Selling – APICodes Embed Manager – The best solution to manage your videos easily |

APICodes Embedding Manager It is the best solution to manage your videos easily, you will have total control over the player with yours, such as adding a subtitle, preview the image, logo, poster, server, advertising.

With this script we will install it manually. If you are interested in this script, contact us by email: (protected email) for more information.

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  • JWPlayer 7 and 8 available
  • Embedded link protection can be reproduced by limiting specific domains
  • Supports adding a subtitle (upload by default to Amazon S3)
  • Support empty subtitle search, search videos by name
  • Supports extensive ads, Banner, Popunder
  • Free integration of Google Drive, Openload, RapidVideo, Fembed, Streamango, OK.RU (you can expand more servers according to your requirements)
  • 1 year free updates
  • Free installation service
  • Lifetime technical support

Live Demo:

Price: $ 199.99


Contact via email or Skype: (protected email)

My blog is selling products for others … How do I earn money with them?

Hi guys … I'm not sure if this is the place to post … if you don't let me know …

I started a blog basically to maintain the honesty of a Chinese company … I ordered a boat based on a famous Australian design of the Boatbuilder in China for about half the price of building it here … they were charging me for a couple of months, but Within a week of starting the blog, my boat started and my treatment improved 10 times …

Well, now, over the course of several months, it is becoming more popular and I think it gives me some credibility, since people are asking for references and my knowledge on how to buy a boat and import it for themselves and if everything is genuine and what is the price, quality and service like … when it is finished it will also be a type of plan to buy and import a boat …

I had already sold at least one boat for that company and asked for an extra in my boat as a reward … they said no, but if I sold more than they would …

My confidence went out the window and the following I referred to a competitor …

There are only a couple of large factories that manufacture this ship in China, in addition to some smaller ones where the individual has to solve the construction and import it, and a couple of large distributors that have already landed in Australia, in addition to some smaller operations. Therefore, any possibility of commission or publicity will have to come from one or more of them.

I have not done any real blog advertising other than a thread in FB and an Australian fishing forum and I have not ordered it as a marketing tool … so it is a small but very objective market, but it seems that new interested people are Finding there is way to the blog every week … If I continue the blog, it will contain videos of the arrival of boats, water tests and trips to the reefs, etc. … But it is a job and I receive many questions, how? I would like to legitimize this as a concern to earn money; otherwise, I will close it once I have received the ship to focus on our main business, which is an online plant nursery.

Thank you for reading and any idea of ​​where to start … How do I make one or other companies pay for my service to provide legitimacy to these ships and send customers directly or indirectly?

cheers Scott

Shared hosting clients and French-speaking resellers selling to sell


We are currently in the reorganization of our services and we have decided to stop offering shared hosting and reseller hosting and we will focus on managed services.

Most of our users are Francophones. And these are good quality customers who have been with us for several years. Therefore, we will give priority to French-speaking companies. Ideally companies from Quebec or Europe.

Most of our customers use the DirectAdmin panel.

Actually we have:

+/- 140 Shared Hosting (25 cPanel – 115 DirectAdmin)
+/- 12 reseller (3 cPanel – 9 DirectAdmin)
+/- 220 domains (61 in enom and +/- 160

Users can be sold separately (cPanel – DirectAdmin)

We have generated approximately $ 9,000 per year for the past 3 years with web hosting and resellers.

You can contact me via PM

As stated earlier, we will give priority to French-speaking companies, since most of our clients speak French.


How do we transfer a domain name after selling it?

Can anyone give me a brief explanation on how domain names can be transferred after we sell it to another person? I am sure that we simply do not give the username and password to the buyer. So how is the process going? I would appreciate if there is a video on YouTube. Thank you.

Selling – Native English Writer – Only $ 1.50 / 100 words

I will save you the details of why I need to earn $ 600 quickly.

What I am offering you is contained in only $ 1.50 / 100 Words from a native English writer. My availability is wide and I am always online. Regardless of the niche, the amount of content you need or what you are looking for, contact me on Skype and I will provide you with top-notch content at a low price.

Orders are 50% in advance and 50% after delivery. Without exceptions.

I do not give free samples. I am not a Walmart seller. However, I offer proof of payment for an item so you can try the service and find out if it is right for you.

My skype is coreygeer319
My TAT (Response Time) is really fast. I have handled more than 20,000 words in a single day.

