How do I send library alerts to random senders?

I do not control access to the library, so the sender might be someone I do not know and, therefore, would not be on my list of alerts. Is there a way for the list to respond to senders without explicitly entering each one?

Web Forms: Send a form to an HTTP server on rails using Unity

I'm trying to use UnityWebRequest to send a form to a Ruby on Rails server, but the error, HTTP / 1.1 404 Not Found, keeps coming.

My code is here:

public void Update_GI_Score () {StartCoroutine (Update_GI_Score_FORM ()); }

    IEnumerator Update_GI_Score_FORM ()
Form WWWForm = new WWWForm ();
form.AddField ("myField", "myData");
Game game = Singleton.GameInstance;
foreach (Score s in game.scores)
form.AddField ("name", s.Name);
form.AddField ("value", s.rate.ToString ());
var url = RequestController.Instance.baseURL + "atualiza_score";
UnityWebRequest www = UnityWebRequest.Post (url, form);
performance performance www.SendWebRequest ();
yes (www.isNetworkError || www.isHttpError)
Debug.Log (www.error);
Debug.Log ("Full form load!");

On the railroad routes that I have:

publish & # 39; atualiza_score & # 39 ;, controller: & # 39; integracao_games & # 39 ;, action :: atualiza_score

So, how can I get the form correctly? I need to save the field in a database.

Thank you.

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Apache – security rule mod to send email in every shot

I made a script that reads the modsec 3 module's log file in apache.
Send an email every 5 minutes with new triggers. I discovered that it is also possible to execute a script (for example, send an email) in a trigger of a rule (link).

The following example is given:

SecRule IP: bf_ip_counter "@gt 3" 
"phase: 5, pass, t: none, 
setvar: & # 39; tx.email_subject = IP blocking. Too many authentication failures. & # 39 ;,
exec: /xxx/email.lua, 

This executes the /xxx/email.lua script in an IP ban. How can I execute a script on every rule violation? I want you to replace my record scraper

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php: send the values ​​to the mysql database to form a form along with another form

I have some questions about php.
imagine this way

$ name = $ _POST['name']; $ name1 = $ _POST[name1] ;

How can I access the input element in another way with id second?

When do you send your sites to search engines?

Do you wait until you finish the development completely and have a lot of content? When do you think the time is right to send your site to the search engines?

Send mail when ClamAV detects a threat using systemd

Most of the guides for ClamAV deal with the integration with syslog, and it is possible to configure syslog to send a message in certain registers. But, my system is running systemd, without assets syslog.service. How could I configure ClamAV to send a message about a threat detection in this configuration?

What are the best directories to send a website related to art?

I recently built the website for Christian Chapman Art ( and I would greatly appreciate any advice or direction related to viable directories for the presentation that are specifically related to art, painting or artists. I've only found one couple, but they were not really geared towards the kind of art that Christian creates.