FEs) communicate their last timestamp prev, e.g., prev_1 and prev_2. Some updates on the replica can potentially be ordered with respect to each prev, i.e., some updates are newer than prev_1 and some than prev_2. But you cannot say whether prev_1 is newer than prev_2 or the respective updates are newer than each other. Thus when two clients provide two different values of prev, replicas may return different updates.

Example: Let’s say variable x had a value x_0 at some time t_0 (in vector clock values) on all replicas. Client 1 connects to replica 1 and updates x to value x_i. Around the same (human) time(1) client 2 connects to replica 2 and updates x to x_j. Each event gets assigned a timestamp in update id. Let’s call them t_i and t_j. Then client 3 changes x_i to x_ii, which is assigned a timestamp t_ii, while client 4 changes x_j to x_jj at timestamp t_jj.

Eventually, all updates reach all replicas. Each replica can say that t_jj happened after t_j and t_j happened after t_0, i.e., x_jj is newer than x_j which is newer than x_0. The replica can say that t_ii > t_i > t_0, i.e., x_ii is newer than x_i. But it can’t say whether x_ii is newer than x_jj or vice versa.

Now clients 1 and 2 go to the same replica and request a value. Client 1 provides his last timestamp t_i and client 2 provides his last timestamp t_j. Then replica should give client 1 a value x_ii, since it is newer than t_i and client 2 a value x_jj, since it is newer than t_j.

I think the same logic happens if there are clients 4 and 5 who asked two different replicas, each one knew only about x_i/x_j respectively. Once all updates reach all replicas these 2 clients will also get different values based on timestamps they provide.

(1) read as, the updates about x_1 did not reach other replica

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domain name system – How to use Azure DNS server to set local CNAME?

As you can’t set CNAMES using local hosts file, I needed to setup a simple hosted DNS server we can point at so our team can see a beta version of our system which happens to be on AEM CMS which uses fastly and requires CNAMES to access.

I tried setting up an Azure “DNS Zone”
then I added a “record set” of “” with a CNAME of, and one for “” to it.

at the top of the resource overview, it shows

Name server 1 :

If I use as my dns server, and query it gives me the live A record IP, not the CNAME I just setup.



 *** Can't find No answer

I must admit I don’t know much about DNS and SOA etc, but there really isn’t anything else which can be configured or edited.

enter image description here

how to deactivate the user in office 365 and set sps-hidefromaddresslists value in sharpeoint online

I want to deactivate some of my company users and also I want to exclude deactivate users from SharePoint’s online search.

prove sup and inf of a set


let $A={n/m:n,m in Z, n^2<5m^2}$.

we have: $ain A$ iff $ain {n/m:n,m in Z, |n|<5|m|}$.

let $a in A$, then $a=x/y$ for some $x,y in Z$.it follows that $|a|=frac{|x|}{|y|}$ and by definition of $A$ we have: $|a|=frac{|x|}{|y|}<frac{5|y|}{|y|}=5$.

this implies $-5<a<5$. so $5$,$-5$ are upper and lower bounds for $A$ respectively.

let $t<5$. if $t≤0$ then there is a positive element of $A$ greater than $t$. if $t>0$, we have $|t|<5$ and therefore $0<5-|t|$ and therefore $0<frac{5-|t|}{2}$. we have $t=|t|<frac{5-|t|}{2}+|t|=frac{|t|+5}{2}in A$ because $|t|+5<10$. by definition, $sup A =5$. an analogous argument shows $inf A=-5$.

My questions:

is this proof correct? is this typically how these $inf$ and $sup$ proofs go? any advice?

set – exemplo linguagem finita não vazia

set – exemplo linguagem finita não vazia – Stack Overflow em Português

how to set ssh ControlMaster=no when using sftp or scp

I want to use SSH multiplexed connections and also forward my SSH agent.

When the SSH persistent socket is created by scp or sftp, the agent is not forwarded (see If I then use ssh over the same socket then the agent is not available.

If ssh creates the persistent socket then the agent IS available.

Is there a way to have “ControlMaster no” for sftp/scp but auto for ssh?

In my ~/.ssh/config I have

Host *
    ControlMaster auto
    ControlPath ~/.ssh/master_%r@%h:%p
    ControlPersist 180
    ForwardAgent yes

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