Selling – CHEAP HQ Forum Messages | Promotion Forum

All posts in the Forum will be at least 4 sentences in length!

5 publications: $ 2.00 ($ 0.40 per publication)
10 Messages: $ 3.50 ($ 0.35 per message)
15 Messages: $ 4.50 ($ 0.30 per message)
20 publications: $ 5.00 ($ 0.25 per publication)

Message for a quote!

I only accept venmo.

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Selling – …

This website is in the financial category and has been online for more than a decade. I've linked to an Adsense screenshot that shows revenue since 2008 and an Analytics screenshot since 2015 (the first thing I have). The RPM for this site is very high at $ 31.49. He has earned $ 1,147.68 since he went online.

Why are you selling this site?
I no longer want to update or maintain.

How do you monetize?

Does this site come with any social media account?
Do not

How long does this site take to work?
Zero, unless you want to add new content.

What challenges are there with the execution of this site?
None, just a simple Adsense site.

Selling – …

This website has been online since 2007 and is left-handed. Here are the screenshots of Adsense and Analytics that return to where I have:

Why are you selling this site?
I no longer want to update / maintain

How do you monetize?

Does this site come with any social media account?
Do not

How long does this site take to work?
Zero, unless you want to add new content.

What challenges are there with the execution of this site?
None, just a simple Adsense website.

Selling – Anniversary Sale is Live | Up to 65% discount on web hosting services |

This year VPS9 networks He is celebrating 9 years of glorious success with your team Let's join and be part of the ninth birthday party of the VPS9 Network. Success seems to be connected with actions. With the enormous love of VPS9 Networks customers all these years, we plan to give something that our customers love.

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Flat 65% OFF on Russia VPS Hosting – Coupon code: ANNIVERSARY65

Flat 50% OFF in NL Linux VPS Hosting – Coupon code: ANNIVERSARY50

Flat 50% OFF in NL Windows VPS Hosting – Coupon code: ANNIVERSARY50

FLAT 25% OFF on dedicated server – Coupon code: V9NLD25

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As Token Of Love, VPS9 Networks has the following special discounts for its customers:

Flat 65% discount in Russia VPS Hosting

Our customers love Russia VPS Hosting. This is what VPS9 Networks thought – Why don't we offer them the service they want?

Russia VPS Plan 1 – RUVPS1
CPU – 1 core
RAM – 1 GB
SSD – 25 GB
Original price – € 8
Offer price – € 3.6
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two. 50% discount flat in VPS Linux Hosting in Holland

Netherlands VPS is in the second issue when it comes to our customers' favorite service. So we have included this in our list of offers.

Netherlands Linux VPS Plan 1 – NKLINVPS1
CPU – 1 core
RAM – 1 GB
Disk space – 25 GB
Original price – € 9
Offer price – € 4.5
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3. Flat 50% discount on Windows VPS Windows Hosting

Windows VPS from the Netherlands is on the main list of our customers' favorite service, so, together with Netherlands Linux VPS, we have offers on Windows VPS Hosting from the Netherlands.

Netherlands Windows VPS Plan 1 – NKWINVPS1
CPU – 1 core
RAM – 1 GB
Disk space – 25 GB
Original price – € 12
Offer price – € 6
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Four. FLAT 25% discount on dedicated server

It is our duty to provide something special to our dear customers, so we came up with the idea of ​​offering a dedicated server to the Netherlands.

Plan 1 for dedicated servers in the Netherlands – NL-E3-1220-MT
Server – Intel Xeon E3-1220v6
RAM – 8 GB
DDoS – 5 Gbps
Storage – 120 GB
Bandwidth – 25 TB
Original price – € 48.99
Offer price – € 36.00
Buy now

From kindergarten to the ninth anniversary, VPS9 had a lot of fun with its customers.

Let us all join together and wish VPS9 Networks 9 years of success, 9 years of glory, 9 years of enthusiasm and 9 years of customer service.

VPS9 Networks is excited about 9 years in the web hosting industry, so we will make the 9th year, the most memorable year for VPS9.

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Selling – Dog Blog Advice

Why are you selling this site?

there is no time

How is it monetized?

adsense and amazon affiliate

Does this site come with any social media account?

do not

How long does this site take to work?

It works on your own and you earn income with Amazon and AdSense affiliates.

What challenges are there with the execution of this site?

none that I know