Selling – Hire me I can help you | Graphic Designer since 2006

As the pandemic drags on, several companies have to shutdown and some have switched to remote work. In my case, my work has been heavily impacted by the pandemic and i’ve been furloughed since last year. To help out daily living, as a Digital Point member since 2006 with good background reputation, I’m using this platform to showcase my skills in any graphic works including:

* Logo Design
* Mascot Design
* Banner Design
* Ebook Design
* Business Card Design
* Web Design
* Re-design WordPress and Setup
* Content Writing
* Excel
* Photoshop
* Illustrator
* Sketchup
* Art Direction

In addition to my knowledge base, I actively seek out new technologies and stay up-to-date on industry trends and advancements. This has allowed me stay ahead of the curve and deliver exceptional work to all my employers including those I’ve worked on a project basis.

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If interested, i can be reached anytime via DM or SKYPE: Gieshock


Selling – | 20% off | cPanel, VMware, SolusVM, Virtualizor | All Type of Server Management | Free Server Monitoring | $29 | |

24×7 Technical Support provides outsourced Webhosting support and server management services to web hosting providers and IT companies. We provide support services using commonly used the medium of communication as helpdesk, live chat and email support. Our plans provide real 24×7 human support with customized service options to choose from. We provide custom solutions specifically designed to meet client requirement to give you assurance and peace of mind when opting for our services. Apart from web hosting technical support the other services that we provide are server management, data migration and scripts installation.
Our Unique Strengths!

Affordable Pricing “Always”
Best Security and “Top Quality”
Response Times “Guaranteed”
Scalable Support “On demand”
Pricing without 20% off.
Cpanel Server Management: $29/Month/server
Server Security and Harderning: 49/one time charges
VPS Server Management: $29/Month/server
Plesk Server Management: $29/Month/server
DirectAdmin Server Management: $29/Month/server
SolusVM Management: $69/month (Includes One master and One Slave)
Windows Server Management: $49/month/server (with or without control panel)
Plain Server Management : $49/month/server
Cloud Management : Starts @ $99/node
VMWare Server Management: Starting @ $49
Zimbra Management: Starting @ $49/node
Contact Us:
Live Chat
Our Server Management services include management and monitoring of your VPS, Dedicated Servers or even cloud servers. We specialize in Managing OpenStack and CloudStack Clusters with full support including instance level management.

  • All Plans include 24×7 Monitoring coverage worth $10.99/month without any cost.
  • 20% off is valid only for the first billing cycle.
  • We also specialize in application server management for Jboss/Tomcat as well as ready to use Cloudstack/Openstack Setups & other tailor-made setups.
  • Checkout Our Site Now!! and Get in Touch with us for promotional pricing.

|| Tecsys Solutions LLC | Outperforming the Performers!! ||
|| Outsourced Server Management and Technical Support Solutions ||
|| Now Offering Secure Managed VPS and Dedicated Servers specially setup for Hosting Providers ||
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Selling – TRY CAPTCHAs.IO for 1 Whole Day for only $5 USD |

CAPTCHAs.IO the leading online CAPTCHA solving web API service provider is offering a new package. The package is for users who just want to try the service for 1 whole day.

Coverage: 1 Whole DAY
Price: $5 USD
Threads: 5

To order please go to

Selling – – blogging platform for Twitter users

This project has great potential to be a source of high traffic from Google and Twitter and user-written content on various topics in many languages

What is this project about?
With Twittext you can publish text, write your blog, or just read texts from people you follow on Twitter. In just three clicks (login, new text, publish), you can publish your text on the web and share it on Twitter. Screenshots from the application can be seen at this link
This project has great potential to be a source of high traffic from Google and Twitter and you get user-written content on various topics in many languages. Will have to work on it, especially on promotion. Today there are 40 registred users (total 29 texts were written, mostly tests, about 12 real texts (real articles).

The application itself recognizes the language of the text and sets the correct html lang of page (for example this text in german…el-bei-corona-verrechnet-swr-spatschicht-uqdd ), the user does not have to set in which language he writes.

There is no administration, you can view/edit users and texts via adminer.php (or PhpMyAdmin).

The whole site can be easily localized into other languages by translating a single text file, which contains all texts, button labels, etc.

How does your business make money?Website is currently not monetized. The possibilities are AdSense, affiliate, create premium services like Tweet scheduler etc.

Who would this business be perfect for?Who would like to focus on this product and create a high traffic website.

What is included in the sale?

  • domain (I think Twittext is a very nice brand…Twitter+Text =
  • application and database (php framework Laravel 8.0 + MySQL)
  • VPS (6xCPU, 16GB RAM, 10 usd/m paid by 18.5.2021), but you can use classic web hosting, the application is not resource intensive, if you want I’ll help with transfer)
  • 3x Twitter accounts (62 followers), (194 followers), (150 followers)
    You can tweet links to new interesting texts (as I did), some promo, etc.
  • Google account with Google analytics

Post sale supportIncluded.

As a programmer, if you would like, I can help implement your ideas in the future.

I will be happy to answer any further questions you may have.


Selling – $40 HOLIDAY DEAL

$40 HOLIDAY DEAL – Entire Website Builder Business with Mobile App + WordPress Plugin

Become The New Owner Of Entire Website Builder Business With WordPress Plugin and Official Mobile App.

