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microsoft outlook – Windows phone 7 support services

I have a HTC 7 pro windows phone (OS: windows phone 7.8) which I didn’t use for a long time. a few days ago I came back to it. turned it on and found out many services aren’t working.

  1. the store doesn’t load anything
  2. the live account doesn’t sync

I changed the default email server address from eas.outlook.com to smtp-mail.outlook.com. the new emails are downloaded but it doesn’t sync any contact and it still says attention required and in the email app, says updated more than 1 year ago.
the error is 8007007A

I (factory) reset the phone to see if the problem is solved. no luck. and worse, it is downgraded to windows phone 7 (which doesn’t have even a copy/paste functionality!). still no email account (I can’t even make one) and no store or updates.

the Zune app on windows 10 works fine in case of managing the contents. but doesn’t update the phone with error of 80072EFF. so I’m stuck with a barebone windows phone 7 from 10 years ago.

I suppose that’s because of end of support for windows phone 7 which discontinued in 2014. but that’s just 6 yrs ago. it’s a little unfair to leave a phone without any simple functionality. it’s just a simple MP3 player now.

Do I have any other options to make use of this phone ? installing apps and syncing email ?

keyboard – Services Shortcut & Automator: No icon when launching app

I would like to have a shortcut to open my terminal emulator “Alacritty”. It is installed as a mac app (.app directory) and a standalone executable. (Installed via brew)

I made an Automator action for it, which I then could bind to a system-wide shortcut in the System Settings. The desired action would be:
a) The app launches with the icon and b) opens a new instance everytime the run the action (not just brings the current window to focus).

The following things were tried but failed in one way or the other:

  1. Use the “Launch Application” action from Automator. This won’t work, because instead of creating a new instance of Alacritty, it focuses the old one.
  2. Use the “Run Shell Script” action and just enter the binary path. This works, but the Alacritty instance doesn’t have its icon.
  3. Use the “Run Shell Script” action, but enter “open /Applications/Alacritty.app”. This seems to work when I run it from Automator. However when I run it using the shortcut, it still lacks the icon.

Are there any other options I haven’t explored? Thanks!

Does SharePoint Online have plugin tools for SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services) or is there an API for accessing and writing reports?

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web services – Access custom webservice from SharePoint Online site

I have a custom webservice deployed in an internal server. The service is accessing the database and fetching values that I am displaying on my SharePoint page.
I am calling the web service on a button click, that is on my SP page, using jQuery.
The issue it while I am connected to the intranet network my service is working fine because the server where service is deployed is the part of intranet network. Bus as soon as I am disconnecting from the intranet and accessing the page from Mobile or only internet. On button click my service becomes inaccessible.

Can anybody lead me the ways I can access the same from mobile/ only internet also. Is there any way to set up custom gateway between my site and service or database.

Thank you!

amazon web services – How to restrict user to access particular ec2 machines?

With this link, I can restrict user only to poweron/off a machine and terminate option is removed.

But, I want to restrict user to access only few machines assigned to the user and not show other machines.

With only the Owner or any custom tag we can filter.

How to do that?

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Link image:

amazon web services – EKS node not responding and not exposing container ports

So I’ve been struggling with the fact that I’m unable to expose any deployment in my eks cluster.

I got down to this:

  1. My LoadBalancer service public IP never responds
  2. Went to the load balancer section in my aws console
  3. Load balancer is no working because my cluster node is not passing the heath checks
  4. SSHd to my cluster node and found out that containers do not have ports associated to them:

enter image description here

This makes the cluster node fail the health checks, so no traffic is forwarded that way.

enter image description here

I tried running a simple nginx container manually, without kubectl directly in my cluster node:

docker run -p 80:80 nginx

and using the node public IP in my browser. No luck:

enter image description here

then I tried curling to the nginx container directly from the cluster node via ssh:

 curl localhost

And I’m getting this response: “curl: (7) Failed to connect to localhost port 80: Connection refused”

  1. Why are containers in the cluster node not showing ports?
  2. How can I make the cluster node pass the load balancer health checks?
  3. Could it have something to do with the fact that I created a single node cluster with eksctl?
  4. What other options do I have to easily run a kubernetes cluster in AWS?

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