sql server – Database for the shipping company

I need help to make a database on the SQL server for the shipping company. Therefore, I need the employee page to insert the shipping information, then press ok and automatically generate the tracking number. I will give it to the customer and he can press the tracking number and see the shipping information

This is my project so that anyone can please help me in a simple way.

ubuntu – Will running a secondary SMTP server for localhost delivery cause delivery problems?

I have a scenario in which I am using a cPanel main SMTP server, however, I am running a Dockerized web application on a second server that is having trouble delivering to the main smtp server due to an error in a Ruby library that is being used .

Would there be a problem configuring Postfix or Exim as a local SMPT server on the Docker application server for the system to use to deliver emails when there is already an existing primary STMP server for the domain? Are there any additional steps that are necessary to eliminate any problem in such configuration?

sql server: column operand type clash calculated in the date column when it is checked if there is null

This error is generated when trying to create a table with a column calculated from a Date countryside.

Operand type clash: int is incompatible with date

If I comment the calculated column, it works.

(DateInActive)(Date) NULL,             -- Date origination
(IsValid) AS (IsNull(DateInActive, 1)) -- Failure here

Thinking in IsValid is simply to return a bit of ignition | off for this field to indicate no inactive The date has been reported and, if so, is valid.

The column will finally be passed to JSON in a For JSON exit as a is-a field for use outside of SQL.

Full SQL

CREATE TABLE (history).(PhoneBook)(
    (PhoneBookId) (int) IDENTITY(1,1) NOT NULL,
    (PersonId) (int) NOT NULL,
    (PhoneId) (int) NOT NULL,
    (DateActive)(Date) NOT NULL,
    (DateInActive)(Date) NULL,
    (IsValid) AS (IsNull(DateInActive, 1))
    (PersonId) ASC,
    (PhoneId) ASC


I want to make a backup of my server 16.04 and go to encryption 18.04

I am currently running Ubuntu 16.04, but I plan to make a backup of the Enteire system and move on to another server where I will install Ubuntu 18.04 with encrypted LVM.

Is it possible to do this without destroying my server?

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document library: should we migrate 3 TB on the Premise file server to the cloud?

We have a 3 TB file server that we are planning to migrate to Sharepoint Cloud in 13 different document libraries.
Of the 3 TB data:
50% of the files are Photoshop and Coreldraw.
The remaining 50% is Word, Excel, PPT, PDF and image files.

Post implementation: my data will be shared among 50 users in my office using the OneDrive Sync client.

Should I consider moving on or not?
Any tool recommended for these migrations.

Thank you,
Nikunj Dalal

Can I connect a Hetzner cloud server to a virtual switch?

I have some dedicated root servers in Hetzner that are connected through a VLN using the vSwitch. Now I would like to know if you can connect servers from the Hetzner cloud to the same vSwitch so that they can communicate through the vlan.

Does anyone have experience with "GoodSync for Server OS" and / or "Resilio Sync" on Linux servers?

I have tens of millions of small files and directories that I want to migrate from Linux server A to B.
But I want to have minimal downtime and synchronization in real time or almost in real time to decrease downtime.
Rsync is a slow way due to the amount of files, while lsyncd has problems with tens of millions of directories.

After searching, I have found two solutions that I am trying to evaluate, but I have difficulty finding reviews or other information that can determine if they will work
"GoodSync for server OS"

"Resilio Connect"

Can anyone share their experiences with these solutions on Linux servers?

Thank you.

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dns: my root domain is not resolving on my server, but on www. the subdomain works fine

To resolve your host name to an IP address, you need a A or CNAME record for it. For a simple domain, it has to be a A record, a CNAME It only works for subdomains. You don't have a A register your naked domain name, you only have NS Y SOA files.

Your CNAME is resolved at some IP address. If you don't know the IP address, you can usually find the IP address for the CNAME host and use it.

Sometimes CNAME records point to dynamic IP addresses that change quite frequently. If that is the case, you must also configure the A register so that your simple domain is updated at the same time. Alternatively, you can find a DNS host that you use ALIAS or ANAME files. Those are proxy records that return a A record with an IP address based on a dynamic search of some other host. Not all DNS servers offer this option (most do not).

You have both A Y CNAME records for www. That is not usual and could cause problems. I don't see any record for the ns. subdomain that CNAME points to, so I doubt it is really functional.

I would recommend:

  • Add a A record for example.mx pointing to the IP address of your server
  • Remove the CNAME record for www.

For your website to work, you may need to configure your web server to display your site for your basic domain. It is not always enough to indicate a host name on your web server. Generally, you must also add the virtual host configuration.