sell bitcoins: how do I know how much currency a wallet has?

I have a couple of cryptocurrency wallets, one of which contains BTC and the other NMC.

Although not so much of each, in monetary terms, I would like to see how much there is in each and sell them.

Can anyone recommend a good reliable exchange where I can do this, preferably one that deals with both currencies?

Thank you

Excess office furniture: sell, donate or renovate?

In terms of strictly "getting rid" of your excess furniture, I would suggest contacting an auction company and having an auction sale. Just last month, I attended one of those types of sales where bidders bid on chairs, executive tables, etc. The company can earn more money that way, although a longer process depends on the auction company, its hours, and whatever percentage they pay. Usually between 10 and 15%. BUT … they will do everything in their power to get the maximum price for that furniture.

You can contact furniture stores and see if they would buy it, but your strategy is, and always will be, to negotiate the lowest possible price. You may have to haggle a bit if that's what you choose.

The parking sale, as you suggested, might also be a good idea. But that would involve moving furniture in and out of the building for items that are sold or not sold.

Either way, I only offered my 2 cents … good luck.

8 – How to sell multiple nodes with a single product?

I used to work with Drupal 7 Commerce and now I need help to work in D8 Commerce.

I have nodes on my D8 website and I need to sell them through Drupal Commerce.
Each node can be sold under the same conditioning with four variations, according to the types of clients.

I have created a store, a product variation type, an attribute, a product type, and a product with four variations, considering that one product would suffice.

Each node must be available as an order item.
For that, I have added an entity reference field, linked to the product type.
Therefore, I have filled the default value with the created product.

Now on every node page, I have my add to cart button (via Trade block or Custom Views block, it works).

My problem :

Seeing node A, I choose the variation and add the product in the cart and everything is fine.

When viewing node B, I choose the exact same variation and add the product and there I need a second order item line with the node title (added via Views relative to entity reference field, not the problem here ).

Unfortunately, I get one line item with quantity 2 (if I add the node title, I get two line items with quantity 2 for each).

It may seem obvious, but I need to know if I really have to create a product with four variations for each node (2000+).

Or is there a way to achieve this with D8 Commerce with a single product?

My concern here is to properly use Drupal Commerce and of course avoid multiple product creation, especially in the future for my end user.

dnd 5e: can I sell a supplement that refers to non-SRD clergy domains?

I am creating a completely unique environment for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition, and I am truly pouring my heart and soul into it. Under the Wizards of the Coast OGL (Open Gaming License), I hope to sell this setup as a companion book (probably a downloadable PDF via DriveThruRPG).

However, I'm a little confused about the differences between OGL and SRD, and what I'm allowed to use versus what I'm not in the context of a commercial product. Specifically, I was thinking of referencing some non-SRD clergy domains (the only SRD clergy domain that I know of is Life), such as the ones in the Player's Handbook, in the context of linked locations to particular domains. Would that be allowable? I don't know if I am allowed to use non-SRD domains in a commercial job. He would not be reproducing the real Domains, in their specific mechanics, just referring to their existence.

What is the best way to sell 10G excess capacity WITHOUT MEASURING?


I'm looking for some ideas on the best way to sell excess capacity / bandwidth servers that we have available.

… | Read the rest of

Sell: ThunderSoft Video to HTML5 Converter 3.0 Friends really need money! With this situation with the pliz virus, it helps raise $ 500 |

Hello guys! I'm selling Multiple licenseThunderSoft Video to HTML5 Converter 3.0

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  • It converts video files to HTML5, it is compatible with all major browsers and can be viewed on iPad, iPhone.
  • Supports all main video files: avi, wmv, flv, mov, rmvb, mpg, mp4, etc.
  • Supports image logo or watermark.
  • Allow one-click batch conversion.
  • Allow html5 video tag setting.
  • Allow video clip.
  • Supports command line conversion.

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