seo – Schema JSON codes and their effect on the page speed rank

I searched in many articles but nobody has talked about this stuff.
For example, google suggested JSON-LD for structured data but I wanna know if I add dozens line of JSON codes, does not it affect on my page speed badly?

I mean tools like GTMetrix pay attention to inline JS codes and say:

it is better to minify and load inline codes from a file instead of using them inline.

seo – Why Google Cache Showing 404 on my React Base Webpages?

My web page is client-side rendered with React.
On hitting the cache, it is showing 404 instead of a rendered page.

Example Screenshot
enter image description here

When I inspect the Page URL on Search Console, Its parsing and rendering my page properly on Google Index as well as on Live Test.

Example Screenshots
enter image description here
enter image description here

Why cache page is showing 404? Is the Client-side react is responsible? If not then what is the issue? Or will it be resolved automatically in a few days?

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The Future of SEO

Means in future if we are sharing our website on all top social media platforms multiple time in a day then site can get good ranking ????

I am not agree.

Currently if we are checking site traffics status in google analytics then Google show already that what is ratio from social media …… and generally i notice if more traffics from social media and less from organic means site is not ranking well. If site will ranking well in organic search means there are many people who can share your page or site on social media because you are popular.

According to me ….. at least google will not focus on social signals for ranking in future.

And this thread is already 2 Years old ….. i dont think Google social signals for ranking till now :]


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How can I implement AMP (ACCELERATED mobile PAGES) into WordPress site? – SEO Help (General Chat)

In order to set up AMP on your WordPress site, you’ll first need to install the AMP plugin. Go to Plugins > Add New and search for AMP. Once you find it, simply install and activate it. Then, head on over to Appearance > AMP to see what your site looks like on mobile devices using Accelerated Mobile Pages

Online traffic policy problem solution

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seo – How to make my web page geo location enabled?

I am developing a website where businesses will be adding their product and services. I was looking for META tags but found out that Google does not use geolocation Meta Tags. I was wondering whether Google uses OpenGraph tags like given below instead? The point is that if someone uses Keyword near Location Name or Near Me, it shows my page,

<meta name="og:latitude" content="37.416343"/>
<meta name="og:longitude" content="-122.153013"/>
<meta name="og:street-address" content="1601 S California Ave"/>
<meta name="og:locality" content="Palo Alto"/>
<meta name="og:region" content="CA"/>
<meta name="og:postal-code" content="94304"/>
<meta name="og:country-name" content="USA"/>

Can I add two SEO plugins on one WordPress site? – SEO Help (General Chat)

Therefore, it makes no sense to install plugins with repeated functionality in WordPress. In short, these are the rules you should always apply: If you have two plugins activated in WordPress that do the same thing, you’re doing it wrong. You only need one.