Amazon web services: you can not run an ansible playbook against the ec2 host, the SSH through the terminal works fine

I created an instance of EC2 with port 22 open and I can connect to this instance using the private key of my terminal. However, I can not connect it when I try ansible-playbook. I have been using dynamic inventory.

The command that I executed:

ansible-playbook -i –private-key /home/testuser/.ssh/test-key.pem -l playbook-hello.yml

I even tried it with:

ansible-playbook -i –private-key /home/testuser/.ssh/test-key.pem -l -e & # 39; ansible_ssh_user = ubuntu & # 39; playbook-hello.yml


fatal: [x.x.x.x]: Unrecognizable! => {"changed": false, "msg": "Error connecting to host through ssh: ssh: connect to host x.x.x.x port 22: operation expired r n", "unreachable": true}

Other details:

I am running ansible-playbooks on my MacBook Pro. The EC2 instance is running Ubuntu OS 18.04.

When I run ./, I can see that my instance is printing. The AWS keys are stored in the home directory folder .aws / credentials.

This question could be a duplicate of other available questions, but I did not get any positive information that matches my case.

What services are needed to make the Google Play Store work?

I have a Chinese phone Lenovo Z5 and an Amazon Fire HD 8, which do not come with Google Play Store default. I know how to manually download APK and install Play Store, however, I'm not sure about the dependencies.

For what I know Google Play services It is an absolute requirement. Apart from that, some account and / or authentication services are needed to guarantee normal operation. What are they? I've done this a long time ago, so I can not remember.

Amazon web services: the AWS Codedeploy agent starts as active (exited) on ubuntu

When I start / restart the codedeploy-agent service on my instance of ubuntu 16.04, it closes immediately. I have had this service running (active) for several weeks before this problem. I have encountered this problem in the past and had to resort to recreating a new instance of EC2 for the service to work again. I prefer not to have to do that in the future.

I have verified that the IAM permissions are configured correctly and I confirmed that they are. I have confirmed that my other instances in the same region run the codedeploy-agent service without problems. The disk space is free. I have tried to restart / stop / start the instance. Look down

sudo service codedeploy-agent status

codedeploy-agent.service - LSB: AWS CodeDeploy Host Agent
Loaded: loaded (/etc/init.d/codedeploy-agent; bad; vendor default: enabled)
Active: active (departed) since Friday 2019-07-19 18:25:53 UTC; 5min ago
Docs: man: systemd-sysv-generator (8)
Process: 2869 ExecStop = / etc / init.d / codedeploy-agent stop (code = killed, signal = TERM)
Process: 2877 ExecStart = / etc / init.d / codedeploy-agent start (code = exited, status = 0 / SUCCESS)
Tasks: 0
Memory: 0B
CPU: 0

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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Link image:

Google Play services do not work in the unit

I have done everything specified: I linked my application to play services in the developer's console. SHA1 was added from Applications -> Version Management -> Application Signature -> Upload Certificate. I downloaded the last unity package of & # 39; gaming services & # 39; of GitHub. The & # 39; resource & # 39; required to configure game services in the unit editor. The following script was added to the object & # 39; Canvas & # 39;

    using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using UnityEngine;
using GooglePlayGames;
using GooglePlayGames.BasicApi;
using UnityEngine.SocialPlatforms;

Public class PlayGamesServices: MonoBehaviour
// Start is called before the first frame update
void Home ()
PlayGamesClientConfiguration clientConig = new
PlayGamesClientConfiguration.Builder (). Build ();
PlayGamesPlatform.InitializeInstance (clientConig);
PlayGamesPlatform.Activate ();
Social.localUser.Authenticate ((bool success) =>
yes (success)
Debug.Log ("Logged In");
Debug.Log ("Error when logging in");

Public static void PostToLederboard (long newHighScore)

Social.ReportScore (newHighScore, GPGSIds.leaderboard_global_high_score, (bool success) =>
yes (success)
Debug.Log ("New high score published");
Debug.Log ("Unable to publish a new high score");

Empty public ShowLeaderboard ()
PlayGamesPlatform.Instance.ShowLeaderboardUI (GPGSIds.leaderboard_global_high_ score);

I have already published my game for alpha tests and then I have implemented game services. I wonder if that is the problem.

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Amazon web services: OpenShift 4 AWS: How to keep the ElasticIP during the restart of the instance?

I currently have an OpenShift 4 test cluster in AWS. I have a problem with closing the EC2 instances to save money and then restart them.

The OpenShift installer implements a lot of EC2 instances and a load balancer. The load balancer refers to the EC2 instances through its private IPs. There is a Route53 record that refers to this load balancer. A nslookup in the cluster URL returns the public EIP of the instances.

After stopping and recreating EC2 instances, they get a new EIP. However the nslookup returns the old EIP, which is no longer linked, so I can no longer access the cluster.

How can I prevent this situation?

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