Introducing Sites Builder:
Create And Edit Site Pages With A Drag-And-Drop Visual Editing Tool, No Coding Required.
Build Your Online Website With Drag & Drop Visual Editing Tool.
Flexible Pricing. 100+ Features Included. Mobile-Ready Storefront.

Key Selling Points:
1. Website Builder Niche
2. 100% In house (NO OUTSOURCE)
3. No type of marketing activity has ever been performed.
4. Opportunity to capitalize on this business
5. The time commitment to operate is low.
6. Minimal effort needed to take the business to the next level.

Why should someone buy this business?
The opportunity to build on this business and grow the business is enormous.
There is a huge demand for website development service which is rapidly gaining in popularity.
This business provides a passive income stream and requires very little time commitment to maintain.

Opportunities for a new owner:
1. Capitalize on the Website Development Emerging Market.
2. Introduce to Social Media Marketing.

Key day-to-day operations:
1. Customer Support / Service.
2. Marketing.

Assets Included:
Brand assets.
Brand of business.
Business operations.
Official Mobile app.
Official WordPress plugin.
Website files, source code and content.
Admin Dashboard.
Customer Dashboard.
Free GoDaddy Transfer.
Free Installation on your server.
Marketing Plan.

Post sale support:
Included for (1 Month)

Sites Builder is backed by a team of in house individuals who came together to solve the problem known as Shopify mobile app development.

Take advantage of this Holiday Deal!
All for Only $40.

Notes: This business is for sale for only $40 limited time only.
For quick sale.


Selling – Private Dedicated API for Faster CAPTCHA Solving |

We have a new special offer for you our valued customers, The offer is titled, “CAPTCHAs.IO’s Private Dedicated API, Reliable Dedicated Private API for faster reCAPTCHA and Image CAPTCHA Solving”.

Your very own reCAPTCHA / CAPTCHA private API CAPTCHA solving access server. With unlimited threads and API calls. This is a dedicated server which we will install latest CapMonster Pro. Running with 20 threads of CapMonster Pro (latest version) with 1 year subscription and could handle 2000 captchas/minute load speed. Supported CAPTCHAs are reCAPTCHAs v2, v3, and invisible with 100,000++ normal image CAPTCHAs.

reCAPTCHA v2, v3 and invisible solving time is 10 to 60 seconds on average, depending on the complexity of reCAPTCHA set in the Google Admin Console for reCAPTCHA. For image CAPTCHAs solving time is 0 to 1 second on average.

Our datacenter is a European colocation datacenter strategically located in the Netherlands, and connected to globally based Points of Presence. Constructed, owned and operated by sister company Greenhouse Datacenters, these Tier 3 designed facilities enable flexible, sustainable, secure and highly connected IT infrastructure deployments. Servers enjoy a connection of 10 Tbit/s global network with only 45% utilization with 10g DDoS protection.

Best of all these servers are genuine hardware and no fake virtual hardware shared, operates fast and stable 24/7/365.

To order please visit


Selling – Writer for hire (£) | Forum Promotion


I’m offering my services to post on forums and blogs in exchange for posted content. I am also willing to write short-form articles for a small fee as well. If you’d like to hire me to post content then please see the prices below and get in touch.

Payments must be made via PayPal in GBP (Great British Pounds, £) by paying 50% before any content is posted and the remains 50% afterwards.

Accepting requests!



  • A blog post comment (a single comment) – £0.25
  • A short article (> 500 words) – £2.50
  • A medium article (> 1000 words) – £5.00
  • A long article (> 2500 words) – £10.00


  • A forum post (a single reply) – £0.25
  • A forum thread (a single discussion topic) – £0.50
  • Profile picture added to profile – £0.10

Reviews / Votes​

  • A single vote / review for your website or product – £1.00

Thanks! 👋​

Selling – Julian Date Converter

Why are you selling this site?

Need to work on different projects
How is it monetized?
PropellerAds and revenuehits

Does this site come with any social media accounts?

How much time does this site take to run?
no need to work. Its getting organic traffic

What challenges are there with running this site?
Keep updating the contents


Selling – Calculate Percentage

Why are you selling this site?

Need to work on other websites
How is it monetized?
currently its not

Does this site come with any social media accounts?

How much time does this site take to run?
you just need to drive traffic to it. No work required

What challenges are there with running this site?
No challenges. You need to bring traffic and earn money through adsense.


Selling – 20 year old Gaming Site


I have a gaming website for sale (

I originally bought the domain in 2002 and have been running the forum here.

Later on I acquired the domain and have been using both.

The forum community has a custom made theme (1 of a kind).

There is some monetization with Google Ads.

However, the site was initially built as a hobby site and not intended to generate $

What’s included:

Custom Theme/Design
both domains names (
all files
database files
email accounts
social media accounts
forum software license is NOT included, as vB does not allow transfers of a second hand vB license.

Asking Price: $1000 USD
Domain Registrar: Cloudflare
Domain Expiry: 2021
Revenue: Can be sent via PM (as I’d like to keep it private only to those seriously interested in buying)
Traffic: Can be sent via PM (as I’d like to keep it private only to those seriously interested in buying)
Payment Options: Paypal, Escrow