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Every business owner wants to promote their business. You cannot get the required results of your business without the digital marketing of your business. We are a famous company in Dubai and we can provide you digital marketing services According to the nature and requirements of your business. We have helped many business owners with our professional services. We will use modern digital marketing tools and techniques to boost your business in a professional manner. We have a professional team of developers and experts in digital marketing. We will bring natural traffic to your company's website with our digital marketing services. Just contact us for more details. We will be more than happy to serve you.

What are link exchanges? – SEO Help (General Chat)

The practice of exchanging links with other websites. Place the link of another site on your site, usually on a link page and, in return, the other site returns a link on your site. Link exchange is a confederation of websites that works similarly to a website.

I can make 10 posts in relevant high DA forums for your website for $ 5

I can make 10 relevant posts in the high DA forum for your website


I will create your path to walk with a profitable idea. present your business with your audience in mind and what you can achieve 100% customer satisfaction, by creating forum posts.

The best for my service you will get:

1. 100% manual.

2. 100% authentic.

3. Follow and do not follow links.

4. Safe from google panda, penguin.

5. High DA and PA.

6. Full reports in Excel format.

7. Permanent and organic bond.


Provide 900 high quality wiki backlinks from the best Wiki articles for your SEO for $ 5

Provide 900 high quality tracking backlinks from Wiki articles that best suit your SEO

More than 900 HQ Wiki Mix Profile and article submission High PA DA sites

I will give you more than 900 backlinks from wiki articles, plus 900 contextual backlinks from wiki articles only at $ 5. It's a great deal. You can buy more than 1 quantity.
Importance of backlinks: backlinks or inbound links (IBL) are links that are directed to your website and are the building blocks for good search engine optimization. The number of backlinks a website has is a good indicator of its popularity or importance with search engines.

What you will get: more than 900 Wiki backlinks to your site or any link (also on YouTube) After completing the submission, I will send you the full work report, then you can verify that the backlinks are profiles and articles for Who gets a mixed combination of backlinks to need more backlink service? Then look at my additional services to get the best cheap prices …

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Provide 100 high quality social bookmarks to your website with a detailed report for $ 5

Provide 100 high quality social bookmarks to your website with a detailed report

Provide more than 100 social bookmarking links for your site

Social Bookmarking is the fastest way to get high quality backlinks in SEO. The best dofollow social bookmarking sites can play a very important role in improving the search engine position of your site. It is also useful to increase your ranking to the first page. It is one of the best ways to get links to your website. Manual submission is the right choice for your site.

Get benefits
● high quality backlinks
● Safe in the last algorithm
● Full report
● Boost Ranking
● 100% safe and white hat method accepted

1. URL
2. Title
3. Keywords
4. Description

I will create each link manually and the site of maximum authority so that Google cannot be considered as spam in the future.



Provide 1400 high-quality High DA social media profile backlinks for $ 5

Provide backlinks from 1400 High Sociality High DA Social Media Profile

HQ social networks profile high PA DA sites and rank higher in search engines

Here in this concert, I will provide more than 1400 High-DA social media backlinks, PR and high-quality backlinks only from authority websites.

More than 1,400 HQ Mix Social media links for only $ 5. is a great offer

  • It is safe for penguins and pandas!
  • Provide your work report in an Excel sheet or text file, you can verify the work.
  • Currently, we only accept a URL without keywords for this service. If you have more than one link, buy multiple services or check the extras.
  • The basic order is completed in 3 days maximum.
  • By using our service, your website gets a high SEO rank.
  • All niches allowed.
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SEO: Is it better to create a new level in the hierarchy of pages or add pages at the same level?

If the structure of the existing site is

With the hierarchy of pages as start >> abc >> def

If I want to add a new set of pages, as start >> abc >> def >>ghi, which URL format would be better:




My idea to go with 2 is that, since Google already has a certain range of pages for the definition of pages, it can be beneficial for ghi pages, instead of opting for a completely new URL structure.

Sale – SEO Links Report

I will give you a Complete professional SEO link reports for your Websites:

the Service report will leave you know / include:

one) Discover the backlinks your site has
2. See the BEST keywords to optimize your site

3. See Alexa traffic ranking
4. Know what anchor texts and page titles to work for
5. Domain linking
6. Links: Progress chart
7. Dofollow vs Nofollow
8. Domains that link from the home page
9. Link distribution by country
10. Distribution of links by TLD
11. Country distribution
12. TLD distribution
13. InLink Range Distribution
14. Anchor texts (summary)
15. Top anchors and ALT text texts
16. Anchor Texts Cloud
17. Top anchor keywords
18. Linked pages: summary
19. Main linked pages
20. Search engine indexing
And a lot lot more..

Below are the sample reports I made for a website (

You can download and view the reports …

Download pdf)

Download (Html)
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: GSA SEO and Marketing Forum ::.

Hello everyone @Sven

can anyone tell me about the complement of GSA

Is it still good to work or get results?

I try to contact this site but nobody can answer …

and I try to buy the SERengines license but there is a requirement to buy a minimum license of 3 months

How can I buy a 3 month license if I don't know how it works?

If anyone knows about this, please let me know

Thank you

Advanced SEO techniques for success in 2020

In recent years, SEO has changed a lot. In its infancy, SEO was limited to filling in keywords, spam links and adjusting the background code. Fortunately, Google has eradicated many practices that were only designed to manipulate search results.

To improve the quality of search engine results, Google continues to modernize its algorithms. As a result, the SEO techniques that were used in the first decade of the 21st century are no longer effective today.

For that reason, online companies must keep up with the latest search engine algorithms and update their SEO techniques over time.

In the next section, we will talk about some SEO techniques that will help you generate leads in 2020 and the coming years. Then, without further delay, let's start.