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geolocation – How does Windows News & Interests still work if Location services are turned off?

In the latest Windows update, I have the News & Interests widget on my taskbar that shows me accurate weather info for my current location.

I have Location turned off in my Windows settings, and no apps have permission to access Windows location information. I even checked my location history on my Windows privacy dashboard, and it says there’s no location data for me. I also do not have a “default location” set under Windows location settings.

Does anyone know how News & Interests is still accessing my location, and if it’s possible to prevent it from doing so?

amazon web services – Can’t Connect to an RDS from my home computer in AWS

I need to connect to an RDS from my home computer.

This is an established database, I’m migrating it to a new system.

I can not connect to it from my home computer.

I have set the security to Public Accessibility.

I’ve set VPC the Security rules to allows in bound connections.

What do I do next to debug it

RDS Screen
enter image description here
Security Groups
enter image description here
enter image description here

I’ve included information on the Subnet is that relevant?

enter image description here
enter image description here

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amazon web services – AWS CDK add route 53 alias record the most simple way

I have created an API Gateway for websockets with CDK.
For easier remembering of the URL, I want to give the sadjl342r.execute-api.amazonaws an ALIAS in Route53

Something like “my-ws-api.mydomain.tld”

This is the way I created the API gateway

const websocketEventsLambda: IFunction = this.createWebsocketsLambda(props.stage);

this.apiGatewayWebSockets = new CfnApi(this, apiGatewayId, {
    name: apiGatewayId,
    protocolType: "WEBSOCKET",
    routeSelectionExpression: "$request.body.topic",
    apiKeySelectionExpression: "$request.header.x-api-key"

const connectIntegration = new CfnIntegration(
    "websockets-connect-lambda-integration-" + props.stage,
        apiId: this.apiGatewayWebSockets.ref,
        connectionType: "INTERNET",
        integrationType: "AWS_PROXY",
        integrationMethod: "POST",
            "arn:aws:apigateway:eu-central-1:lambda:path/2015-03-31/functions/arn:aws:lambda" +
            ":<REGION>:<ACCOUNT_ID>:function:" + websocketEventsLambda.functionName +
        passthroughBehavior: "WHEN_NO_MATCH",
        payloadFormatVersion: "1.0",

const connectRoute = new CfnRoute(
    "apigateway-websockets-connect-route-" + props.stage,
        apiId: this.apiGatewayWebSockets.ref,
        routeKey: "$connect",
        authorizationType: "NONE",
        target: "integrations/" + connectIntegration.ref

const deployment = new CfnDeployment(
    `apigatewayv2-websockets-deployment-` + props.stage,
        apiId: this.apiGatewayWebSockets.ref

new CfnStage(this, `apigateway-stage-${props.stage}`, {
    apiId: this.apiGatewayWebSockets.ref,
    autoDeploy: true,
    deploymentId: deployment.ref,
    stageName: props.stage


this.webSocketsApiURL =
    deployment.apiId +
    ".execute-api." +
    this.region +
    ".amazonaws.com/" + props.stage;

Now I try to create an ARecord within the same scope (I used this answer as a starting point: https://stackoverflow.com/a/56599567/15013406)

const domainName: string = "ws-api-" + props.stage + "." + DOMAIN;

new route53.ARecord(this, "AliasRecord", {
    recordName: domainName,
    target: route53.RecordTarget.fromAlias({
        bind() {
            return {
                dnsName: webSocketsApiURL,
                hostedZoneId: idontknowwhattoenterhere
    zone: hostedZone

I don’t know what to enter for the hostedZoneId in the last code snippet. Note that this answer says that this must be some other zone than the zone of my own domain that should point to the API Gateway

See https://stackoverflow.com/a/56599567/15013406:

Note: the hostedZoneId for your alias record is not the same as the hosted zone id of your own zone.


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services – Make Systemd attempt to restart once

I have an issue where every time I boot The RF Kill Switch service fails. I have looked around for a solution to this problem, but right now the solution is pretty much just deal with it. So to fix this issue I am trying to make a change to the /usr/lib/systemd/system/systemd-rfkill.service. What I want to do is make it restart once after a certain interval. The reason I don’t want to use the Restart=Always flag here is that this is just a problem on boot, but after restarting the service I don’t have issues, and if I were to have issues after boot I would like to know about them. I had originally just tried making a change to /etc/rc.local, but I would prefer to just handle it in the service. If anyone has any ideas that would be appreciated.

Define a default value that is a concatenation of attributes in SQL Server Master Data Services

It is possible in SQL Server Master Data Services to define the default value of an attribute as being the concatenation of the values of other attributes? Or even a mathematical computation?

For example, I have two attributes, both are densities of a physical material, one expressed in metric units (kg/L) and one in imperial (lb/gallon) – there is a linear multiplier that can be used to convert from one to the other, so if a new record is created and the imperial measurement is provided while the metric is not, can I define an action that would populate the attribute with Imperial/8.33?

Another example is populating links to where additional reference material is stored (like a Safety Data Sheet) – if the attribute isn’t populated, I’d like to concatenate together the manufacturer, region, and date to create the link automatically.

Barring the automatic creation of a static value in the master data itself, is there a way to push that logic out to the subscription views? Or would I have to do that work one step further out with whatever consumes the subscription view?

Are all “hosted mining” services necessarily scams?

In 2014 or something, I paid a smaller sum of money to some company called “Cloudhashing” or something, which claimed that I was renting part of their Bitcoin mining pool and all I had to do was to pay that little sum and then wait for the coins to roll in.

I never got a single satoshi, as you can imagine.

But ever since then, I’ve seen numerous services where you apparently can pay a large amount of money to “rent a miner” which they host/set up, basically the exact same setup as the scam I fell for. That is, I’m not buying a miner that they ship to me which I then plug into my own local power. I never see/care about the unit; it’s “abstracted away” from me in the same manner that a “webhost” account is something abstract to me versus ordering a physical server which I keep running in my wardrobe.

It seems to me that it would indeed be possible for such a service to not be a scam. I mean, the argument usually goes like:

If they can just mine themselves and make more money, why would they sell this to you?

I get that argument, but at the same time, what if they don’t have the money up-front to pay for that extra miner (or part of it) unless I give them my money? Does it not make sense that they use the customers’ money to legitimately order more miners and have them set up in their optimized facility with cheap power and whatnot, which I could never do at home? Isn’t it a much more efficient setup that I simply pay them to enable them to add hashing power and then both of us make money, versus me ordering a soon-outdated mining unit which I cannot run here anyway?

What am I missing? Are there non-scam mining services? I want to make Bitcoin but I’m not going to waste any more money on scams.