Amazon web services: AWS Cloudtrail EventSelector filter per user

I am using AWS Cloudtrail to register API calls in my AWS account. I would like to use the EventSelector property so that the route only records the actions taken by a specific User.

It seems that EventSelector is the closest mechanism I can find to do something like this, but I'm not sure I see support in the documents. If that is the case, are there other mechanisms to achieve this?

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As humans, we tend to ignore the small tasks involved in a gigantic project. For example, we could delight in the delivery of our new Play Station, but we would never think about the fact that it arrived!

Well, it's not just Play Station, but the initial processing of each product that is delivered to us. To be precise, there is a complete chain of several interconnected elements that are responsible for delivering the required products.

Do you know how this connected chain is known?

Supply chain

From sources of raw materials and factories to the entire distribution network, it consists of several elements that interconnect the entire process. Now let's get into some details.

What exactly is supply chain management?

The proper management of transferable goods, information and services, which involves the movement and storage of raw materials, from one place to another is known as supply chain management.

It consists of a well integrated planning and the final execution of several processes. Here are the 3 main things it consists of:

· Material flow

· Information flow

· Financial flow

It consists of a network of several individual entities, companies, organizations and technologies that participate in the manufacture of goods or services. The chain generally begins from the delivery of the raw material to the manufacturer until the delivery of the finished product to the user.

A good supply chain flow can generate large sales and revenues. It is also responsible for the reduction of fraud and any additional costs. Last but not least, supply chain management is also one of the reasons behind the huge production and distribution.

Of course, it may seem like a piece of cake to you, but maintaining a supply chain is nothing less than moving a mountain. The interconnection of various elements in companies slowly becomes very difficult to maintain, as soon as companies begin to shine. This is the reason why emerging companies have begun to adopt technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and, most importantly, blockchain technology.

So, let's see how blockchain is providing solutions to the problems facing supply chain management.

Blockchain technology in the supply chain industry

Let's look at the advanced and automated solutions provided by Blockchain technology to this industry.

1. Reduced cost

In supply chain management, real-time monitoring of goods and services, with the help of blockchain, lowers the overall costs of moving items. Applications based on blockchain technology reduce fraud and eliminate the risk of duplication.

2. Building trust

The most important thing that is necessary to maintain a complex supply chain with several participants is trust. The immutable feature of blockchain technology guarantees the same.

3. Origin tracking

Giant industries and companies have a lot at stake in their supply chain. What makes tracking each record very difficult. With blockchain-based supply chain management, source tracking becomes much easier.

The more we explore this area, the more solutions we can discover. It would be interesting to see what the new decade would bring to the supply chain industry.


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amazon web services – AWS Amplify – Pipeline Resolvers vs Lambda Resolvers

When you need to access multiple resources (e.g., Different DynamoDB tables) from a single custom gql operation with AWS Amplify, why would you use pipeline solvers on lambda solvers and vice versa? When reading, it seems that there is very little information about the advantages / disadvantages of each approach, as well as the use cases in which one could be better than the other.

I've read that debugging pipeline solvers is a nightmare because you can't print / console.log, so if that's true, that's a big drawback of pipeline solvers and a reason to use lambdas instead …

Amazon Web Services: Can I delete the snapshots and the AMI in the zone after successfully copying the AMI in another zone?

I have created an AMI in an Asian area, ap-southeast-1.
The related snapshot is saved and, of course, cannot be deleted.

Then I copied this AMI in eu-west-1.

Can I somehow get rid of the ap and AMI snapshots?
I noticed that the snapshot is also copied in the destination area, so it should be fine, but I can't find any document about it.

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Amazon web services – Migrate WordPress to AWS

My company has been using Squarespace for domain + hosting.

I've been trying to get away from it, so I set up a web server with WordPress and built the new website we'll use.

Now I want to transfer the Squarespace domain, and transfer the WordPress site to AWS and then connect the two so that when people go to the domain it shows the wordpress site … and I need to do this with the least possible downtime.

I am in the process of transferring the domain to route 53 … this should be fine.

My real concern / question is how should I transfer my existing WordPress site to AWS and then connect it to the domain.

Any ideas?

How often do you use loan services?

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How often do you use loan services?

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    How often do you use loan services?
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