Confirmations: Bitcoin was successfully deducted in the sender's wallet but did not reach the receiver's wallet

It is not completely clear what the situation is, but from what I deduce it seems that you are the sender and the recipient does not recognize a payment you have sent.

I guess you have verified that the accredited address 1Gouzjo9Jav1k4AmRoUJJMzidVfnMoSieS it coincides with what was supposed to pay, and that the amount coincides with the invoiced amount.

The direction 1Gouzjo9Jav1k4AmRoUJJMzidVfnMoSieS has received 0.02661900 BTC in transaction b36157a7ca9630a88d98125fca91de81f488ef7d9a60f9e57af055d4d91f7a50. This transaction has been written on blockchain more than a day ago and is confirmed. Since this is the correct address, the receiver was paid, whatever they are claiming. Second, the money has already been spent again, which means that they must be fully aware that the money arrived.

Assuming you have paid the correct address, the problem is at the end of the receiver:
Or they gave you the wrong address you paid correctly and someone else received the money (unlikely), they don't understand that they were already paid or they incorrectly represented your payment (unlikely, since you already tried to follow up with them), or they are lying to you.

You should follow up with them and firmly affirm that the address requested in question has been paid (after having verified that it was the correct address) and ask them to verify that their systems are working properly. Perhaps that will prompt you to "suddenly find your payment."

Under no circumstances send them more money, if they do not recognize that their payment has been successful and deliver their part of their agreement. Often, scammers invent meaningless excuses for you to pay even more money. If they don't recognize your payment, you may have to decide to cancel that money or sue them.

Transactions: Bitcoin was successfully deducted in the sender's wallet but did not reach the recipient's wallet

The receiving address has received and has already spent the coins, resulting in a balance of 0.

The recipient should still be able to see the transaction in their wallet history, if they are using a consumer wallet. They may or may not see it with an exchange wallet or some other type of payment processor.

utxo – Why is there sometimes no way to send funds to the sender's address?

& # 39; A & # 39; It has a bitcoin.
& # 39; A & # 39; try sending a 0.5 bit coin to & # 39; B & # 39;

Two utxo are created.

First, "utxo" sends "B" 0.5 bitcoin.
Second, "utxo" where "A" sends the remaining bitcoins to "A", except 0.5 bitcoins and fees.

utxo 1) A -> B

utxo 2) A -> A

The url below is the URL to see how UTXO is reflected in the Bitcoin block detector.

Sometimes, when you look at a block detector, there is TX information that you do not understand.

For the following URL, the currency in the wallet is used to transfer the same bitcoin from several wallets to another.

There is also a "TX" that shows only the amount of coins received from a wallet.

In the case of the url below, I transfer Coin from my wallet "13E3dBUWUHV8XpgJib795yqRTmyX47jWMk" and there is no utxo sent to my wallet.

utxo 1) A —-> B

utxo 2) A —-> C

If this is how money is transferred, can we know why this happens?

Get an alias address in the sender's field in Gmail

Let's say I have two Google accounts: Y

I'm connected to Gmail in my perso account. I have added Pro as an alias address to send mail as, in the Gmail settings (Settings> Accounts and Import> Send mail as).

But, when I select the Address when sending an email, some of my contacts sometimes still see the original, address. And when checking the raw message, it seems, it is still used in the Sender: field; it is only present in the Since: field.

How to do it so that the people to whom I send the mail. Never see the address I tried to mark and unmark "Treat as an alias" in the Gmail settings, but this did not change.